Runescape: Easy gold for new players

Helping new players

When we start a new game, we are always looking for ways to get gold quickly to help equip and advance our levels quicker. Well, here is an easy method that takes about 5 minutes and can be done every two and a half hours to make 5,500 gold with no risk of death.

This does require an extremely small investment, but can be done in small scale to get the seed money for a whole purchase. Runescape makes this one easy for players. But I do want to clarify that this does depend on the Grand Exchange (GE) and prices can flucuate, but at the time of writing this on October 3rd, 2016, the information is correct and screenshots are provided.

Allison Elmshaper

This is an extremely way to earn gold in Runescape. In Burthorpe, just Southeast of the lodestone, is a training camp. On the Southeast side of the training camp is Allison Elmshaper. For further clarification, this is just north of the stalls - left side of the road if leaving the stalls.

To the right, I am including an image from the world map of the location in Burthorpe just north of Taverly. And below, I am including a screenshot from Runescape showing Allison Elmshaper. If you have questions about the location, throw a comment below.

Buying Feathers

If you talk with Allison Elmshaper, you will have the option to purchase feathers and to receive some for free. When Allison has max feathers she will have 15 for free and 100 for sale. The feathers cost 6 gold per feather, so a total of 600 gold is needed. If you don't have 600 gold, then buy what you can afford.

The feathers that are for sale take about two and a half hours to become full. Roughly every minute and a half one is added for sale, I think it is more like 85 seconds. I will also pick up feathers from the ground when someone is stocking up on chicken for the summoning quest.

Feathers are used for fly fishing and for fletching arrows. So there are plenty of people using them, but if this same tip is used by too many people then the price of feather when selling will go down.

To the Grand Exchange

After stocking up on feathers, use the lodestone network to transport over to Varrock or Edgeville. Both are spots that make a quick run to the Grand Exchange. When you arrive, talk to the Grand Exchange clerk.

Select the sell option and sell all the feathers that you want to. This has been an instant sell for me every time I have sold feathers. And currently, they are selling for 55 gold each. Which is just over a 900% return on investment, thanks to the Runescape Grand Exchange stock market model.

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Sharing Information

This is just a method to show other new players. There are other items that this would be useful for, if you would like to share one - add it in the comments. It is always good to see new options for others and to diversify items to help prevent prices from plummeting in Runescape.

If you found this useful, please let me know.

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