Roaring Rapids Adventure Waterslide

The Roaring Rapids Adventure Water Slide is one of Banzai's biggest waterslides in it's range. It has two racing slides and one that curves through the middle. There is also a pool on one side that you splash into from the middle curved slide.

It inflates really fast (under 2 minutes) although it takes around 20 minutes for it to fill up with water if you are using a standard garden tap. Of course this depends on your water pressure as well.

According to Amazon, this slide has the highest rating of all the Banzai water slides. (It has a 4 1/2 star rating) based on over 20 customer reviews, so you know that people love the the Roaring Rapids Adventure slide.

Watch the Roaring Rapids Adventure Slide in action

Banzai Roaring Rapids Adventure Waterslide

Amazon often has great specials on this slide. It's been listed at other retailers like Target and Walmart for over $700, but Amazon usually has this under $500 plus shipping.

You can have quite a few kids on this at once and while it's recommended for ages 5 and above we have seen many kids aged 2 and up on this with no problems (but of course - make sure you supervise them at all times for proper water safety).

Adults can also use this slide (could you really keep them away?) so it's really fun for the whole family to keep cool during summer.

Many people get a waterslide during the summer months and then pack it away for next summer. If you plan to do this, make sure you buy a good quality canvas bag from a supply store (don't bother trying to get it back into the bag it comes in, it's just about impossible to roll up small enough again). This will keep it dry and the soft canvas won't damage the lining so it will stay good for many years.

Overall it's a really good inflatable waterslide for large families (or if your children often have their friends over) because it keeps the kids entertained for hours - plus it keeps them active at the same time.

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