Real Touch Vinyl Baby Dolls

If you are a doll lover or a doll collector, the chances are very slight that you haven't read a doll description with the words "Real TouchTM Vinyl" before, but what exactly does this mean?

Real TouchTM Vinyl is a trademark that can be connected to Ashton Drake Baby Dolls. The Ashton Drake Galleries filed an application for a patent with the United States Patent Office for a process they use to fabricate baby dolls with remarkably realistic baby soft skin.

The Process

This process involves two plies of vinyl and silicone blended materials, creating a baby doll's skin that is supple and soft, looks, feels and sometimes even smells like a real baby's skin.

The Real TouchTM Vinyl process is seen as a major breakthrough in the world of doll manufacturing. These dolls have astounded many doll collectors with their realistic features and the touch of their soft skin.

So Truly Real Collections

The first ever doll to completely use the Real TouchTM Vinyl process was Ashton Drake's Baby Emily doll. That is why The Loving Emily Collection is also known as the first-ever So Truly Real® baby doll collection. This collection of baby dolls was created by one of the world's most distinguished doll artists, Linda Webb, who is known for her talent to create realism.

Except for the fact that a So Truly Real® doll's skin look and feel like a real baby, the specific blend of vinyl makes it possible to add some realistic folds and creases to the doll's arms, legs, hand and feet.

Once you seen, touched or held any one of these exclusive Ashton Drake dolls, meticulously created for Ashton Drake Galleries, you will really be amazed by the lifelike experience. You would also be sure to understand why these dolls with their Real TouchTM Vinyl skin are so highly in demand by collectors from all over the world.

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karen main 8 years ago

can we buy doll 64 from your collection

sasbrina 7 years ago

hello my name is sabrina taylor i want to know if you can see me the doll and i pay the payment on it i see you a money order for shipping it to hollister nc my mailing adress is po box 642 hollister nc 27844 please.

Doll Mommy 7 years ago

I had Linda Webb's Ashton-Drake "Katie" doll for awhile, from September of 2007 to February of 2008. She was twin sister to "Charlie," Linda's very first anatomically correct collectible baby doll, as well as my very first and very last collectible baby doll. I bought "Katie" online because I wanted to start a doll hobby. Well, while I loved her realistic features and Real Touch vinyl skin (and I'm sad to say that this doll has also been discontinued and is no longer available for sale), I didn't realize she had a hole on the finger of one of her hands and a slit between two fingers on her other hand until 5 months after I had received her, and I'm pretty sure they were there when I got her because I was always careful with her and would never have injured her myself. Her 30-day warranty had already expired, so I was unable to replace her arms. I ended up donating her to a church thrift shop instead, even though I loved her very much and wanted to keep her. She just wasn't for me.

Next, I ordered the 22-inch, sleeping-eyed Lullaby Berenguer anatomically correct newborn baby girl doll, and kept her for only 6 months. She was my fault, though, because I gave her too many baths and allowed her to rot, so I had to throw her away because the mildew inside of her smelled bad and was making me sick.

My next doll was the 22-inch, open-eyed Sunshine Berenguer newborn baby girl doll. I had her for only 2-and-a-half months. Why? Well, again this was my fault: I accidently stained one of her legs with ink that I didn't know was still on my hands, and her other leg was permanently crushed and left out of shape when I had her placed in a tote bag with my Bible, the tote bag fell over, and my Bible landed on top of her leg. Her other leg was already replaced once, so I figured maybe I could go ahead and replace both legs. Wrong! The legs I ordered wouldn't fit, I couldn't get her old legs back on, and I had to throw her away and order another new doll.

The next doll I ordered wasn't anatomically correct, so I gave her to a little 3-year-old girl whose parents I am close friends with. Now, I have another 22-inch anatomically correct newborn baby girl doll that I also ordered online, and so far, she seems to be working out just fine. She's not an Ashton-Drake doll or a Berenguer, and she does have some minor gapping in her leg joints when they pushed out during shipping that needed to be fixed, but I still love her very much and hope she will last me at least ten years. I've had my current doll since February of this year, and this time, I'm being more careful and taking better care of her. Ashton-Drake dolls are cute to look at, but they're not for everyone, so choose your dolls carefully.

Doll Mommy 7 years ago

UPDATE: Since my last post, I've gotten rid of my 22-inch anatomically correct newborn baby girl doll, and I ordered the 21-inch Diana/Berjusa Original Newborn Baby and another 22-inch Sunshine Berenguer newborn baby, both of which are also anatomically correct with real girl features. My previous doll, which was the 22-inch Diana Collection New Baby, also an anatomically correct real girl, just didn't work out for me as I had hoped. The gapping of her leg/hip joints kept bothering me, so she eventually went to a new home. So, stay tuned! Maybe my twin girls will last me instead. Once again, don't buy a baby doll unless you know you are getting a good, high-quality product. Otherwise, you'll end up like me, still searching for that perfect baby doll until you finally decide to give up and move on to a different hobby.

Deanna Conn 7 years ago

I have been very disappointed in the quality of the Ashton Drake real touch vinyl dolls, My first Baby Emily, after having her amost 20 months her hands and feet turned black, then just the other nite I picked up the Hans Picture Perfect Baby and her left leg was just dangling, like someone had taken a knife and cut her leg. According to some people I have talked to they have had the same thing happen to them, I understand Ashton Drake chose a cheaper manufactor to make their dolls, some in China and the chemical they use can cause this problem. I will not be ordering anymore dolls from Ashton Drake.......

Samantha 7 years ago

I got an Ashton-Crake doll name "Sleepy Iris" I have had her for awhile and she is just fine and her skin is so realistic! Nothing has turned black yet (and I hope it doesn't!) because she was quite expensive.

Samantha 7 years ago

I got an Ashton-Crake doll name "Sleepy Iris" I have had her for awhile and she is just fine and her skin is so realistic! Nothing has turned black yet (and I hope it doesn't!) because she was quite expensive.

chloe 6 years ago

i ordered a doll last year and i love it it is madison and i ordered another doll ashley and they are both loveing and careing and that love to play.

shyla 6 years ago

i just oredered the cherish doll fro ashton drake and i apsolutely love him! he looks so realistic and even feels realistic, i have another ashotn-drake emily doll and she is still all intact! ive had emily for probably 3 years now and i still love her so much!

leah 6 years ago

are they good dolls

Gladys 6 years ago

I have been collecting Ashton-Drake dolls for 5 years now, and all my dolls are in perfect condition! I do love the quality, and the dolls. These dolls are collectibles and not meant to be played with. If you use them strictly for display, they will last a very long time.

Doll Mommy 6 years ago

UPDATE AUGUST 2010: Hey, I'm back! I have another doll update to tell you all about. I no longer have any of my previous baby dolls. I now have the Ashton Drake 22-inch "Charlie" anatomically correct baby boy doll by Linda Webb, and so far, he has worked out perfectly for me. No problems at all, and I've had him since June 21st of this year. I am also in pursuit of his twin "Katie," which I am trying to find on eBay, because this time I truly believe she will work out better for me than my first one did. I've matured a lot more as a doll collector since I first started my hobby nearly three years ago, and now I know how to take proper care of my dolls. I am no longer making any of the same terrible mistakes that I did before, and I am also having a blast with little Charlie (now Bryan Elliott). What a sweetie! I would love to introduce Katie again so that Charlie can have his twin back, and I can rename her Gretchen Lee. Wish me luck in finding her!

Linda 6 years ago

I've had Emily,( Twin sister to Charlie ),for 4 years now.

She is in perfect condition,MIB. I might want to sell her.

rayolrwe 6 years ago

i oe babyc doolls baut they are rather pricavbl3e

taylor 6 years ago

im getting a doll but am not sure what one to get

Real Baby Dolls 6 years ago

Reborn dolls is getting a lot more popular, which means you have more choices on the market. However, it also means you'll have to sort through the options to find one that's right for you, and that has been produced to a high degree of quality. If you take the time to learn how to buy a good reborn doll, you'll get one that will be a beautiful addition to your collection.

Reborn Babies 6 years ago

Reborning is the art of transforming a vinyl doll (either whole doll or kit) into a realistic looking baby doll (usually of a human baby- but sometimes elves or chimpanzees may be made). The person who makes this transformation is called a 'reborner" or reborn artist. The more realistic looking the doll is the more successful the artist is considered. Once completed the doll is called a 'reborn', 'reborn doll', 'reborn baby"or 'fake baby'.

Doll Mommy 6 years ago

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2010: Hey, guys! Here is another update for you all. I couldn't find Charlie's twin "Katie" on eBay like I had hoped, so instead I went and got another 22-inch anatomically correct Lullaby Berenguer newborn baby girl doll and named her Gretchen Lee. The person I got her from even rooted her eyelashes for me, and she did a wonderful job, too! And as with Bryan, my "Charlie" sculpt by Linda Webb, this Gretchen is working out better than expected, and I'm not giving her too many baths, either. For now, I am very happy with my reborn baby dolls, so hopefully I won't be getting rid of them in pursuit of something better.

jessica 6 years ago

I have just acquired a Welcome Home So Truly Real Emily Doll from around 2005 I believe, she seems to be discontinued now. I am wanting to sell her and do not know the best way to go about doing it. She is no longer in the box, I was the first to remove her (the box was in VERY bad condition). She still has the hair net, and paper around her wrists, the problem is that I cannot find the certificate of authenticity for her, is there any other way for me to prove to a buyer what she is? Any suggestions on the way to sell her or a suggestion about a price that I should ask?

dor 6 years ago

@ JESSICA Put her on ebay with lots of pics showing how great she still looks in the listing say that the box was ruined and you cannot find her certificate most people will know who she is just by the pics you will not get the full value you paid for her but you should at least get maybe half of it back if not most of it

Disappointed Dad 6 years ago

My Daughter had a "So Truly Real" Picture Perfect Baby whose head split spontaneously...and the more we tried to repair it...the more it split along the hair-line and cheek. The limbs are fine and we are willing to send them to a good home.

hiaa 6 years ago

would u say tht the doll is good??? x

gianna 5 years ago

these babies are super cute i got tommy and chalie and ciley from this sit!! i love them so much!!

Doll Mommy 5 years ago

FEBRUARY 2011 UPDATE: Hey, I'm back! Guess what? I'm having my Ashton Drake "Charlie" (formerly Bryan Elliott) reborned and sold by a very close friend of mine on YouTube who is a very talented reborn doll artist, and she will be using the money to buy and reborn for me a brand new Ashton Drake "Charlie" doll (who will keep the name Bryan Elliott)! Why am I getting rid of my old Bryan in favor of my new one? Well, my old one was starting to smell a little weird because when I bathed him (surface washed only), I couldn't keep the soap and water from getting inside his joints. Plus, he was losing his hair, and plus he had some minor denting going on on his left hip, just under his right nipple, and right behind his shoulders above his shoulder blades. Also, his left shoulder seemed a tad higher than his right one, and his neck and chin seemed small and not chubby like they're supposed to be. His chin is supposed to rest on his upper chest area just like it does on his silicone vinyl prototype, and it didn't. He seemed quite pale also, like he had no color on him at all. All of these things were starting to bother me, so my friend has him now, and she will be reborning him and giving him a new home. I am hoping that my brand new Charlie/Bryan doll will arrive in much better condition and will at least look as perfect as his prototype does, without any flaws whatsoever. But, you know what? Even if he does arrive with some flaws, whether they are noticeable or not, as long as he isn't damaged in any way, he's going to be reborned, anyway, so I'm still going to love him and take care of him no matter what. P.S. Unlike my old Bryan, who will be left fully intact during his reborning process, my new Bryan will weigh 7 pounds, smell like fresh baby powder, have a magnet inside his head for his magnetic pacifiers, and, if possible, his head, arms, and legs will be ball-jointed for better, more realistic posing options. Both Bryans will have realistic-looking painted-on hair, too, and I think my new Bryan's eyelashes will either be glued on and sealed or rooted, I'm not sure. Oh, and I should be expecting my new Bryan home either in April or May, depending on when my friend can order him and get him reborned, so stay tuned for more updates!

ashton drake wanter xD 5 years ago

hey i want an ashton drake for my 12th b-day my mom says yes but i want it to have a magnetic pacififier do u no if it contains one?

katelyb 5 years ago

I have gotten ten Ashton Drake dolls since 2006. I got my ashley doll then and her wire for the breathing mechanism broke and the button fell off. Does anybody know where I can get it fixed?

nicole 5 years ago

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nicole 5 years ago

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molliew 5 years ago


Doll Mommy 5 years ago

UPDATE OCTOBER 2011: I'VE GOT THE ASHTON DRAKE KATIE AGAIN!!! My online friend who was supposed to reborn my Ashton Drake Charlie for me (plans changed, so I didn't have that done) found Katie for me on eBay, and I received both her and her twin Charlie on August 29th of this year. Well, unfortunately, I couldn't keep Charlie (Bryan Elliott) for very long because when he arrived with his twin Katie (Gretchen Lee), his chest and lower back areas looked smashed in and could not be fixed, so I gave Charlie to my next door neighbor who either donated him to that church thrift store or sold him at a yard sale. But my Katie doll arrived in perfect, undamaged condition, so I am very happy with her and I'm hoping that this time she will last me way longer than all of my other dolls did prior to her and will never suffer from any kind of damage. Will I try again at finding another Charlie? Don't know yet. I've been kind of going back and forth on this issue, but I'm leaning more towards making this current baby my one and only. I love her so much, and she's been TONS of fun so far! Wish me luck!

Nancy 5 years ago

I bought a Baby Christy doll in 2005 & I just noticed her face has turned a green color. The warranty ended after one year & they don't make her anymore. Has anyone had this happen to their doll. She is of no value now, I kept her out of the sun & in a safe place, so have no idea what happened. Any suggestions?

lovelydoll 5 years ago

i was wantin to know if these babies do everything a realistic baby does like cry, need to be fed, and pretend changed? im looking for a baby doll that my teenage daughter can take care, she is wanting to have a real baby and i want her to expierence the physical abilities you need to take care of a child so if any one knows where too go find a realistic baby that does everything a real baby does please message back thanks much ladies

Caliee 5 years ago

I like some of these dolls but some yu can tell r fake but I think they are pretty cold when I first seen them I wanted one:)

Caliee 5 years ago

Hey it's me again how much are these dolls because when I went on eBay there was a lot of very very cute ones but some of the cute ones were a lot of money yu people suse got dough and I wonder how people make then because I got the kit and I could not make it the same way mine came out so bad:(

caitlyn rich 4 years ago

i love these dolls. they are like a baby you can take care of and it will keep you busy when you cant have a chid of your own. they are cuddly and awsome. you can take them anywhere with out people judging you. because they look so real and people wont think they are fake. im just happy i have my two. one boy and one girl.

Sanne 4 years ago

A couple years ago I got Baby Christy from Asthon Drake and her skin is kinda grise/black now. I'm very disappointed, she was beautifull. Also her hair fell out.

Barb Wilson profile image

Barb Wilson 4 years ago from Kansas City, Missouri

I was fortunate enough to buy through an estate sale, Katie, Welcome Home Baby Emily, Cherish, Baby Raven Wing and Baby Emily-A Celebration of Life. Both Katie and Baby Raven Wing are no longer being produced. I am selling my collection of reborn and Ashton Drake dolls if anyone's interested.

Futamarka 3 years ago

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S DIAMOND 2 years ago


Amy Stanley 2 years ago

Barb Wilson of Missouri, did you sell your collecriin yet?

leanne 2 years ago

I have baby grace from the so real collection I noticed the other day she had started to turn black I rang ad they didn't give two hoots couldn't even give me an idea on how to clean it I've been getting dolls from them for 20yrs and have found over the last 2 yrs they have gone down the loo

janice chappell 2 years ago

I to have had bad dealing with ashton drakes ,the Charlie doll turned blue and his foot just fell off,the grace has turned blue . I am sending a letter to asthon drakes asking for my money backand seding a picture was wondering if you have had problems if you would do the same as they need to do something about this. thank you . the address is ashton drake galleries oline, 9200 Maryland avenue,niles ,Illinois 6074 or toll free8669032752.

Karen 19 months ago

I have had 2 of the Ashton Drake truly real vinyl turn black-I ended up throwing both of the dolls in the garbage.They were never in the sun either-I have many more and I am sure it will happen to them too-they are soooooooooooooooooooo expensive for that to happen and I am also calling ADG-They give you a year to return,but it didn't happen within the year-sad-I advise don't buy unless they improve

Asywoscotly 16 months ago

There is noticeably a bundle to know about this. I assume you made certain good factors in features also.

Brittany 14 months ago

Got at doll for my little sister but her leg is green. How can I fix this?

shanlea 13 months ago

My daughter was so excited to get her ashton drake Sophia doll for Christmas and within an hr the dolls face and hands are now black and blue! Extremely upset!!! How can I fix this problem? Paid alot of money for this doll and now she doesn't want to play with it:( not impressed!!!!!!

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