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My Hero's brother, just before giving my the "power of life and death"
My Hero's brother, just before giving my the "power of life and death"

****Spoilers in this article....You've been warned****

If you simply want my opinion on the game, scroll down past the videos.  Still might have some spoilers, though.

Fable III takes place in the land of Albion, five hundred years after the events of Fable and fifty years after Fable II. Your father, the King, dies and leaves his kingdom to your older brother Logan. After being forced to make a horrible decision, you decide to lead a rebellion and overthrow your brother to become Ruler of Albion.

Sounds good so far, right? But maybe you are still not sure if this will be a good game. Don't worry, that is what I'm here for. I've been playing Fable III for the past few days and will continue to review as I complete the game. I will include some parts of the story, any glitches I come across and what I like/don't like about the game.

The Beginning Story

Unlike the first two games, my childhood and training is already done. So I can choose between being a prince or princess. I make my choice and then Theresa does a quick rundown of how the kingdom outside the castle walls is doing.

My butler, Jasper comes in to wake up my princess and dog. Now I have to choose to either wear the elegant or the practical princess dress. Being a woman, I of course had to try on each outfit twice before deciding my legs looked better in the practical dress. So after the first major decision of the game, I must go meet Elliot in the garden where he tells me about how it's rumored that King Logan executed a factory worker this morning. We both go down to the kitchen so I can make a speech to the staff. Here the game starts having you make decisions. They do feel a bit more important than the decisions made as a child in the previous games. I choose to make a encouraging speech over the harsh one. My mentor, Walter comes to collect me for training and we are asked to sign a petition along the way.

I spar with Walter, breaking his sword and Elliot interrupts us. A mob is now outside the castle. We secretly follow Walter as he leaves to speak to the King. After hearing that Logan wants the mob shot, I barge in and declare that he can't do that. Not a smart move since Logan promptly drags everyone to the throne room before declaring that I must choose between Elliot or the leaders of the mob. If I don't choose, they all die. I sentenced Elliot to die but I did look it up and if I chose the mob leaders, I can later marry Elliot and there is a good side quest involved in that.

I tell my brother that I will never forgive him for this. "Good, then you will never forget" he replies. I'm escorted back to my chamber but then immediately flee with Jasper and Walter. We go down to where the previous King is buried and I receive the guild seal. Walter had promised my father that he would bring me there when I was strong enough. The guild seal teleports me to The Road to Rule, a place where I can spend seals I acquire to open chests and upgrade my princess. I meet Theresa who explains what the Road means and open my first chest to find my firespell gauntlet. I use this power to open the tunnel to escape the castle. We run into bats and I finally get the chance to play with my spell. After the bat massacre, I did notice that Walter hung back a bit and let me lead. Before that point, he was always running ahead of me. The student knows when she surpasses the teacher when she scares the crap out of them. We come across a cullis gate and I unlock it with my spell. It teleports us to my sanctuary. When we arrive, Jasper finds a book that explains the whole Hero and sanctuary thing. It just happened to have been left there for him by the previous King.

Jasper stays to figure out the sanctuary, leaving Walter and I to use the map to teleport to the Dweller's Camp. Here, I hope to make my first ally but it's not easy. He gives me a list of three things to do before they will follow me. First I must prove my Hero claim and recover an ancient artifact that only a true Hero can find. Another nice tie in to Fable II. Second I must stop the mercenaries that are plaquing the Dwellers. If you are merciful at the end of this one, you'll gain another ally. Third I must persuade the nearby city of Brightwall to share food with the camp. This is all fine since, if handled properly, I gain three allies instead of just one. I also love how my princess gets a little cheeky and in the Dweller Leader's face.

Here is where I must stop the story. I ran into some issues after this. One was a glitch in the game but it was awesome until then. Another issue was my fault, but it lead to me going through the beginning three times. It is a great story so I didn't mind the second playthrough but by the third time, I really wanted to make all the bad decisions and slay everyone. I will cover that below.

My Opinion

I have come across a couple major glitches.  The biggest one made me have to start a new game.  It was at the end of one quest where I had to return to Samuel at the Brightwall gate.  I follow my glowing trail to the gate only to find myself surrounded by cheering villagers and no Samuel.  I can't access my Sanctuary and can't go out of the gate.  After awhile all the cheering villagers start to look creepy to me but I am unable to use any of my weapons to slay them. 

It does seem to be a common enough glitch but I am one of the rare ones that can't fix it.  I can still use that Hero in other people's games though and just make a new one.  Fable III isn't the only game that was released glitchey and hopefully soon patches will be released to fix them. 

The third time I had to restart was my fault.  I have a newly bought xbox for my own use and we also have one for the living room.  A necessary thing for a houseful of gamers.  They get the big screen and surround sound but I get the privacy.  Except I also have to restart everything.

The combat system is pretty good.  Seems simple with X for your sword or hammer, Y to use your pistol or rifle and B to use your spells. But still takes some finesse and good timing to be able to look good.  The spell gauntlets look cool and not bulky like I thought they would be. You can also equip two gauntlets for an impressive combination of spells.  My favorite was the wind and fire.  I really love how the Hero weapons change depending how you play.  My sword started changing to reflect the time I've spent with other Heroes, my chest finding ability, my use of the firespell, and my use of gold.  Interestedly, all my Hero weapons change even if I'm not using them at the moment. Good timesaver, that.

Some things I don't like are the lack of customization of your Hero abilities.  But all the upgrades are on the Road to Rule so I guess it is meant to be straightforward.  But to be fair, I have yet to see how my Hero changes to reflect the way I play.  I'm a big rpg player so I am used to choosing  how my character develops and not just letting it happen.

I like the ease of the buying and renting through the map.  But make sure to keep the houses fixed up or no rent money.  Easy fix is just to only buy shops.  No repairs, all profit.  Also I have had trouble with some houses after moving my family around.  The house just gets stuck and I can't do anything with it.  I'm not sure if that is something I did wrong or not.

The co-op system is my favorite part of the game.  I can go to another Hero's world, form a business partner or marriage, have a child, buy property, weapons, clothing and make money.  I can even have achievements that I keep.

Despite the problems that hopefully will be fixed soon, Fable III is still an excellent game.  If you haven't bought it, here is some links to do so.   


Playing the game, I noticed that the previous King seemed to know I would need to overthrow my brother. The training I received, the Guild Seal left for me, Jasper's book in the Sanctuary. So why didn't I inherit the throne instead of Logan? It all comes down to Theresa's influence.

Theresa is the sister of the Hero from the first game. She has prophetic powers due to their ancient bloodline.  In Fable II she is the guiding force behind your Hero who is your father in Fable III. She continued to influence him, possibly setting up all this to ensure the best outcome for Albion. She knew the Kingdom was soon to be attacked by a huge power. I'm sure the previous King knew because even Logan knew.

She is the most subtly powerful character in Albion.

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Len Cannon profile image

Len Cannon 6 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

Just started Fable 3 today. I'm, uh, a little creeped out about all the hand holding.

evvy_09 profile image

evvy_09 6 years ago from Athens, AL Author

Haha I was too. Soon enough, I started thinking of the villagers as big children. I guess it is not any worse than the "follow" command on Fable 1 and they won't go anywhere until you let them go. If you get stuck, I'll be happy to give any help I can. Just don't rush the game and save as much money as you can, if you want the best ending you'll need about 8 million. It's easy enough if you focus on buying property early on and raise the rent to the highest.

nell79 profile image

nell79 5 years ago from United States

Awesome hub! I was actually googling this before moving forward on the game (I like to know my options haha) and found your article on page 1! Anyway, thanks for the info here :)

evvy_09 profile image

evvy_09 5 years ago from Athens, AL Author

On page 1? wow, thanks for letting me know. If you need more help feel free to contact me. I haven't updated this hub like I should have after beating the game. Thanks again!

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