Runescape 99 Fletching Guide

RS Junkie's Runescape 99 Fletching Guide

In Runescape, Fletching is a skill that is mainly received for trimming an already owned skill cape without losing any money. Fletching is one of the faster skills to receive 99 in, and therefore it is nice if you are wanting to get a skill cape because you don't have one yet, or simply because you want to trim a different cape. There is a couple different ways of getting 99 fletching which depend on how much money you are wanting to spend/gain, and how quickly you want this Runescape skill cape.


What you will need
-Logs (Normal, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic)
-Bow String


Starting Off
Well you can really start off anywhere you want in Runescape to get 99 fletching. I would suggest simply starting at the Grand Exchange so that you can easily buy new logs as you need them at the very start.

Level 1-2 - Arrow Shaft
-Bring Along: Knife, Logs
From level 1-2 only, I would suggest simply cutting up logs to make arrow shafts. This is done by using your knife with your logs and choosing the arrow shaft option. You will only need a few logs in order to gain level 2 in this skill, but you should get more logs simply because you will need them later on.


Level 2-7- Shortbow
-Bring Along: Knife, Logs
From level 2-7 I would suggest making shortbows out of normal logs. Some people may be saying that you need to have level 5 in order to make shortbows, but the best way to get higher fletching quickly is to use Fletching potions. Up until willow bows I will be suggesting levels while using the Fletching potions since they are pretty cheap and will boost your low levels quickly. So you must simply take a sip of potion anytime your fletching level falls below level 5 until you have reached level 7. Make the shortbow's by using your knife on logs and clicking "Make All" when the options of how many to make come up.


Level 7-17 Longbow
-Bring Along: Logs, Knife
Alright now that you are level 7, you will again need to use your Fletching potion to pot to level 10 fletching in order to make longbows. If you do not have fletching potions, then you will simply need to make Shortbows until you get to level 10 fletching. Fletching is quite repetative, so you will simply need to do what you have been doing all along, and clicking the Longbow option and selecting Make All.


Level 17-22 -Oak Shortbow
-Bring Along: Knife, Oak Logs
Again you will be simply drinking some fletching potion to gain 20 fletching, and then using your knife with your oak logs in order to make the Oak logs. Just keep doing what you were doing before. Within no time, you will reach level 22. If you are not using fletching potion, just continue making Longbow's until you get to level 20 fletching and then you can start the Oak Shortbows.


Level 22-35 - Oak Longbow
-Bring Along: Knife, Oak Logs
From level 22-35 you will have to be making Oak Longbows. You will once again need to pot to level 25 fletching until you receive level 25 fletching at which point you will no longer need Fletching potions. You will just continue what you have been doing except you will be making Oak longbows instead of what you have been making before. You will go to the full level 35 which is when you are able to make Willow Shortbows this time rather than stopping three levels like you did before hand.


Level 35-40- Willow Shortbow
-Bring Along: Knife, Willow Logs
Well now that you have reached level 35 fletching, you are able to make Willow Shortbows. This is going to be the item that you make from level 35 until 40. I do not suggest that you use a fletching potion this time since you are getting to a higher level, and you will not be able to gain levels fast enough before the potion wears out so it will take quite a while of you potting in order to gain levels.


Level 40-50 - Willow Longbow
-Bring Along: Willow Logs, Knife
Now that you are able to make Willow Longbows, you will continue making these until you get to level 50 in fletching. Simple use your knife with your logs like you have been doing this entire time, and choose to make the Willow Longbows. Again, it is strongly suggested that you do not use a Fletching potion due to the time that it will take you to gain levels once you reach level 40 fletching.


Level 50-55 -Maple Shortbow
-Bring Along: Knife, Maple Logs
Well now that you are at level 50 fletching, you can buy quite a few maple logs since you will be making these until you get to level 70 fletching likely. I will outline a couple alternative ways to get 99 fletching after this original guide, but if you are using this one then you will be using many maple logs. Simple use your knife with the maple logs again and make Maple shortbows until you are level 55 Fletching.


Level 55-70 - Maple Longbow
-Bring Along: Knife, Maple Logs
Well once you get to level 55 fletching, you will be able to make maple longbows until level 70 fletching. Although you are able to make Yew Shortbows at level 65 fletching if you wish, this is quite expensive since Yew shortbows are worth almost nothing, and therefore I think a little extra time to get 70 without losing any money is well worth it. Once you receive level 70 fletching, you should head to a General Store and sell all of your unfinished bows that you have made up to your Maple Longbows. If you have expensive items to lend, I would suggest keeping your Maple Longbow (u) in order to lend them out to people or just use them as junk for other stuff since they are worth around 144ea whereas the logs are less than 50ea.


Level 70-85- Yew Longbow
-Bring Along: Knife, Yew Logs, Bow String
Well now that you are able to make Yew longbows, you will want to begin stringing your bows rather than just cutting them in order to make a profit. You will want to cut your logs and make the Yew longbow (u) like you were before, and then use the Longbow (u) with bowstring in order to make Yew Longbows which are finished. At the time that I am publishing this hub, you make around 60 gp/Yew longbow that you make. There are times that you make this much, there are time that you make more, and there are time that you lose money making yew longbows. The key is watching the prices, and buying your supplies when they are low and you are able to make a profit. Simply cut all your logs, and then string all your bows until you reach level 85 fletching. Some people choose to do this all the way to 99 since it makes some profit rather than losing money like the Magic Longbow's will.
The other option to get 70-85 fletching is to buy Yew Longbow (u) from the grand exchange and simply string the bows. This is faster experience than cutting the logs yourself since stringing is quicker, and Yew Longbow (u) cost LESS than yew logs, so you are able to make more profit and gain levels quicker doing it this way. Again, you will want to continue this until level 85 unless you want to keep doing this until 99 to make more profit.


Level 85-99 - Magic Longbow
-Bring Along: Magic Logs, Knife, Bow String
Well once you get to level 85 there is a couple options to getting 99 fletching. If you have a little bit of cash to blow, then I would suggest simply making Magic Longbows since it is the fastest experience without blowing your entire bank. You will always lose money doing this though, so if you are wanting profits then I would suggest you stick to Yew Longbows until level 99. For the Magic Longbows, you will simply be doing what you have been doing with the Yew longbows the entire time and cutting the logs followed by stringing the bows.

There is another option again that will get you incredibly fast experience and still make a profit using Magic Longbows. This is to buy the Magic Longbow (u) from the Grand exchange and string the bows. At the time I am writing this hub, there is a 23 profit from making each one of these if you buy the Longbow (u) and string them, so you get much faster experience than cutting the logs yourself along with a slight profit. The reason this is like that though is because most people dislike stringing. If you are able to enjoy/stand it, I would stronly suggest only stringing since it's faster and provides more profit.
Once you get to 99, you are done!


Fastest Way to 99 Fletching (20m+ loss)

Level 60-99 - Adamant Arrows
-Bring Along: Headless Arrows, Adamant Arrow tips
Well if you have a lot of cash to blow and want 99 fletching within a couple of days, this is the fastest way to get 99 fletching. You must buy as many Headless Arrows and adamant arrow tips as possible. Then you simple use the headless arrows with the arrow tips and make adamant arrows. You are able to gain 400k+ exp/hr doing this method of fletching, so it is prefered if you have a lot of money to blow. You will just keep making your arrows until you have no supplies left. Then you can sell the arrows to someone and buy more supplies.


Tips and Tricks
-Well the first tip I will give you is to use a one-click bank such as the Castle wars bank, Soul wars bank, or Lumby Basement bank. These are the three most common one-click banks. You should do this just to save the time of right clicking the bank after each load.
-Set your bank up properly so that you can click through the bank as fast as possible to withdraw your bow strings/longbow (u) when you are stringing.
-Make use of your "Deposit All" button on the bank screen. Rather than right clicking your bow each time and depositing all, it is much faster to simply click deposit all.
-Use a sacred clay knife. I made sure that the first thing I did before starting fletching was to collect about 10 Sacred Clay Knives. This meant that at the lower levels around 40, I could use the sacred clay knife to make my bows and get double the experience which meant I was able to get up to 70 Fletching much faster.
-Well Maple Longbow (u) are actually really good to fletch. I make these whenver I want to lend an item. You gain around 3x your money making the logs into Longbows, and therefore they are very good to fletch if you have items to lend.


Well Fletching is not a confusing skill, and it is quite straight forward to be honest. All you have to do is keep making the bows that you want, and really it is up to you how you want to get 99 fletching. It depends on the person because of the fact that some people want 99 fastest, some people want profit while getting 99, and some people want to break even. You can choose whichever one of these suits you and make bows accordingly. Good luck getting 99 fletching, and once you get it enjoy your fletching cape/Trimmed capes!

-RS Junkie

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Seagrator 3 years ago

These potions are not in G.E for me.

wozza2500 4 years ago

the quickest way to get to get 99 flecthing wen ur lvl 80 is flecthing magic logs into short bow (u) u get 83xp per log so u get 2324 xp per 28 logs :D

Guests 4 years ago

Ok so I looked at thes 1 but it only toke me 1 week at get from 80-99 doing yew longs nd I made over 30m back

dennis 4 years ago

omgomgomg thank you for your guide, i never knew about headless arrow meathod, i have a 600M bank and i went from 77- 80 fletching in 1 hr and 10 minutes=) instead of 6 hrs ty man

profile image

Monica032 4 years ago

It takes about a month to go all the way to 99, or at least that's how long it took me.

yuh 4 years ago

how to make arrow

HarHar 4 years ago

70 Fletch and I don't have money to buy supplies...

guest 4 years ago

im 81 fletching right now and i am low on cash should i just do maple longbows(U) till 99?

Imjeremy profile image

Imjeremy 5 years ago from Uk

good guide

Baseball 5 years ago

Im going for 99 fletching too, i only have 62 though. So maples longbows til 70?

Slizzerian 5 years ago

Yo, I'm a runescape player and am really working on 99 fletch. It's sooo boring, and i only play 1-3 hrs 6 days a weemk. Plz comment some ideas as to what else i could do that isn't boing, until after 50 lvls... Also profitable

jacob 5 years ago

nice guide dude... im getting fletching to trimm my wc cape... i think ill string some magics till 99 im already 94...

fuck 5 years ago

muahahahahahahha nubs fail

zain 5 years ago

im gonna try this and make profit of it wasome guide thanks

Al3xe92 5 years ago

So, I have 89 fletching, I'm wondering if I should do the Addy arrows or the magic longbow(u) any suggestion? I'm looking for the fastest way(:

Nrghd 5 years ago

Hey guys i have a bit of a money probleme any sort of money between 3m and 100m woul'd be appreciated

chaos 1076 5 years ago

hey everyone im lvl 54 how many maple long bows until lvl 70 im close to 55 disregard that it would help a lot

Bob died 5 years ago

why not use fletching pots from lvs 1-2?

kinda lazy question, just asking tho

runescape pure skiller 12 99s 5 years ago

im 93 fletching 550k till 94 AND IVE BIN FLETCHING MAGICS FROM 92 AND LOST 500K allreaddy but that nat much i got 70m. owned motha fuca

Lion-0-war 5 years ago

But im going to get 99 hunter before i get 99 fletching cause 99 hunter cape = pownage!

My accout meets the req for vet cape!:o

Lion-0-war 5 years ago

Hey everyone in reality it will take about 3-2 weeks to get 99 fletching but the adamant arrows idea is great! i have 80 fletching add me on runescape my name is Lion-0-war

99 Attacked 5 years ago

In reality 99 Fletching took me about 3 weeks to a month, people say it's much shorter but... there ya go, tip from a master Fletcher. Good luck guys.

Wesdog60 5 years ago

Buying all Adamant arrow tips add me on runescape Wesdog60.

Free RuneScape Membership Codes 6 years ago

Thanks! I gained a few levels in an hour and got some 45k!!

Fletching is an easy skill 6 years ago

I got to lvl 40 in 1,5 hour, by using 30k . I've got 3k willows now, and i'm going to fletch those up now :D If i get to lvl 99 in 5 days, i give u 100k ! :) ( Pk 5113)

hugo 6 years ago

i have 70 fletch what's the best way to get to 99 and make profit now?

Kyle 6 years ago


Xavier 6 years ago

Question. What do i do to keep myself from getting bored? Fletching is just extremely boring but I know it's easy and I want an easy level 99 because I'm not really good at this game. My player name is Tha Onli Wun so if you want to pm me some advice I'd appreciated it.

rsfan2010 6 years ago

thanx mate really good guide i got to 35 fletching in 3 hours it was so easy so thanx again!.

person 6 years ago

i got 99 fletching of maples(unstrung) and make about 10m it takes along time but is worth it

justin 6 years ago

thx dude it really helped me a lot wif 99 fletch

The dime nigga 6 years ago

Only reason for 99 fletch is an easy trim tbh.

ANtwan 6 years ago

using sacred clay fletch knives helps a lot. from 70-99 you need to fletch and string 80k yew longbows if you use sacred clay then you only need to fletch them into bows but you lose money so its best to string them

seiya216 6 years ago

how much will take to go 88-99 fletching?

Steveo99999 6 years ago

hmmmm idk im lvl 53 right now and im not sure wat to do next.. its taking longer than id hoped but i still want a skill cape really bad... once im at 55 ill srtring my bows... i hope i dont lose too much money ive only got 3m :/

knightsy 6 years ago

i had 38 fletching and i have noew got 98 fletch. i have 2m xp to go but i found it easy from 38 fletching to 75 to make lots of willows, and sell them to sum1 or at the general store. than from 75 to 85 make maples and from 85 to 95 yew longs strung and from 95 u shud hav lots of cash so go buy some mage logs and make them to 98 and 98 to 99 i am making more maples. i played 4-8 hours a day and got this in 6 days

some guy 6 years ago

im gonna try this. i hope i take less than 6 days

profile image

RS Junkie 7 years ago from Canada Author

Ohh congrats man! Im glad you've done so well fletching.

knightnfsu2 7 years ago

ty a lot now i have 98 fletching i stop for the 2 weeks form my last comment i had 50 now its 98 in 3 days cool cant wait for my skill cape

knightnfsu2 7 years ago

il say it takes about 2 days

Bravekeyboar 7 years ago

I got from 35flecthing to 70 in one day by making will long(u)to 55 (buy the willows) - and then to 70 by making maple long(strung) and selling for min on ge(gets a profit of bout 40gp per bow if buying logs and bowstring

lol.... 7 years ago

by the way, u get the same amount of exp from normal shortbows as arrow shafts and ur losing more cash if u pot from 2-5 for shortbows

Smelly Guru 7 years ago

How long would it take to go from 40-99

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