Runescape Combat Leveling Guide Level 60-100

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 Well Welcome to my Runescape Combat Leveling Guide that well take you from level 60-100! I know RS players hate to sit at the computer for days trying to get levels. After doing some testing of this Guide I thought it would be worth to give to the public. I hope you have fun leveling your character to level 100!


100 Mil.(100 Millon runescape gold picies)

Full Gold Trimmed Rune Armour.

5 Sets of Dragon Armour With a Whip.

Zamarok Trimmed Armour.

Santa Hat.

....No im just kidding all you have to be is level 60 =P


StrongHold Of Secruity:

You should head down to the SOS(StrongHold Of Sercruity) If you havn't already gone threw the whole 5 levels of the SOS. you should have armour and food because your going to be fighting when you get to the place you need to go. Just run pass everything on the first 2 levels.

But once you have made it to the 3level it should be green walls. If you are there yor on the righ level. Go to were you see level 50 Spiders. You should focus on leveling your Str. Def. & Att. up about 5 levels so you can keep them close together.

You would't believe how fast your exp. goes up when fighting those level 50 Spiders. My friends that are level 100 or greater are still training on those Spiders. That's how much exp. they give. You could train with these guys all the way to 100 if you wanted.


Guards are another good exp. and a chosen way by high levels to gain exp. Any type of guard is fine. just remember to bring food. once you start getting higher you will not need to bring food.

Last But not Least Lesser Demons:

lesser demons are a very popular monster to fight in Runescape. Most players use Full Rune, SilverLight(has some special thing about it to hit harder on Demons) and lobsters for food.

I know this looks like a small Guide and it dosent really look like my 3-60 guide but these are the BEST ways to level in runescape. Im not going to say you can level from 60-100 in 2 days. You need to give it time and remember to have FUN while your playing.

I will add more as soon as I think of better ways to get levels.


Hunter Eberly

Hey If your looking to see how to level from 3-60 check this Runescape Combat Leveling Guide! One of the fastest guides out there!

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pudding_ninja profile image

pudding_ninja 7 years ago

haha i loved your list of requirements

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

Thank you. I was going to do a really long one to start to freak people out but I didn't =P

i am nubish lolz 7 years ago

same i enjoyed reeding requirements but this guide helped a lot cheers:)

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

your welcome guys

goldtrim22 7 years ago

lol best guide ive seen so far !!!!! thanks i was level 60 last week now im already lvl 82 thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

no problem

camstrike1 7 years ago

hunternthis was pretty good there are some other ways like fighting experiments lvl25 with 100hp or fighting rock crabs still though pretty good.(p.s. anyone can add me my user is camstrike1)

whee! 7 years ago

well, this has to be one of the best guides i've read.

(btw nice intro :P)

booklop 7 years ago

nice guide for ftp

wllfish4food  7 years ago

lol the requirements... i was like "shit... i don't have any of this!"

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

lol Yeah i just did it for fun.

Darth 7 years ago

Hey, no offence, this is common knowledge.

also, silverlight does no more dmg to demons than rune scimmy/b axe does if you have about 50 str.

Otherwise, nice guide =P

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

Well when ever i had my rune scimmy with me, or my rune mace, i hit hardy with silverlight

m4xc00l 7 years ago

soo much easyer

Burt 7 years ago

Wow U scared me there with the requirements. 100 Mil? Crap i only have 1.4... RUNE G TRIM WTF???? FULL DRAGON HOLY SHT OMFG I NEED A !@#$ING SANTA HAT??? WHY??? then i read "just kidding u only need to be level 60." :P

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

haha yup

lplpo1 7 years ago

im a lvl 75, and should i train on spiders,guards, or lessers???

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

If you are a f2p player yes, If you are a member you should go after greater demons.

Greater Demons Gear:

Full Rune

Rune Scimmy, Rune Mace, Silverlight if you want.


str. pots

Taylor 7 years ago

hey im lvl 67 member trying to get 60 def for dragon armour what should i train??????

P.s. really funny and great guide

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

level 67 go to moss giants or lessor demons (member=greater demon)

g4m3fr34kd4n 7 years ago

i was wondering wear i should train attack from 65-70 on members world

can you tell me plz

g4m3fr34kd4n 7 years ago

btw nice guide it could help a lot :D

andrew 7 years ago

i got scared after you said the requirements

Alex 7 years ago

I loved your list of resquirments but you could put something about dragons and greater lesser demons as you can make a lot of money espescialy out of dragons. Best to start around lvl 19 wildiy green dragons(LVL 79)

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

Thank you Alex.

lags 7 years ago

awsome guide, i could fufill the requirement list if you like.

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

lol nice

SaM 7 years ago

At spiders if you gana go afk bring a ring of life and keep in mind that they stop attacking you after about 10 minutes so just about every 10 minutes change rooms and also a good idear would be to check every 5 minutes and heal your self

supdowg3 7 years ago

hey i need help getting from lvl 65 attack to lvl 70 im lvl 81 i have 75 woodcutting and 65 fishing can you help me?

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author


that about 3,054,917 exp

I would Recommend Cockroach soldier`s

They are located where you do the quest for the "safty first" emote. just go down in the jail, pull back the poster and make yor way threw all the other npc`s and you will see them, They are non-aggrsiive so you wont die when going afk near them. Bring atleast full rune armour, rune scimmy/mace and swordfish for food.

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

oops It is 354,917

pur3 hunt3r 7 years ago

ur guide is awesome

ARIF257 7 years ago



TaintedPanda 7 years ago

this for f2p i assume

bandits are best in p2p

you can afk and get a ton of xp

i afked there last 3 days, ive done from 76 to 80 def and 82 to 89 str


OZZYFAN41 7 years ago


OZZYFAN41 7 years ago


Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

bandits are in the Dessert OZZY.

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

So Guys If You Didn't Know, I Quit RS Awhile Back, But Might Me Coming Back On My new main. I might be able to record my game play and stuff and i was wandering if you guys wanted me to record stuff for like guides and rs gold making tips and stuff like that, If You Would Want Me To Do It Just Comment Here And IF I Get enough people wanting me to do it I Might Do It.

I've Been Making WoW videos Latly Check out my youtube channel!

Arthasmagnus 7 years ago

hey i heard u like WoW i LOVE IT im on the realm ragnaros and my chars are Darkmana,Arthasmagnus and Sephiirothh add me lets kik ally ass :)

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

Yeah i like wow use to play it, Was An Ally Tho (:

Had Some Horde For Some Reason I Leveled Faster Has A Horde...Wierd >.<

But I Recently Took A Break From It And Been Working On Other Stuff.

roar 7 years ago

when i read the requirements im like this is fake!Because there is no such thing as a zamorak trimmed set >.< other then that awesome guide!!!!!!!!!

tattoodude2 7 years ago

hi im lvl 88 member what should i kill i just kill mossies n get my lvl uo but tht is slow

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

88+ Will Be Slow But Yes If You Are A Member Just go Hit On Greater Deamons That Will Help. I Use To Farm Them Non Stop Till Like 95.

lick the ear 7 years ago

hey love the guide im lvl 95. i got another idea 4 the SOS. you can go to the second lvl and kill flesh crawlers. good xp and they drop herbs that sell 4 big bucks. ive gotten thousands of xp and atleast 4mil from there. maybe u can add this 2 ur nxt guide and see ya.

BETA BLASTAR 7 years ago

woah nice sos guide and did u say u filmed ill help if u want

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

Yeah i filmed.

alex 7 years ago

Strange grammar, but overall a good ftp guide. I've never heard or greater demon training. As far as i know the best for p2p is rock crabs or experiments, anoku are also really great if you have salve (e). Bandits are not very effective until your a really high level. (about 110)

Shadow 7 years ago

yeah really good guide, liked it a lot

i would appriciate the filming

i started RS about 4-5 years ago

played for a year, became member, got 2 idk a high lvl lol, quite, 4got info...couldn't find it again, now started again. i have like a lvl 31 guy, and the gold guide would be good too, i mainly mine and use like one trick for ge, but i only got like 256k...anyway good guide, im gonna go train at SOS once im higher, but also are there any like lower lvl dragons? cuz getting drops for $$ and also exp. is a pretty good deal

anyway thankz for the guide, appriciated it

and ill do the SOS thing like u adviced at a later lvl

c yah

Kovceg-that's my username 7 years ago

Hey i have a great idea about getting food for the SOS when you go to barb village u can take trouts and salmons from the ground(they's FREE and they heal 7/8 hp). You will have to re-stock on food a bit more often but....IT'S FREE!!!

and i'm trying the guide right now so i'l post again in a while...

Btw nice intro :) i'm lvl 68 at the moment and i have only the rune full (g)

stakies 7 years ago

hi i started playing runescape 10 days as a free player and after i crossed combat level 60 today became a i am overwhelmed with all the new monsters. which are the best to get xp so i can wear dragon and which are the best for rich drops

thanks buddy

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

well you do have a LONG way till dragon but what i did to find all the stuff i needed to what your asking is with You should also download there client(Swiftkit i believe) whitch has their whole database in it whitch lets you play in it aswell.

Brenton 7 years ago

you forgot to state the best training spot for f2p lower levels, it is at the zammy altar near the wilderness next to goblin village. players with 43 prayer can protect from melee there, use ultimate strength and reflexes and own those monks. the monks also have no defence whatsoever so they are the best xp. if you hit above 20 with a rune scimmy however then they are not for you.

kinkot 7 years ago

this iz awsome i got 2 lvlz in strength and 1 hitpoint in 1 hr thx bro its narly

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States Author

No problem thanks for the comment.

Gregers 7 years ago

I play wow, lvl 80 priest, realm wildhammer , undead :D ful tier 8 :D:D

marc_025 7 years ago

The best way now is to kill yaks after starting fremennik isles quest. They are level 22, have a max hit of 2, and have 50 HP with slash weakness, they are really good for xp, and they give good thing to upgrades your crafting level.

go me go! 6 years ago

great guide i shat myself at the requirements... thank god it was fake........ can u make a p2p guide??? coz im a mem now. its great

c ya :)

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 6 years ago from United States Author

Wouldn't be able to help you there.. I was all about the free.. I only tryed out member for about a month or two And i wasn't leveling then.. I was trying out the P2P mini games and leveling other skills. and raiseing my f2p skills faster with the member stuff. So i can't help you there. sorry :D

Rikhel 6 years ago

how long do u train for 1 thing

good job 6 years ago

good job in the guid i LOVED the requirments i thought it was pretty funny

my name is bluejay1209 since i only play free worlds you can add me but if your a member don't or i will put you on my ignore list

Lugia king25 6 years ago

Yo funny guide, ive got a smart way to do 2 benedical skills at once.

Slayer pits you up with the best monsters for your levels and has staggering rewards.

many 6 years ago

sorry but my account is lvl 42 and what would be good equips for elvgar. sorry about commenting on the 60 to 100 page. =d

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 6 years ago from United States Author

Check out the 3-60 i think :D

ivan trevino 6 years ago

hi i am level 59 combat not a member and have killed greater demons before and was wondering wat to train on for combat

peter 6 years ago

you're awsome thanks guide rocks

Ian 6 years ago

Avian thread are great places for f2p. Thread places are good for p2p, but I would also suggest yaks. You can make around 80k xp an hour here and you don't need food but you need to have started fremineck isles. Green dragons, theese give similar xp to lesser demons but you can make around 400k-300k an hour here picking up hides and bones. Gorillia gaurds. Just bring a super set, 15 super anti poisons, monkey gergree (must have completed monkey madness to a certain point) a shark and a tele tab. Gorillia gaurds are level 100+ nit sure exact level but I want to say 124 but before you say you not high enough level there,s an altar right next to the gaurds and it's multi combat so just pray melée and you will be fine. The anti poisons are for the poison spiders that are around gaurds.

Jammal  6 years ago

hey im combat 60 52 atack and strength i just became a member where should i train

jkykjt 6 years ago

lol mummy

Ty so much! 6 years ago

ty so much i have been getting so bored just killing stuff for hours on hours just to get 2 lvls up.

i went from 58 to 103 in 4 weeks doing this.

Animanator 6 years ago

what's better lessers or spiders becuz..... if u can kill spiders fast they good xp and lessers same xp iam lv 95 cb

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 6 years ago from United States Author

Go for the spiders. just depends on how your skills are, some people can kill different things faster then others.

yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyyo 6 years ago

omfg i bought all the requriements and then looked at the ...No im just kidding all you have to be is level 60 =P

anyone wana buy a santa hat ?

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 6 years ago from United States Author

Hey Check This Account Out!

formeerself13 6 years ago

hey im an 88 mem and from 80 to 88 i used long range with a rune c bow (76 range) on blue dragons and it got my def from 60 to 70 so if anyone is training defence you might wanna try that

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 6 years ago from United States Author

Nice tip! Thanks for the comment!

cashjake 6 years ago

i used the spider method and went from lvl 62 to lvl 71 in about 1-2 days

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 6 years ago from United States Author

Glad to see its helping :D

Seth 6 years ago

Wouldn't recommend the spiders until you have around 60-65 defense. Unless you don't mind using a bit more food and making some extra bank runs.

magik alchemist 6 years ago

LMAO i was like "WTF?????? a santa hat?????? WHAT THE HELL DO U NEED THAT FOR???", i thought u really mean it xD

cool guide ^_^

moratalbladed 6 years ago

Nicw guild it was good but im lvl 87 77str 75atk 67deff so what should i train on guards, lessers or spiders???

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 6 years ago from United States Author

haha that's what I was going for magik! :P Have a nice day mate.

And To Mortal, You can train on any one of these.

ford man a 6 years ago

I like what you have to train on but i like dagonoths at a higer lvl they are great xp and they drop seeds,clue scrolls,jems, and charms but that's only if you have completed the quest Horror from the deep.

lolipops 6 years ago

i don't know what to train on im just lvl63 and spiders are not good for me cuz i died there 3 times and lost full rune each time help me! By the way nice guide i like the requierments

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 6 years ago from United States Author

you can try the guards and lesser demons.

xXKilla239Xx 6 years ago

i'm level 79 with 65att, 64str, and 61def. i'm working on tortoises which are good money when they drop their shells. any faster way to get 70 att? ps im a member

ford man a 6 years ago

i would kill dagonoths that what i did great xp i think and good drobs seeds and clue scrolls

Deman421 6 years ago

Hey nice guide but you should add something about Cockroach Soldiers(lvl 83) I am lvl 78...all my combat skills are lvled to 64 :) they are easy to kill if lvl 60 or above and they drop some good stuff like rune scimies and shields and law runes, etc.

Seth 6 years ago

Just over 1 month after creating this acct. Up to 98 combat, and 50M in wealth. This guide is great for leveling mate :D

MajWinters4 6 years ago

Hey man, nice guide, haven't tried it yet, but from all the positive comments I'm going to assume that in 2 weeks I might got from cb 75 to 83! Thanks!

(Lol I may be using good grammar, but I'm not a bot!)

gino357 6 years ago

great places to train! im level 89 Now and i was level 67 back then! THANK U very much! awesome!


Awsome! 6 years ago

The requirements was a big LOL haha couldn't stop laughing at the end of it, for the guide it was actually a short and helpful guide thank you :D.

rofl requiremtents ftw! 6 years ago

the rquirements were freaking great i laughed and then got scared and was like really? xD

j man 223344 6 years ago

Haven't tried this yet but I'm gettin awesome comments from from friends ps my name is lord Jbp on r.s. plz be a friend:-)

j man 223344 6 years ago

Dude already lv 25 by playing for 20 mins love this guide :-)

i own 6 years ago

im lv 114 wat should i train on from 95 str to 99

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 6 years ago from United States Author

follow the guide that's all.

Newb 6 years ago

gr8 guide, helps a lot with leveling easier! thanks hunter

lolipops 6 years ago

i wish i never died by the spider's

chilidawgs eat munkees 6 years ago

Hi im a lv 82 playing rs fer 4 yers shood i do the kwest wolf wisel and can any one tell me a good way to make muny

hatsawankashilinga 6 years ago

hey im level 76 member aiming for level 75 att for godsword. my att is already level 64. any tips?

e runescape 6 years ago

i do that stuff all the time im only 50 and i fight lesser demons and win i barely use any food at all! but if i didn't do that stuff yet i would think this is awesome.! im now 59 my guys name is nathe2000 8-)

ezthepezerator 6 years ago

i made it to lvl 63 but this sounds like it works better than what ive been doin i get at most 0-3 lvls a day that is when i play for a long time but this sounds really interesting but i have one question where is the sos thing?

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 6 years ago from United States Author

In the barb village.

Rentick100 6 years ago

Yah another good money making and xp thing is hob goblins lvl 48 which are located west of the cooking guild down the ladder. you will need a brass key to enter the door. bought in ge

rs pwner 6 years ago

im level 74 and i think rock crabs are good xp

nick carr 6 years ago

Lol i was going through the check list.. i have all gilded armor so i was like check the gold trim off LOL but nice. im level 63 and forgot about SOS

Diniboy 6 years ago

I'm combat 82 and Member. But I don't have much money. Only 500k. So where should I train without spend a lot of money for food?

Durka dur 6 years ago

I'm a lvl 85 mem. 70 Att, 68 str, 68 def, 69 hp, 53 range, 50 Mage, 44 pray. I have roughly 5m and I want to make more :) I want a good way to train with good money aswell

WaffleMan 6 years ago

Im a lvl 66 mem with 60 atck 52 str and 54 def. I train on flesh crawlers and sell herbs for money . anyone have any other suggestions for xp and money?

hammer lunar 1 6 years ago

been 2 days since i got to lvl 63 and now im lvl 110 thnks to this guild

HunterZ1212 6 years ago

Kool guide dude :P. i really liked the requirements and i thought you warent joking X D. btw what level are you on Rs? Oh and feel free to add Ryoon2rocks which is my old name. Now i changed it to Hunterz1212,lol.

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 6 years ago from United States Author

Haha very nice, To that Hunter, I have multible accounts all working on different stuff and testing new things and old things, I play in my spare time, and I have leveled a couple accounts to 120+ and I have giving some to my friends and have lost some due to not caring for my account.

To more of the comments, Just follow the guide and you can read the comments that may answer some of the questions that you may have for me.

That's all I can pretty much say right now, Keep reading, Thanks for ready my hubs, and tell your friends!

Happy Runescaping!

Haha rofl lol 6 years ago

Sup great guide love the intro:p. Im lvl 89. I got 14m and i really wanna get 80 str but i dunno where to train plz help

soy225 6 years ago

I was f*cked up in the mind when you said the requirments.Great guide tho.

Dragonwzrd12 6 years ago

Hunter eberly I have lvl 40 attack 40 strength and 38 def I have good patience where should I train to get like 65 attack,strength,def and what weapons the best to use for attack strength and def I have rune scimmy rune 2h and rune battle axe and nice tips

Dragonwzrd12 6 years ago

P.s I'm not a mem

OkINeedHelp 6 years ago

Where r these rock crabs please help

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 6 years ago from United States Author

Dragon, Follow the people i said on this guide.

And OkIneedHelp - if you know where to get the safty first emote you will fine them, its right above the barb village, there will be a celler door you go down to, then you have to read all the plaguees to the goblins then you go threw a hole in the wall with a poster in it.

fhhd 6 years ago

does hill or moss giants give good xp?

fhhd 6 years ago

r these lesser demons for nonmembers

Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 6 years ago from United States Author

yes and yes

Dragonwzrd12  6 years ago

Thanks hunter and hunter what's ur acc name? I wanna add u

Darrin 6 years ago

Dude nice guide really helped me

Tiggs 6 years ago

Hey great tips hunter.. im a level 87 and was 78 last week all thanks too spiders .. And as for making money i suggest chaos druids in barb village as they drop very good herbs i go bank wih an invent of 150k a trip..So i do spiders for an hour then go chaos druids for an hour as they both situated in barb village .. Im gaining money and xp im a happy Girl xx

Death 6 years ago

Hunter... You caught me with the requirements.. lol I was like Ok I have 100m I don't have full rune (t) what would I need that for? I have full Dragon and a whip. I don't have Zamorak (t) And I don't have a Santa... So I thought yep I'm doomed... lol But the guide helped a lot I never once considered spiders. Thanks bro you're a lifesaver.... P.S Just because you're a lifesaver doesn't mean I'll suck on you... XD LMFAO!!!!!

chazzar 6 years ago

i cant believ how easiy this was to do and without hacking or anything i tried this out i was playing runescape for 2 days strait and got lvl72

I Heard A Voice 6 years ago

Hahahha, scared me with the requirements. I was like wtf i have none of these. o.o

99str mo fo(rs name) 6 years ago

the best gear for fighting greaters is full rune,kiteshield and scimmy/baxe,str pots(if needed)and swordfish for food(best in f2p)

Eric 6 years ago

lol the requirements it scared me but it is the best guide ever i raised from 64-115 in 2 weeks playing 2hours each day now i can do the requirements i have 200 mill

slaymaster 1 6 years ago

This is a good guide! i was cb lvl 60 and now im cb lvl 68 in 2 days! thanks so much for the guide! =)

PS im gonna add u if its ok?

Ty$on 6 years ago

Thank you soooo much u have helped a lot.

reecowacko 6 years ago

i was lvl 96 and i got up to 128 in 2 days from fighting greater demons


mominator272 6 years ago

tyvm for the guides im only lvl 37 but in 2 days of 3 hour per day training i went from 13-37, but id like to make a suggestion i went to the lumbridge graveyard dungeon and kill the skeles at the end enstead of the al-kahrid warriors i leveled much quicker that way. any ways your guide is great

Muffinbum193 6 years ago

I'm a member with combat level 86, and I want to get my defence from 65 to 70.

Where should I train?



Muffinbum193 6 years ago

By the way, I don't care how much exp I get per kill, I want fast exp.


I HAVE NO NAME! 6 years ago

Hunter Eberly this guide was amazing.... it has really changed my level by far... this same day i was killing those lvl 50 red spiders and wondering why a lvl 108 was there training on it aswell...? anyway i thought it was useless until i read your guide man!! im a lvl 75.... soon ile be lvl 100!!! THANKS MAN! you rock!!!

GOD OF LOL 6 years ago

You are a genious!!!!! I worship you now, best guide in the world !!!

your stalker 6 years ago

your requrs were very entimadating and funny and overall it was the best guide ive ever read and it was helpful


don't look out your widow

footballgod81 6 years ago

omg... This is prob the BEST guide on google atm! keep on making more guide's plz! GOD BLESS HUNTER EBERLY!!!!!

Steele lol that's my surname how cool is that 6 years ago

omg the spiders lvl 50 give you so much exp i got like 15k xp in 10 mins !!!

zach 6 years ago

chaos druids are good for the money and xp i got 130k from them by picking up the herbs they drop im a lvl 71 and i need help to get lvl 60 def from lvl 56

(if u wanna add me my name is dead snipes1)

Bree Hoke 6 years ago

haha, i loved the list of should of have put a party hat on there, just to be mean... ^-^

snowboy876 6 years ago

or a christmas craker :)

Bitter 6 years ago

Great help. I never thought to go to the sos.

I've leveled from 62 to 98 in a week.



i like cake 5 years ago

lol i actually got all the things on the requirement list for fun :P

A Guy 5 years ago

I was like: this guy is an as**ole and he gonna say buy some purple sweets when i saw 100Mil. or just to give it to him :D but then i saw that's a joke ;D

Btw nice guide :)

level 68 megastrike 5 years ago

Lol should mention cockroach soldiers green dragons rock crabs and chaos elementals so im only lvl 68 and if u go 2 the very back of the wilderness in mage training arena u c a chaos elemental all u need is dragon dagger dragon armour or suggesting mage armour like pernix and other sh!t like that. 37 pray is a must they cast powerful mage strikes and best drop u wil get is probably torva's pl8body im only level 68 and im killing em cockaroach soldiers are easy i take em out with dark bow but try killing chaos eles if ur good enough and the list of reqs really pissed me off til i read i was a joke... lol

so ur guide is awesome dude try makin more and if u go to mage training arena back of the wildy near some wolves fight a chaos elemental on world 51 that's me

PS:i started killing c.e's wen i was lvl 52 3 days ago :P just bring tonnes of food and potions

rc4e 5 years ago

get rock crabs to pile onto u u get tonnes of xp wen u kil em

RS addict 5 years ago

A good way to lvl up is pest control, use points for extra exp!

Billy 5 years ago

I'm currently lvl 104 from your guide thank you so much for the help! the requirements scared me when i first read them, then i got a big releaf! Haha thank you so much.

dued 5 years ago

lol list of requements XD i need to defet the dragon though. and this should help A lot!!

mike 5 years ago

nice requirement guide :)

Megaliner 5 years ago

Aww but I had those requirements too... Shame I didn't find this guide till I was already high 90s. From what I can tell, the demons are good for magic training, spiders for melee and guards for any.

Jared 5 years ago

This way to lvl up is awesome it got me from lvl 59 to lvl 125 this way did help me to lvl up and this website is the best that's for ya help.And can u try to tell me how to get a rocket lunchar in runescape for me thxs.Or a bazooka thxs.

LOLZ WOW 5 years ago

the very best way to level is the "experiments" level 25 near the frankenstein castle, i train there, i got to 81 strength, 73 defence and 73 attack in pretty much a few weeks, they give 400 xp each, easy to kill and the rarely hit unless your a low defence pure :P you should go on youtube and search for experiments, they are really good

Sly Reeper 5 years ago

Lol, the requirements scared the beejeezus out of me until it said you were just joking XD Thanks really helped :)

PiddlerOnTheRoof 5 years ago

lol at the requirements, i only have 40mil, sara and rune gold trim and i said "wtf i thought this guide was f2p?"

delrith2349 5 years ago

great guide ..... u helped me raise my attack level:)

Superclay8 5 years ago

Lol, on the requirements I was like "What, I had this much, where did it all go?"

wise steel22 5 years ago

this guide was a big help i was lvl 70 now am 96 i did it for 6 days and i was de thanx a lot best guide eva

Magical you1 5 years ago

Lol when i was reading requirements i was thinking far out wtf am i gonna be training on. xD

runetoyahead 5 years ago

So I was like I got 100 coins, I have hair, 5 sets of iron armour.....yea I'm screwed lol, great guid e bro add me runetoyahead


lolololol 5 years ago

yeah... dunno why i even read it im already 138 cb xD

Sameer Khan 5 years ago

hi i was wondering im a member. I have 54 attack 48 strength and 46 combat level is 62. what should i train on?

Ashen 5 years ago

Look at when this was made people.......... you really think he'll respond anymore?

mr.blank......... 5 years ago

only 2 year's lol

2012 5 years ago

first comment in 2012 woot!!!!!!!!!!!

ace 5 years ago

i read this guide 3 weeks ago.3 weeks ago i was level 57 now im level 103

DatRocka 4 years ago

if anyone can help me out, im lvl 72 combat, 56 att, 60 str, 60 def i'm also a member and mostly train on rock crabs is that the best thing for me to do ? , i also have the hati gloves so get a bonus everytime i train melee but is this the fastest way to lvl ? plz anyone help me that would be great !

godsrevo 4 years ago

i would suggest doing flesh crawlers lvl 41 at nw corner on floor 2 with the best arm u have and bring 20 monk or swordies and u make a lot of cash and fast xp there

minieman101 4 years ago

Thanks for the guide it is great :D it realy helped me out. :)

slasho 4 years ago

I'm lvl 118 p2p. Can yu tell me where I can train str. I'm 92 str. 87atk 86 def

kassie 4 years ago

i was wondering if you could help me i am level 69 combat 71 str. and lvl 10 def. i want to get lvl 99 str. but not lvl up my def. what can i do to lvl up my str.?

Person 4 years ago

If you have protect from melee, living rocks are great for xp. 3k each. I 60 att, 56 str, and i am destroying them for def xp.

kingbilal7 4 years ago

i have been on this for 4 years and when i die on runescape i cry for around an hour. i am only lvl 80 and i can't load on runescape. i was kind of spoilt so i play 13 hours a day lol

iodyn 4 years ago

Nice guide man i have been doing rock crabs since like lvl 60 cb and im at 81 and extremely bored of them so i looked at this and spiders seem very good. thanks, im actually trying them out now as i play in another tab lol. :P...

you know who 4 years ago

my next goal is 92 att....85 atm

person 4 years ago

that's exactly whay i use to do and am doing on my noob account i trained at spiders from 70 to 126 im maxed f2p

God Flames 4 years ago

i HAVE that list of requirements

meh 4 years ago

well if u ever get 100 cb lol ppl think ur beast idk if id like tht but great post

Gray knightt 4 years ago

You should mention the rock crabs. I believe they give over 200 exp and are only lvl 13 and with weak attack.

Ember 4 years ago

Hey that's a really nice leveling up guide but im lvl 79 an when i was at lvl 63 i trained in the abyss in the other realms but theres a couple quests you need to do to get there and a good slayer lvl ~ :3 happy leveling!

awsomeness lol 4 years ago

im level 82 i don't have armour for greater demons and don't no where they r where should go and what2 train on

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