Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion WalkThrough 01

RavenMark is a Turn Based Strategy/RPG game which is one of my favorite kind of game. Now let us begin our journey in the story.

Prelude: Chapter 1 Flight Through Darkness

First Stage is quite a tutor one, the purpose is to move all the members to the north of the bridge, of course there will be enemies. We need to be aware of the elements advantage between each other. The pike is strongger than the cavalry, and the cavalry is stongger than the bowman, the bowman is strongger than the footman, and the footman is strongger than the pike to finish the whole circle. There will be only four enemies, and they will come two after two, so it is quite easy to defeat them and go to the bridge.

Preluder: Chapter 2 Beginners

Now we go back to six weeks eariler and get to know what happened at that time. We are attacking a team, use the bowman to attack them in distance and advance. and use the swordman to block the road. and we can finish the battle easily.

Preluder: Chapter 3 Call to Arms

Since we have attack the trade team and get the carriage, now we can fake into their base and attack the enemies from inside. This time the enemies has a lot of the bowmen, we need to use the footman go forward to face their footmen, and use the cavalry to attack their bowmen, let our bowmen to attack their footmen, and then the fight will be quite easy.

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Jayce 5 years ago

If you ever or have beaten the level with sun spirit where they kamakazi you. Let me know at wingedpearl@yahoo.com

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