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You probably came here looking for Star Trek Online leveling guides, and you came to the right place!

There are several STO strategy and leveling guides offered and all of them are not of the same quality and since I did actually check them all out I decided to publish my thoughts here so you can see for yourself exactly what content each one has.

While I'm not allowed to publish the actual content from these guides, I will attempt to highlight the main features and the most important content and I'm sure you'll easily figure out which guide stands out from the rest.

1. Star Trek Online Mastery Guide

Star Trek Online Mastery Guide is in my opinion the most detailed and best strategy guide and will likely remain for some time. It has A LOT more info than other guides I read and it's released after the game's beta meaning all information is up to date.

It contains strategies and tips about careers, professions, traits, ships, equipment, currencies, missions, leveling and a ton of other things you may not even care about (even though you should).

I'm completely fascinated by the amount of info in STO Mastery and I really recommend it! If you don't believe me, you can find another review here: Star Trek Online Mastery Guide.

2. Killerguides STO Strategy Guide

Killerguides published this strategy guide long before the game was even released and continued to add new chapters and strategies all the time. The guide is now pretty long and covers a lot of aspects of Star Trek Online, including leveling, ships, ground and space combat, equipment, energy credits (main STO currency) and some more.

Overall, the topics it covers are all useful but it's not as detailed as STO Mastery.

3. KFGuides STO Strategy Guide

KFGuides strategy guide was only published recently which unfortunately means it's not yet complete. There are several chapters empty without literally anything written and while I'm sure it will be updated soon, right now as it stands I can't recommend this guide over Killerguide or STO Mastery.

As for the content that actually is found inside, you'll find the exact same topics covered as in Killerguides but it's not as detailed. I should also mention that killerguides has actually more areas covered and overall it's a lot better. Star Trek Mastery Guide being better than Killerguides as well, the choice is obvious.


As you can already figure out, I highly recommend STO Mastery Guide over KFGuides or Killerguides due to the fact it has far more content and it's complete. Also, from what I can tell it's more frequently updated and better written so be sure to check it out!

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