Saige Copeland: American Girl of the Year 2013

American Girl’s new Girl of the Year

Saige Copeland is the Girl of the Year Doll for 2013. She'll be making her official debut on Tuesday, January 1st.

So far we know that she is a creative and sensitive 4th grader from New Mexico. The doll has long Auburn hair, bright blue eyes, and freckles. She comes dressed in a blue Southwest style dress, brown leather boots, silver earrings, and a turquoise and silver ring. I'm betting there will be a horse in her collection.

I always wait until I know what the Girl of the Year's last name will be. Photos are usually leaked first, along with book and possible movie info. Her last name is harder to come by. So, you might have already seen bits and pieces of Saige on the web. I'll be compiling it all here as more is offered, just as I have with past GOTY dolls.

Book 1: Saige

Author: Jessie Haas
Illustrator: Sarah Davis

When Saige learns that her school will be cutting music and art lessons at her school she plans a fundraiser to help keep them. She looks to her grandmother and later a new friend for help.

Saige was released on December 27, 2012. It was originally listed under the title Girl of the Year 2013 Book 1 on

Book 2: Saige Paints the Sky

Author: Jessie Haas
Illustrator: Sarah Davis

Saige is missing her grandmother. She takes comfort in painting and riding her favorite horse. These activities also give her an idea for funding her elementary school's art program. Now she needs a way to keep the horse from being sold.

Saige Paints the Sky was released on December 27, 2012. It was originally listed under the title Girl of the Year 2013 Book 2 on

Saige Oufit Pictures

Saige's Meet Outfit, Saige's Sparkle Dress (the outfit from the cover of Saige Paints the Sky), Saige's Parade Outfit (western style riding outfit), Saige's Pajamas, and Saige's Sweater Outfit.

Clothes for Girls

So far there are two outfits available in girl's sizes to match their doll.

Saige's Dress & Belt:
A sweater-knit dress with cropped sleeves and a tiered skirt, and a detachable multicolored woven belt.

Saige's Pajamas & Slippers:
A pajama top with a bright wildflower graphic, cropped sleeves, and mesh ruffle trim; geometric print shorts; and fuzzy slippers with bows.

Express Yourself! Use art to explore the emotions inside you!

Author: Emma MacLaren Henke
Illustrator: Charlie Alder
Spiral bound 64 pages.

Find out what your art reveals about you. Questions, quizzes, and quick art projects will help you explore and express your feelings. Don't worry about being perfect. Just have fun.

Express Yourself! Use art to explore the emotions inside you! will also be released on December 27, 2012. It's available for pre order at

Items from Saige's Collection

This is not the whole collection. A few things pictured are Saige's Horse, Saige's Parade Saddle Set, Saige's Painting Set, Saige's Accessories (purse and jewelry), and Saige's Hot Air Balloon Set!


Rembrandt is a border collie mix with fluffy black and white fur. He lives on Grandma Mimi's ranch.

Saige's plush dog comes with an attached blue leash.

2013 GOTY Event Overview

Girl of the Year 2013 Debut

Free event. January 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th at all 14 AG stores.
Demonstrations, crafts, giveaways, and more.

Girl of the Year 2013 Celebration

Ticket prices, dates, and times vary by store.
Includes a meal, activities, and an American Girl book.

Girl of the Year 2013 Crafts

Free event. Dates, and times vary by store.
Make crafts inspired by the stories of the newest contemporary character.

Girl of the Year 2013 Scavenger Hunt
Free event. Dates, and times vary by store.
Go on a scavenger hunt throughout the store and get a free American Girl poster.

Full write-ups of these events, dates, times, locations, and ticket prices can be found at

Soar with Saige Sweepstakes

The Sweepstakes is open to girls between the ages of 8 and thirteen 13.

Download the entry form & hot air balloon template and create a design with markers or colored pencils (no crayons).

Mail in your hot air balloon design and entry form by April 1, 2013.

10 winners will receive Saige's Hot Air Balloon Set, an 18" Saige doll, and Saige's two-book set.

Visit for details and entry form.

Untitled American Girl of the Year 2013 Movie

The upcoming movie, which stars Jane Seymour, will focus on Saige, her friendship struggles, and her relationship with her grandmother. Lessons learned through the course of her story include having self confidence, embracing change, and learning how to express one's true feelings.

Amy Madigan is also a confirmed cast member.

It's being produced by Debra Martin Chase and directed by Vince Marcello.

The movie was filmed in and around Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico in October 2012.

GOTY 2013 Movie Stills

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Are you an American Girl Collector? 45 comments

Heavan Haylee Hannalee 4 years ago

I think that Saige looks awesome. I am totally getting her. I can't wait to find out who plays her in the movie!

Jess 4 years ago

I am tots getting her she is exactly like me I love horses and I love art I think I am exactly like her can not wait to get her wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Angel 4 years ago


me to i love to ride do you i ride english

Cali 4 years ago

Saige rocks! I am so getting her. I look just like her, and I am so exited!

Kylee Jo 4 years ago

OMG she looks exactly I mean I have the exact features she has same hair freckles and I do everything she does but I ride western

Kylee Jo 4 years ago

OMG she rides western like MEE

ag247 4 years ago

sage looks like ariel

Satjyot 4 years ago

OMG!!!She is so CUTE!!! I am totally going to get her.Btw i DO NOT have an ag doll:(

Nicole 4 years ago

Is it okay if I use the close-up picture of Saige in one of my videos? I will give you credit.

Christene profile image

Christene 4 years ago from Massachusetts Author

Sure, just add a clickable link to my page. :)

madi 4 years ago

i have a ag doll but im ganna ask my parents for her wish me good luck

Christine 4 years ago

Saige looks super cool. I am so getting her. I can not wait until she comes out. I will beg my parents for her. She even loves horses and art, just like me!

Heaven Haylee Hanalee 4 years ago

So I saw on YouTube that someone did an online audition for the Saige movie. Sharon Baton? Is she playing Saige in the movie

Christine 4 years ago

Heaven, what did you search to find Sharon Baton's audition? Christene, do you know if Sharon is playing Saige in the movie?

Christene profile image

Christene 4 years ago from Massachusetts Author

Here'a link to the audition...

I don't know if she is Saige. It's hard to tell from the movie stills and I can't find anything online yet.

Nicole 4 years ago

Okay thank you!

Heaven Haylee Hannalee 4 years ago

No, I don't think she is playing Saige, because the girl,Saige, in the movie pictures doesn't look that much like Sharon Baton.

Christine 4 years ago

It doesn't even look like Sharon was auditioning for Saige. It looks like she was auditioning for a mean girl in the movie. What do you think Christene?

Christene profile image

Christene 4 years ago from Massachusetts Author

It didn't sound like Saige's character, but I really don't know.

Ag lover23 4 years ago

Love her I'm soo asking my parents for her even if I'm paying for her I still have to ask

Mjml225 4 years ago

I'm trying to convince my parents to get me one

Ag lover23 4 years ago

Good luck i hope u get her

Mjml225 4 years ago

ME TOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Ag lover23 4 years ago

I will have 4 American girl dolls after I get Saige

Kali 4 years ago

Omg I like a lot like her except I don't have freckles and she is so pretty! I love a lot of her outfits! I also love her hair styles!

saige lover! 4 years ago

I really want saige! I haven 20$ I just need to get the doll!

saige lover!! 4 years ago

I really like saige! She's bbeautiful!!

Saige is cool 4 years ago

The star in the movie is Jane Seymour it says it above some pictures from the movie in this package!

Ag saige fan 4 years ago

Only a few hours till saige is released can't wait

ags biggest fan 4 years ago

saige is adorable can't wait until she comes out

ag lover 4 years ago

i love her im exchanging my doll for her

loveag 4 years ago

i love her!! she is beautiful and i love her story!! but i can't believe that they haven't posted a page about her yet on the american girl website! they are normally on time with their girls of the years

Christene profile image

Christene 4 years ago from Massachusetts Author

Heaven Haylee Hannalee 4 years ago

I got Saige

fiona 4 years ago

I love Saige!!!!!

MargCatj 4 years ago

I am entering the American Girl contest to win Saige 10 winners from random drawing

Kylee 4 years ago

I am entering the contest too

Isabella 4 years ago

Oh my gosh! Saige looks exactly like me! We even live in the same place ! I am totally getting her!

Kate 4 years ago

I just ordered her online, she's beautiful I can't wait to get her!!!

SJLA profile image

SJLA 3 years ago from Indiana

Wow thanks for the info. I think my daughter is still a little young for the doll, but I have been wanting to get her these books. I love The American Girl Series all the ones I have read are great and truly touching.

Heaven Haylee Hanalee 3 years ago

Ok the movie trailer is on American Girls site. Looks sick

Amy 3 years ago

I have saige she is me I do every thing with her frecks me and her have blue eyes I have horse like hers I love to paint!!!!!!

Landry 3 years ago

Does saige come with a charm keeper necklace?

Annie 3 years ago

I buy saige with her out fits and hair brush and many things

Peyton 3 years ago

I think she love picsooa

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