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Well, I am a pretty succesful Runescape player. I have over 200mil cash and 3 party hats, so i would like to share my knowledge with some of you out there. First off if your just starting off you probably wanna know how to make cash. I know the perfect way! Go to lumbridge cows kill them and collect their hide, then, take the hides to the tanner to the guy at the tanning store in Al Kharid. Doing this you will make about 25-50k an hour which is pretty good for starters.

Getting Started

Once you have done the cows for a few days and you've got about 500k-1m and a decent level (i Recomend levels 50 or higher) go to hill giants to the west of G.E. in Varrock. You will need a brass key to get in hill giants are level 28 but are a lot stronger than you might think. Pick up their bones once you kill them these bones sell for about 200-800 gp each. I usually get about 3 limpwurt roots per inventory. So you will earn about 20k per invy. which will be about 150-300k per hour. And will give excellent experience and get your levels up.

Map of taverly dungeon


Alright you should have at least 5m when your done with hill giants. Now go to blue dragons i recommend being above level 100 for this. You can find them in taverly dungeoun behind the city of falador. They drop dragon bones which go for about 10k each which is alot and hides that go for 4k each. They are level 111 and you should get about 220k per inventory, If you use a cannon you would make about 145k per inventory but would be alot faster. Without cannon you should make about 1-2m an hour with cannon you can make up to 5m an hour!


Ok this is the best way to make cash in my opinion i recommend being above level 115. You need 80 dungeoneering, go to frost dragons and kill them for their bones. The bones sell for about 40-50k each which would be about 1-2m per inventory. If your good enough, and with a cannon you should make about 10m an hour. That is my money making guide thanks for reading!
P.S. This is a melee money making guide

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