ryu vs ken


Ryu is one of the best players in the SF series. Thorough out many SF games, he has been a well balance fighter. In my opinion, he his been by-far the best. The reason why I'm saying this is because, when I first played SF2, my first player was Ryu. When I pick Ryu, at first I did'nt know how to use him but when I kept using Ryu, I started to know most of his moves. In SF2 if you play the single mode, and have Ryu as an opponent, he can be very hard to beat. I learn this the hard way when I had Ryu as an opponent. But as I played SF2 more and more, I eventuality learn how to beat my opponents. Even beating Ryu which today is still a very hard opponent to beat. In my point of view, Ryu is the best player to use in every SF game. One fact in SF is, if you use Ryu well, you can become invincible. The reason for that is, Ryu has a move for everything. Master these moves and you can become invincible. So if you are playing SF2 for the first time, and you are about to choose a player, choose Ryu and you will win.


Ryu's victory


Ken is a pretty good player in the SF series. When I first saw Ken in SF2, I thought that he was the same as Ryu but when I played SSF2, I realized there was a big deference. The deference was that Ken's moves are alittle faster . As good as Ryu is in the SF series, Ken has always been alittle faster then Ryu. In other SF games Ken and Ryu has always been equal, but Ken in my point of view has always been alittle faster then Ryu. In the SF series, I find that Ken's story-line is better then Ryu's story-line. The reason why I brought it up is that, in Ryu's story-line, it talks about how Ryu became the man and how he learn his moves but in Ken's story-line it doesn't just talk about how Ken became the man or how he learns his moves, it talks about how he has a wife and child and how he is rich. If thats not interesting I don't know what is. So if you are thinking about picking Ken for the first time in the SF series, I say Ken is the way to go.

Ken's victory

Unknown fight!!!

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Kez 6 years ago

Ken FTW! always prefered him!

Reborn 6 years ago

Ryu is much better than Ken!

Exley 5 years ago

they are equal you dummies

only after super SF 2 we see small difference

S.S.K 5 years ago

Evil Ryu is the best, much sronger

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