Risen - Level 32 in Chapter 1 Without Cheating!

Risen returned Piranha Bytes to what they do best. An RPG with great characters, story, and a desire to keep playing. The one fault that I have found with Risen is the length of gameplay. The game has so many options to improve your character, but the limited levels forces you to pick a few attributes to focus on. No player can possibly master all weapons, magic, and skills. Until now! I found Piranha Bytes' usual hidden trick for unlimited XP and money without cheating! No cheat codes, minsky, or the rest! Since I have always thought that cheat codes took something away from what the originators of a game meant for you to experience, I have always searched for the secrets that the publishers put into the games for those that desire more. This trick does require a major commitment of time to really get you ahead of the game, but is well worth it.

From the beginning, I understood the need for the Joke spell in the game. It's really easy to hit the wrong person during a fight and have them attack you. I just couldn't understand why there were so many of them, until I met Robart. (His name first intrigued me after playing all of the Gothic games and seemed a bit suspicious!) Robart is a swamp farmer outside of the Don's swamp camp. He will gladly buy weeds from you and give you XP for them as well. Find as many weed plants as you can, join the Monastery, sell them to him. Then beat him up, take them back, and flash his memory away with the Joke spell. He'll buy them again and give you more XP!

If you are not a member of the Monastery, your Joke spells will be too limited. I have been messing around with this for a few nights and now am level 32. It is still chapter 1 and I have an extra 120 XP points, a strength of 120 (with potions of course) and cannot decide how much further I want to go. Maxing out all spells, bow, crossbow, staffs, and getting level 6 in swords and axes seems like a good idea, but this will take some serious time. It will take me a few hours to gain the next two levels, but I'll probably go for at least a few more! Since levels require more XP each time, it becomes increasingly difficult to level this way. Maxing out everything might be a bit ambitious, but I'll let you know how far I get!

UPDATE: I have a new post about my current level and a extra method for gaining even more XP without cheating!

I'm now level 67 - how far should I push it?

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n3wbie 6 years ago

How many times did you kill him i killed im aroun 60-times and its yust going so slow..i have 40 weed plants anyway..do you think there is a way to get more weed plants?

Vandelay profile image

Vandelay 6 years ago from United States Author

There are more weed plants than that. Check all of the swamps again. I have killed him litterally thousands of times. Also stock up on a bunch of grilled shark fin and eat it while your killing him, it gives you XP as well. It is extremely slow, but I'm wierd and refuse to cheat in any game.

Vrriel 6 years ago

so u rather exploit the game then cheating? :P

Vandelay profile image

Vandelay 6 years ago from United States Author

If it is built into the game, as Piranha Bytes seems to often do in their games, I don't see it as exploiting it. It's just a game, but I have never been a fan of using cheat codes.

RisenFan 6 years ago

Hey Vandel you seam to still play the game? when u get to the harbour town can u still get out when u done and keep do quests & adventuer outside without a new chapater starts?

Vandelay profile image

Vandelay 6 years ago from United States Author

Yes, nothing is any different in the game. Again, this isn't a cheat code.

Hev 6 years ago

Great thing to build into the game! Im doin it now, I managed to get 80 weed plants. Im not having to use the tell a joke spell though, he is just waking up and I keep selling it to him again, I wonder if this is because Im playing it on the xbox?

Belmont 5 years ago

that is nothing i axed out all atributes and i have 5000life:)) with a bug i found:)) and no cheats of course

Vandelay profile image

Vandelay 5 years ago from United States Author

Belmont, what was the bug?

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