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Rift is a brand new MMMORPG released on March 1, 2011. It features many innovative elements which differentiate it from other games in the same genre, but it also uses proven mechanics and systems that made other similar games successful.

Rift has a good mixture of uniqueness and it's all packed in one visually very beautiful environment. There's tons of reasons why huge amounts of players are in love with this game. However not everyone likes starting fresh which is why plenty of people are actively searching for new strategies and tactics on a daily basis.

And the best place to look for this highly professional and useful info is in a dedicated strategy guide.

Do you really need a strategy guide?

Many players have been asking themselves that questions, and pretty much everyone who got one already knows the answer is yes. Simply put you can and will never know everything about this game. You'll always need a place of reference for many of the professions, souls, quests, callings, battlegrounds, instances and other things in-game and these Rift strategy guides are the only place where you'll find it all.

Basically strat guides are recommended for all Rift players who want to learn about the game quicker and find out all the well hidden secrets and less known tricks.

Below you will find a list of the top 3 Rift strategy guides along with a short overview of their contents.


1. Xerxes Rift Strategy Guide

Xerxes Rift strategy guide is undoubtedly the best guide you can have for Rift. Hands down it has the most content of all guides, possibly even more than all other guides combined. It has a great deal of quality strategies that WILL be helpful no matter how long you've been playing the game.


  • Guardian & Defiant leveling guide (very detailed with maps and screenshots)
  • Professions guide (and tips on earning platinum with them)
  • Platinum guide (you don't want to miss out on this!)
  • Souls guide (recommendations, PvP tactics, soul tree builds, ability insights, ...)
  • Equipment guide (tells you all the benefits of different stats and where to get best equipment for your souls)
  • Dungeons guide (explaining in detail the tactics and strategies for defeating every boss)
  • Beginners guides (additional guides aimed at beginners)
  • + more

Overall Xerxes guide offers a lot more than any other guide currently offered, and don't let the other guide authors fool you thinking otherwise. This one is the real deal and many players have been recommending it.

Download Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide


2. Killerguides Rift Strategy Guide

Killerguides was the first to release as strategy guide for Rift and being available for so long it does have quite a lot of content. Even though it's not nearly as good as Xerxes guide in my opinion, it still offers enough useful info to make it competitive.


  • Basic leveling guide for both factions (no detailed quest info or maps unfortunately)
  • Professions guide
  • PvP guide
  • Soul builds and strategies
  • Dungeons guide
  • Equipment guide
  • Platinum guide
  • + several more

Overall Killerguides is not as detailed as Xerxes in many aspects, and especially so in the leveling guide as it does not have step by step quest guides. It's definitely ahead of several other guides and a good alternative but I wouldn't recommend it over Xerxes.

Download Killerguides Rift Strategy Guide

3. Rift Blueprint Strategy Guide

Lastly we have Rift Blueprint guide which is unfortunately the worst out of these three guides (note that there are MORE guides which are even worse). Similar to Killerguides, Rift Blueprint is not nearly as detailed to be a serious competitor to other guides, particularly Xerxes.


  • Leveling guide (no quest details, no maps or screenshots)
  • Professions guide (a useful part, but not as detailed)
  • Dungeons guide (the only guide which I find on par with competition)
  • Equipment guide
  • PvP guides
  • and several more

Overall Rift Blueprint is lacking in most parts. It's not as detailed as Xerxes guide or even Killerguides. With some additional work it would surely be a lot better but it seems the author has pretty much given up on it.

Download Rift Blueprint Strategy Guide


There are some other strategy guides for Rift available but I didn't list them as they are not as good as these ones. It was even a bit hard to compile a list of top three guides as it seems only the first one is really, really good: others have their bad sides definitely.

Overall Xerxes guide is clearly the winner here and is the most recommended guide by any website providing truthful reviews. If you notice I did actually include links to several different, independent websites which list these guides and offer unbiased reviews, which you'll find are pretty consistent. One such site, and my favorite, can be found below.


Hyphenbird profile image

Hyphenbird 5 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

This is interesting and informative. I don't play games and ran across this while HupHopping. If I played, this would entice me!

zeeshaa profile image

zeeshaa 5 years ago

i like your hub it is very informative. keep it up.

Garrett Mickley profile image

Garrett Mickley 5 years ago from Jupiter, Florida

I'm having a blast playing Rift, but I wouldn't buy a guide for it. I bought guides for WoW but those were addons that were IN game. This would require me to alt+tab.

TripleP profile image

TripleP 5 years ago from Iowa

Good article. I've been curious about Rift for some time now...

Manoj 5 years ago

Hey guys, this seems to be a very promising game. We wrote a long review as well as on the guides on different classes and callings on www.riftreview.net. Make sure to check em out, this game is very exciting so far.

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Interesting hub,thanks for sharing.

Caesar 5 years ago

I'd have to agree with your statement that Xerxes guide is the best of the three you mentioned above. However, have you considered adding Rift Supremacy to your list and comparing that? I think you'll find Rift Supremacy compares very favorably, except for the fact that Xerxes offers better beginner instructions and a better build database. For power-leveling RS dominates though.

Nice hub too!

Caesar - chief poster at http://rift-supremacy-guide.blogspot.com/

guide-to-rift 4 years ago

Excellent post, and I agree with the view that Xerxes an excellent guide. However, IMHO it is equalled by the Defiant Guides website. I've reviewed several guides, which can be found at guide-to-rift.com.

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