Runescape 99 Hunter Guide

RS Junkie's Runescape 99 Hunter Guide

Hunter is a very good skill in Runescape which takes about 3 weeks to get 99 on average, and will leave you with 40M cash in-game. This is a skill that involves capturing different creatures using different types of traps, and is very easy to level due to the stackable feature of the higher level creatures that you will be catching. Here is a guide on how to get 99 in this skill in the shortest time possible, with massive profits in Runescape Gold:


Number Of Traps
Level 1-19= 1 Trap
Level 20-39= 2 Traps
Level 40-59= 3 Traps
Level 60-79= 4 Traps
Level 80-99= 5 Traps

What you will need
-Bird Snares
-Small fishing net's
-Box Traps
-500 GP
-Full Larupia
(These are the minimum number required, but randoms/lag often lead to lost items, so i would suggest taking a few extra)


Starting Off
The place to start for this skill guide is the Feldip Hunter Area. You may find this by looking to the South of Castle wars using your Runescape mini-map.

Level 1-19- Crimson Swift
-Bring Along: 1+ Bird Snares (Extra's are recommended)
From level 1-19, I would suggest trapping Crimson Swift with your Bird Snares. Simply set up the traps along the Eastern part of the Feldip area where bordering the water area where you are able to see the Crimson Swift and wait. You will trap them and receive Bones, Raw Bird Meat, Red Feathers each time. Simply drop the Raw Bird Meat as you get it, and either drop/bury the bones you receive.


Level 19-29- Tropical Wagtail
-Bring Along: 2+ Bird Snares (Extra's are recommended)
From level 19-29 I would suggest trapping Tropical wagtail with your Bird Snares. These Birds surround the ponds in the area West of where you were catching the Crimson Swift. There are 2 different ponds in the area, and both of them have Tropical wagtail surrounding them. Do the exact same thing you did with the Crimson Swift, only at level 20 you are able to set up 2 traps, and therefore you can set up 2 Snares rather than just 1.


Level 29-43- Swamp Lizards
Bring Along: 4+ Small Fishing Net, 4+ Rope, Full Larupia (Extra's are recommended)
Alright now that you are level 29, you can wear Full Larupia, so I would suggest doing this as it increases your chances of catching creatures. You want to head over to the Swamp Lizard Area in Morytania and catch Swamp Lizards. This area may be hard to find, but search it using your Runescape mini-map to find it more easily. This is near the Werewolf Agility Course, and it is the only hunter icon on your map so you should be able to find it. Once you are here, you will see a number of different tree's, where you will be able to set up a Net Trap which consists of 1 Rope and 1 Small Fishing Net. From 29-40, you will only be able to set up 2 traps, but at level 40 you can begin setting up 3 traps which increases your experience.
Now if you want to get to the red chins extremely fast, I would recommend releasing these Swamp Lizards since the experience is much faster. If you are in it for the cash however, Swamp Lizards sell for approx. 1.5k currently, and therefore these can make you a ton of money. The Carniff's bank is close by, and therefore it may be worth it if you are low on cash to simply bank them.


Level 43-59 -Falconry
Bring Along: 500GP and open hands.
Well now that you have finally reached level 43 (I know it was painful), the experience really starts to get fast. You should now be heading to the Pictoris hunting area which is located NW of the Grand Tree near the Pictoris fishing colony. Again, open your runescape mini-map if you are having trouble finding it. Once there, you should see a large pit with many different Kebbits such as spotted and dashing kebbits. Simply buy a falcon from the man in this area for 500 GP, and you will be able to keep it as long as you do not leave the hunting area or teleport. Logging out while in the hunting area will allow you to keep the falcon, and therefore you shouldn’t need more than 500GP unless you plan on leaving. Once you have a falcon, you should simply click on the Spotted Kebbits to release your falcon and attempt to catch these creatures. The falcon will fail sometimes, but when he is successful, there will be an arrow that appears above the caught kebbit, and you will simply have to click on the captured kebbit to receive your fur along with the bones. Just keep doing this until you are level 59. This will get very repetitive, but this is the main stretch before you will be able to hunt the red chins.


Level 59-80 –Red Salamanders
Bring Along: 4+ Small Fishing Net, 4+ Rope (Extra’s are recommended)
Well now that you have finished with your falconry, you are now able to catch red salamanders near the ZMI alter which is the alter located near Castle wars and tree gnome village. It is an alter surrounded by lava, and shouldn’t be too hard to find if you look on your map. These red salamanders are caught the exact same way as swamp lizards which were talked about earlier in this guide. You simply click on the tree’s in the area to set up net traps using 1 rope and 1 small fishing net. When the trap fails, you will see your rope and fishing net on the ground, so you must pick it up before resetting the trap. If it is successful, you will see a full trap in the tree, and you can collect the red salamander and your net/rope by clicking on this trap. Since the red salamanders are worth next to nothing and there is no bank that is very close, it is only smart to release these as you catch them. Some people may wonder why I am suggesting to catch Red salamanders until level 80 instead of 63 which is when you are able to catch red chins, and the truth is it is because it is much faster to gain hunter exp setting up net traps to catch red salamanders than catching red chins until level 80 when you are able to set up 5 traps. Catching red chins with 4 traps is quite slow compared to Red salamanders, but if you are in need of cash you may want to start with red chin’s right away. The time that you are able to save getting 80 at the red salamanders rather than at the red chins would make it worth your while since you can catch more chin’s after your 99 hunter to make up for the lost profits without losing any time at all. The main thing it comes down to though is Speed vs. Cash. People will be hunting for different reasons, so choose whichever is most suitable to you.


Level 80-99 –Red Chinchompas
Bring Along: 5+ Box Traps, Full Larupia (Extra's are recommended)
It's time to head back to the Feldip Hunting area. From 63-99 Hunter i would strongly suggest Red Chinchompa's. These get 265exp/Chin, and their price is approx 800 Runescape gold in the Grand Exchange. Red Chinchompa's are stackable, and therefore there is no need to bank every 25 Chins, and you can stay out for a very long time.
These red chin's are found near the 2 ponds the most.
From level 63-80, you are only able to set up 4 traps, so the common setup is a Diamond Shape, and you stand in the center of the 4 boxes.
From level 80-99, you are able to set up 5 traps, and therefore the best setup is an X-Shape where you make a box of 4 traps with 1 space in between each, and a box in the center.
These two set ups are the quickest to gain the most experience.
The best place in my opinion to hunt Red Chinchompa's is slightly north of the Tear-Drop pond. If you look on your map, you will see two ponds, one is a U shaped pond and the other one is shaped somewhat like a teardrop. This is a common place however, and people are often there meaning there could be some competition.
All you have to do is lay your Box Traps, wait for Red chins to enter, and then check the traps. This is about as simple as it can get, and once you are able to place 5 traps you will be able to get 100k+ exp/hour if you are a fast clicker.
Below is an experience table for all of the different creatures


After you are done, you will have about 40m in Runescape gold if you sold all of your chin’s, and you will also have a very nice skillcape to go with your new pile of cash!
The best tip i can give you is to watch the grand exchange on the Runescape homepage and when the Red Chinchompa price is at it's highest point, sell all of the runescape creatures that you have caught to date.

This is my first Hub on here, so please comment so I can try to improve my guides for next time. I am hoping to post guides for all skills that help to make cash, so become a fan of me if you would like to be the first to see these guides.

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Runescape Hunter Experience

Crimson Swift 
Tropical Wigtail 
Swamp Lizard 
Spotted Kebbit
Dark Kebbit
Dashing Kebbit
Grey Chinchompa
Red Salamander
Red Chinchompa

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shepdawg69 3 years ago

ive already got 99 hunter but want to know how to make fast money

Cam 4 years ago

Absolutely Brilliant guide, i just got 80 and started with the chins and it is brilliant! I am making money and exp. On my way to 99!

Fangsofdeath 4 years ago

The guide is really awesome..... aft reaching lvl 23 hunting wild kebbits is a good option as it yields 128xp

Cheese 4 years ago

When you get to 51 try Sabre tooth kebits I got the best xp from that

Melt an 4 years ago

I would advise to keep going with green salamanders till 49 faster exp

C-Dog 4 years ago

nice info. the crimson swifts took a while for me but overall nice guide

LunarFire1 4 years ago

Following this mainly to get the spottier cape

qidai 4 years ago

The kebbits can be very fast to catch actually whereas the lizzards break nets and stuff a lot which makes it slower in the long run.

tristo7 4 years ago

By the way, you need to have completed Priest in Peril and you should recommend like 50+ combat level.

ryan 5 years ago

how long would the falcon thing take???

ryan 5 years ago

this is amazing im level 50 hunter in 1 day

Unknown 5 years ago

Hey I was lvl 4 when i started and now i am lvl 25 and i just stared 2 days ago so i guess i just want to say its fast xp and its good money i only have like 120 raw bird meat and its 31k and i have 700 of thos red feathers and that's 3500...Its hard at 1st but when you get to lvl 20 it goes fast cuz you can ues 2 traps... so thanks a lot man!!!

RHQ Killer 5 years ago

If you are looking for a clan join the rs awsomers, our main skills are hunter and woodcutting.

Hope you can join

RHQ Killer

RHQ Killer 5 years ago

awesome guide it's working out very well at the moment.

RHQ Killer

sh4rk week 5 years ago

red chins are now 1206 gp, not 800:)

Noob Hunter 5 years ago

Actually, I recommend Falcory until level 60, since you just got to the level 59 to catch red salamanders, you probably wont catch then fast... if at all... that and at level 60, you can set 4 traps, speeding it up a bit, atill not catching very well...

Zauberdrach 5 years ago

tyvm for sharing. jus what i ws looking for !

4saken 1 5 years ago

I am going to try this now :)

mc chiefsfan 5 years ago

im also lookin for sumone who can get me up to lvl 99 hunter. if anyone can help me it would be great. add zedoc11 no caps. send me message when im on sayin u can help.

mc chiefsfan 5 years ago

luv it hey which is better orange swamp lizards or falconry. i am lvl 47

Redskin276 5 years ago

I have only 45 hunter and i wanna know is falconry better/ faster or is swamp lizards..

MaMa luigi 5 years ago

i luv ur guide junkie, and btw hunting grahhaks give about 220k per load at 41 hunter :o

Joyun 5 years ago

If you are a really fast clicker and enjoy falconry more than anything, you could get 85-94k xp/h (no profit tho) when lvl 69+, donno how much red salamanders give during 69+ tho but just a point :)

rey 5 years ago

do we need to do the quest inorder to go hunt the swamp lizards or can we simply get there another way?

Andrew The Botter 5 years ago

Anyone who wants me to bot 99 hunter for them I will. add me on msn: 5 years ago

i got 80 hunt and bbots are running like crazy should i stay with red salamanders at 70k an hour or try chinchoms with bots

creepy cheese 5 years ago

I just ate the best grilled cheese i think ever..

RS Rasta 5 years ago

I need a Farming Guide, ya have da herbs ta plant.

Master 5 years ago

Thank you for my first 99 :D

bobbyson 5 years ago

hmmm I'm lv 84 currently but assum I am lv 80 and goin for 99 how many hours did you play? Between 80-99?

uziel 5 years ago

i did orange salamanders instead of falocneering. i received experience prety quickly. just as an idea for those skilling hunter.

2 (OO1 4 5(hOO1 5 years ago

@ Tho I appreciate you doing your own math here, I respectfully disagree. Swampies never sell in the ge, and I don't see the point in having to waste time when there are much better ways to make money and getting the skillcape in half the time.

1hunterFTW 5 years ago

hi, nice guide just wondering how long as in hours it takes me from lvl 50 hunting to lvl 99?

sacrifice 5 years ago

^well if you want the 10K/ catch, go for pawja meats with a fruit bat and fruit fall scrolls. These are box trapped bate is required, but the fruit fall will suplie you with enough papaya's, and banking is done within 1 minute.

I have not seen any posts here about it, but the Juju farming/hunting zone now offers the fastest way to lvl 99 hunt. It's way faster than red chins but you gain no instant profit. In addition to that, all red chin spots are stacked with like 3/4 bots at this moment, so jadingo's are even better.

This method does make cash if you keep the ugune seeds, grow the herbs and make Juju farming potions for a +33% herb yield and for me a 60k profit per snapdragon herb patch.

Axel S 5 years ago

Just thought I'd put in. this isn't great for training hunter exp, so I suggest doing it if you 99 hunter or 80+ pit falling Graahks, the non-tatty furs are worth 12k each and they are pretty close to Shilo Village so you can bank there. just drop the tatty furs because they are worth 50gp each. all you need is a few lobsters an axe, (to chop the dead trees) a knife (to make the pitfalls)

and a teasing stick (to piss off the graahks =P)

this is ok cash, better than chins. but literally no exp, thats why i suggest doing it at 80+ or 99 because it's much quicker!

Gar Rivett 5 years ago

No need Full Larupia for Falconry and Red Salamanders?

legaaccy 5 years ago

if u hav high enough mage bring tele other runes to red chins and tele other the bots cuz it messes up the bot for bout 5mins and then just take their spot.

Alex 5 years ago

Yeah man runescape needs to get rid of the bots, there really bugging me, especially at drags, but theres a method to make the bots skull in wilderness and you can take there whip

carmaker4 5 years ago

I'm currently 80 doing red lizards from 60-80. This took me about 2 weeks. My problem is, now that im doing red chins i find that im making less xp an hour then i did before by about 10k.(50k an hour.) i find this incredibly slow considering that it was said to make 100k an hour. im wondering why this is? is it because there are soooooooooooo many bots in the worlds ?

Lion-0-war 5 years ago

Hey all add me on runescape Lion-0-war my hunter sucks atm but im goin to get 99 hunter after 99 fletching. :) my fletching level is 80 it will be 99 in about 2days add me if your awsoem ;)

5 years ago

I love you man!!(no homo) and ur guide.. haha ssshh don't mention swamp lizzyss..I don't want them to crash like everything else... haha it's taken me bout 5hrs to get to 50 hunter with bout 500k banked! very nice guide thanks!

THE FUTURE 5 years ago

HOw long does 40-61 take?

wizonfire 5 years ago

i do believe tht red salamanders r the best way for xp, there r always to many bots at chins

eddy 5 years ago

thanks dude i got 99 hunter today thanks to this guide thank you!

Wad al haram 5 years ago

Great guide!

Used it for 3 days and I'm already 43 hunter, and I've earned 300k!

Digikey 5 years ago

2 minutes get real! lol. I use a Tortoise 43 minutes, I make 5 trips, They sell faster then the red chins! Swamp lizards are always in demand. Summoning from 85 to 95, big demand!. You will have to catch almost 600 Red chins in 43 minutes to make what I make on swamp lizards in the same time. That is 1 red every 6 seconds, check you animation time. Red Chinchompa is faster xp but not faster gp. you do the math!

Ummm No... 5 years ago

@Digikey Swamp lizards are NOT stackable so you have to bank like every 2 minutes or so and they also NEVER sell. So theres really no point to waste your time...

Digikey 5 years ago

Swamp lizard are slower, about 40% slower, BUT! I calculate from my lvl 76 to 99. I will make 185.4 Mill hunting swamp lizards vs 36.1 Mill on Red Chin. Swamp lizard and around 2x slower, but I will make 5x more cash!

78744sl x 2,354gp VS 45166RC x 791gp

Roy 5 years ago

Sorry, my mistake I've re-calculated my current progress for 80-99 and seems like it'll take 6-7 days.


Roy 5 years ago

For all those who want to know how long it takes, this is how long it took me, although I made a slight change.

Level 1-20 Crimson Swift / 2hours.

Level 20-30 Tropical Wagtail / 3-4hours.

Level 30-50 Swamp Lizards / 6-7hours.

Level 50-60 Orange Salamanders / 10-12hours.

Level 60-80 Red Salamanders / around 22hours+ .

Level 80-99 Red Chinchompa / doing it now, but I'm guessing it'll take around 48hours (2 days).

So in total, if I'm correct about Level 80-99, it'll take around 96hrs (4 days) to get from Level 1-99 if you do it non-stop and in the same hunting order I did.

And BTW, I did NOT use a bot, it's quicker without a bot.


houseies 5 years ago

how long for lvl 46-99?????

0n3 6 years ago

I'm definitely going to use this guide..... just one thing : you should try adding how many hours it should take or at least an estimate for each section of your guide - too many comments asking how long Lol so this would help out a lot :)

6 years ago

god dang lol i forgot to say that now the wildy is like pvp and id b killed tryin to get to sallys since there in wildy and ppl watch the drag area :(

6 years ago

lol i meant to say a runescape noob but watevr floats ya boat. thnx again, signed, runescape -----> NOOB

6 years ago

hey ik u get this a lot but i am not patient at all and im only 63 hunting... say i play about 3-4 hours a day how many days would it take?

thnx, signed, a runescape nerd

lol 6 years ago

im becon222 in runescape hunter lvl (1) how many days for 99?

Lucas 6 years ago

Just bot lol

Flamjetxx 6 years ago

I'm doing hunter from 50 to 61 for forgiveness of a chaos dwarf and I saw this guide and I though it was great and I think I'm going to make hunter my first 99 skill and I'll use the red chinchillas for 99 ranged. Thang for the guide. I don't know if anyone recognizes my name or remembers, but I had my 15minutes of fame a while back, so if I have any idols I recommend this guide!!!

Free RuneScape Membership Codes 6 years ago

7-46 Didn't take me very long, just about one weekend of work.

neo junker 6 years ago

Hey how long would 7-46 hunter take? :)

spencerbutch 6 years ago

i cant help but notice you didn't mention graahks.

for any lvl 55 or higher graahks are great money.

i say 55 because below that it takes too long.

10k per hide is pretty great :]

unknown 6 years ago

lol at the loosers playing 8 hours a day I only play about 45min!

Gikkels 6 years ago

Very Nice guide!

Thanks for making it!

atm 74

Thanks again!

Tv5 - look at hiscores! 6 years ago

I get 99 hunt with tis guide! Lool at my hiscores.

Nyghtmare 6 years ago

I found this guide at level 35. Swamp lizards are very good money and sell quick. I suggest banking them. The falconry section is for the birds. It took me twice as long to get from level 43 to 44 using the falcon as opposed from level 47 to 48 catching orange salamanders. I suggest swamp lizards to level 47, banking for the cash. Then go to orange salamanders and just drop them. I had to make a water run only 3 times and made it from 47 to 60 quickly. Trying the red salamanders now at 60. Helpful guide though. It got me going.

anonymous 6 years ago

i like the guide. Are polar bears helpful for hunting red chins?

Sothe52 6 years ago

Oh, I forgot to mention the purpose of that. If you set the snares around the spot it respawns, it's much easier to catch them!

Sothe52 6 years ago

Hey, this is an excellent guide, but I have a tip. Like you said, this is a guide that has worked for hundreds of people, so no reason to add new creatures to it or take some off- However, I do have a tip for hunting tropical wagtails that you should add. There is a spot that I know of, a specific square on the the ground, that a tropical wagtail respawns on a lot. I've uploaded them onto imageshack, the first one is here:

The second is here

Feel free to download and use them in the guide if you like, just give credit if you do. Sothe52 is my runescape username. By the way, sorry I can't make it easier to find the spot you need to go to- but look at the mini map and you'll see it's near the desert type of area, southeast of the Hunting Expert's hut.

Hunter 6 years ago

Well i did 1-66 hunter in 1 day.. Having a no life session atm cos my gf is camping with the girls.. (fail)

And i got to 70 (now 72), and it's become boring as hell at red salamanders.. Lol yes hunter does get boring, but i just wanna know if there's any new ways to get hunter to 99 now.. Would help a lot. i got 70-72 at puro puro and that was ok, but any other faster way would be helpful. Thanks.

HeavensPower 6 years ago

I did fishing to 99, currently level 50 hunter, and im not bored with it yet. im just wondering[fishing quite possibly permanently made me hate anything boring] does hunter get boring, like other skills?. IE Mining, fishing

ScorpionDom 6 years ago

Thank you for the helpful tips.

I appreciate the time and effort you spent to figure it all out.

I feel to many of us seem to forget that if there isn't a challenge of some sort then the feeling of accomplishment isn't really there, and the games are no longer fun.

Because I am human, I feel the urge to apologize for my fellow man. Between the ridiculous ungrateful insults to all those who are unable to sit down and figure out a simple algebra problem for themselves, I am ashamed. It was very nice of you to help all us special people who are to mentally slow or to damn lazy to figure it all out on our own, again thanks! We do appreciate your work. I'm sorry that some of us are just not that good at showing our gratitude.

On a last note, If anyone feels the urge to drop me a line and say hi, I can easily be found by typing scorpiondom into the clan chat. I am online from time to time and probably will be for years to come. LOL

Happy gaming everyone!

Rofl Gun 6 years ago

Honestly, this is good, but Falconry isn't really necessary,

you can do Swamp lizards for awhile and still make a good amount of profit, i'd say its good minus the Falconry

Tahamtan profile image

Tahamtan 6 years ago

Interesting. Runescape is one of my all time favorite MMORPGs. Good times.

czolgista778 6 years ago

Many thanks bro! Started today at lvl5 hunter and now i'm 45 hunter tnx!

uhioui 6 years ago

i'd say that by level 70 catching red chins is much more exp per hour than red sallys if you do it right.

sub 6 years ago

useful guide, though i would do falconry at 55, but overall, good.

Ryan 6 years ago

@ Doolzie - I started tracking my exp at salamanders when I switched to them at 60. Wearing Garrak camo gear and summoning the arctic bear I'm making no less than 60k xp/h... But hey, the way you train is personal opinion. If you really feel like swamp lizards are faster, stick with them for a few more lvls.

thecrash 6 years ago

i went from 1-46 in like 8 hours, good guide

Doolzie 6 years ago

Im currently 61 hunter...i just started at 1 yesterday...i have been ill so home from school so a lot of play time..I think red salamanders are Very Slow compared to swamp Lizards...and i couldn't imagine doing salamanders 59-80..Any replacements?

Mathew 6 years ago

This is a Great Guide, I followed it from 15 to where i am Now 90 Hunting at the moment :) catching 1.5k+ chins a day so 99 is going fast

byebye83 6 years ago

i used swamp lizards for the money and used kharyrll tele it j=take you to the bar right in town by them saved me loads of time you should probably try that and see if its faster, it was faster for me

Werefoxz 6 years ago

I disagree with one part of this guide. Catching crimson swifts is way too slow. A much faster way is to blow a couple K atmost, and buy the roots from the farmer at vinesweeper and feed rabbits for xp. Just run around doing that and not only will lvs 1-20 be easy, but others will thank you for getting rid of the pests.

Startus90 6 years ago

this guide really works. Once you get to the Kebbits it really starts to do a number on your finger though. I went from level 10 hunter to level 56 hunter in about 5 hours which isn't bad i think. I had to take a few break in between levels. i would say if i did it straight with no interruptions it would have taken me 4 hours tops. Thanks a lot and i think this just might be my first skill cape

God 6 years ago


this is probably too late, but if you try to set ur snares in the middle of the birds they will come. Also try to move it around every now and then. That seems to work for me:D

Ynef 6 years ago

Oh my god - a bunch of idiots here. Do your own math and stop asking how long from level X - 99 it's f***** stupid. Guide is win btw.

FACE 6 years ago

ur all game just use a bot

mrjckman 6 years ago

do you think starting at 75 hunter for red chins is a good idea

No life noob? 6 years ago

i only have a couple words for you guys. bot! use it , live by it. i have 99 hunter, 99 wc, 99 fletching, 99 fishing, 99 cooking for doing nothing. just don't bot to much!

AngelicRelic 6 years ago

Thanks for the verification of 80-99. I used your guide in a way, I did all that stuff but it was just common sense to me... In a week so far= 67-80. Great guide. I didn't know what to hunt now that I am lvl 80, thanks a lot. Except for the money it is pretty straightforward: hunting grenwals is far more profit in less time than red chins and since you need to do regicide to get grenwals there is no competition... It's about 1.2 mil an hour. They give you 23 spikes each worth a pretty penny... Anyway, I'm ranting, good luck on your guides.

Kal Mania 6 years ago

Good guide. My only question is, have you ever tried the grenwall/pawya hunting with a fruit bat pouch? I'm 92 hunt and seem to do alright exp wise per 45 min (a bat pouch). I did do red chins though to 88 then Kingly's to 92 (very slow, but made a boatload), just wondering if when you said that red chins are tested against other methods if grenwall/pawya's were one of the methods. I definitely want the fastest exp, money isn't an issue. Thank you so much.

Mr_lapu_lapu 6 years ago

Hey! thanx to this guide i lvld from lvl 19-27

in an hour or two! i suggest in hunting that you do something like playing other games like y8 and facebook cuz you could get bored sometimes in waiting for the creatures tobe catched and so that u could spend more time in hunting cuz you won't be bored ;)

hey 6 years ago

hey ok i just started hunter. is it just me or does capturing crimson switfs take a while. im new to the skills so any tips for me?

Motivated 6 years ago

Woow every one of your guilds have helped me reach 99 for every one or them in less than 90 days! Nice work I hope you put up more guilds soon cuz iv got no clue what's my next 99.

Dude 6 years ago


You wont need to worry about ghasts as long as you don't bring food.


penis man 6 years ago

how long would 70-91 take?

don't be faggets

the guy who wrote this toke time to do it for you so shut up assholes

profile image

locationary 6 years ago from United States of America

Good hub thanks for the tips

fat guy 6 years ago

how long will it take from 63-88? i play 4-6 hours a day and i do red salamanders

stealthy 6 years ago

I am following this guide until i reach 99, but it is only on the side since i am going for 99 wc (currently at 95 wc) thanks for the guide!

hunterman99 6 years ago

Thes guide is the best i seen coming from someone with 99 hunter. Very good job dude keep up the good work man. :D

Wheee 6 years ago

Will we have to worry about ghasts while doing the swamp lizards from 29-43? If so then what should we do?

demalition90 6 years ago

im at 30 hunter ima lvl it so that i can catch expensive implings in puro puro

Four leaf 6 years ago

Nice guide, it's very jizzable.

Random Rs Player >_> 6 years ago

ive figured that doing red chins at lvl 63 hunter is way too slow because lots of the traps fail quiet a lot of times...

so i started at lvl 70 and potted and figured it worked mouch much more easier than starting at lvl 63... u can try my way or by this guide...

Very Very Nice guide by the way ;P

jordan 6 years ago

lol i get around 85k hr with red sallys. im sure i can do more than 100k with chins, and no black sallys arent worth it because after a while you'll prolly get killed by revanents haha.

profile image

7kingkratos7 6 years ago

i got from 43 to 66 using this guide.. sallys are boring.. i think i might do swapms just to make a little money

profile image

7kingkratos7 6 years ago

Thxs for the advice herby. ill try that.. add me.. Extreme99fm . anyway on my goal of getting 99 cooking i am now at 92 cooking.. woot woot

Herby 6 years ago

If you want to make money in herb then clean grimy toadflax and mix them with vials of water to make Toadflax Potion(unf), the xp is pretty slow but you make a 500k-700k profit for every 1k pots. I'm currently at 52 herb.

Anyway RSJunkie thanks for the guide, I've went from 31 to 63 in a few hours. From 60+ it's starting to get really dull now, I doubt I'll be able to keep doing Red Lizards til 80 ;(

profile image

7kingkratos7 6 years ago

lol true true. anyway i still have 66 hunter. i need a way to get up my herblore without losing any or least amout of money.. im 49 herblore and i want to get 58 or so. My acc. is extreme99fm. add me if you start playing again. or anyone else. i have a good fming and cooking guide. go on my hubs and leave some comments. i have 87 fm. and 88 cooking. going for 99 cooking. wish me luck.

profile image

RS Junkie 6 years ago from Canada Author

How are you able to follow websites and post on all of them that people have no lives? I sense some irony...

Elite Swag 6 years ago

Wow some of you have no lives whatsoever $6 how the hell are you able to play 6-8 hours a day that's just crazy

extreme99fm 6 years ago

also falcony is pretty quck so i don't see how its boring unless ur doing it way past lv 59..

extreme99fm 6 years ago

kingly implings are a new update and this guide is like 9 months old.. kingly imp are worth 2m. im currenty at 66 hunter.. 85 cooking and 87 firemaking...

!@#$$%&*^%&*%&R 6 years ago

it'll take 3 weeks to get to 99 hunter if you don't have a life!

the thing YOU don't have!!!!

$$$ 6 years ago

falconry is sooo boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

black warrior 6 years ago

chins currently are only worth 305gp:(

99 hunter 6 years ago

This guide is decent, but with a lot of comments like- how long would

It take from 80-99, i think its worth adding that if you take

The amount of xp till 99- say it was 10mil xp, and red chins at 80+

Hunt are 100k xp per hour, you would do 10mil divided by 100k, which

Is 100 hours work. These are not the real nubmers but will

Hopefully help you...

dark mage 6 years ago

very nice guide it works great!

you should have said to catch kingly implings at 91 for tons of cash

Xeath_Pk 6 years ago

Thanks so much man, thanks to your guide I got from 14-68 hunter in two days! Beast guide..

99 hunter 6 years ago

lol, the guide wasn't bad, but there's a lot of different ways to get 99 hunter. I have 99 hunter myself, catcher4stb , that's my runescape name, and i went 1-20 crimson swifts, 20-54 swamp lizards, 54-72 regualar chins, 72-99 red chins.... And unless you have no life, it'll take longer than 3 weeks. I hunted for about 2 months straight, for 2-3 hours daily. Don't plan on it being that easy or a lot more people would have it

Cooler 6 years ago

RS Junkie, if you can would you mind signing on and adding Cooler3100?

profile image

RS Junkie 6 years ago from Canada Author

6-8 hours a day is not required. It is just required to reach your goal quickly. You can still use this guide to play 1 hour a day, it would just take 6-8x as long.

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk 6 years ago

wow.. i come on here for a guide and i find that i need to be playing 6-8 hours a day? hahaha..just shows the kind of time ppl on rs have to play it.

prince 6 years ago

Great guide dude, thanks.

Kelvin 6 years ago

this guide is alright i guess, and i love hunter, just get bored of it quick, so i guess al there is to say is, this guide can S M D. lol

i luv my name 6 years ago

this is a good guide are you 99 hunter tho?


dam 6 years ago

is orange salamander faster in exp then doing the falcon thing???

noob!468 6 years ago

this guide is good except the fact tht bird hunting is boring id rather catch polar kebits cuz there good xp and u gain cash from them

Sky 6 years ago

Woww this guide is beast!!! I got 30-50hunter in a couple of hours:) awesome guide due

justin  6 years ago

nice guide but can you tell me hoe long does it take to get 99 hunter from level 68?

7kingkratos7 6 years ago

also thanks to your guide i got from 43 to 63 really quick.

7kingkratos 6 years ago

yo rs junkie can you make a guide to get up agility fast or just tell me how to get from lv 51 agility to lv 66 fast plzz

Beast Guide 6 years ago


profile image

RS Junkie 6 years ago from Canada Author

Yea this is a bit old. I don't play RS anymore, but I am hoping I can update all my guides pretty soon to make sure they are all correct for fastest EXP possible.

Hunting till I get 99 6 years ago

Nice guide. Although seems to be a little out of date if you know what i mean

dont say :) 6 years ago

Iam 29 hunter, how long would it take to get 43 u think if i play like 2-3 hours hunter per day ?

7kingkratos7 6 years ago

im at about 43 hunting right now so to get up to 63 how long would it take playing 2-3 hours attentively a day

ytuty 6 years ago

how long does 64-99 hunter take? 60 hours?

profile image

RS Junkie 6 years ago from Canada Author

Umm not terrible long within a month playing that much.. Depends how attentive you are with those hours.

Superzero34 6 years ago

How long would it take in days if i followed this guide and played 6-8 hours a day.



Superzero34 6 years ago

I reckon this guide rocks so don't dis it. It's fucking better than anything you dicks, who think its lame, could invent.

Povey 7 years ago

at red chins lol

Povey 7 years ago

How long do you think it would take me to get 99 hunter from 63??

Achilleus 7 years ago

Sry i mean how many hours per day.

Achilleus 7 years ago

Hej. looks like a nice guide :)

But you say 3 weeks to get lvl 99, but about how much you play per hour then?

KR Guthan 7 years ago

*85 hunter and 95 range

KR Guthan 7 years ago

nice guide :D this will help me get around 8 hunter and my 9 range goal from the chins

chivoku 7 years ago

hi my hunter lvl is currently 38. How long, assuming i follow you guide, will it take me to get to 99 if i played lets say 3-4 hrs a day? please answer i really need money and the

skillcape... thnx.

profile image

RS Junkie 7 years ago from Canada Author

There are different creatures that aid in summoning. They are the kyatt and gaarhk and the polar creature which i forget the name of. Try to use the specific creature for the different areas such as gaarhk for the jungle and polar for the different ice hunting areas.

pizza man 7 years ago

is there any summoning creature that aids with hunting?

uhh me 7 years ago

how do i catch crimson swift im a lvl 1 lol

Wolvespwnyou  7 years ago

How long would 16-99 take? Also.. From 1-20 or so it's faster xp to feed rabbits in vinesweeper

profile image

RS Junkie 7 years ago from Canada Author

Good job on 99 hunter Legolis, but unfortunately that way is incredibly slow compared to my way. It will take you many extra days to gain 99 if you are doing swamp lizzards and playing a moderate amount, and with those extra days if you were to hunt red chins at 99 hunter after you gained it, you would make a ton more profit than what you did hunting swamp lizzards. So if you need profit now, you could do that but if you want to get 99 faster, and gain more profits in the same time, stick to this guide.

Legolis 11 7 years ago

I currently have 99 hunter and dissagree with this guide, i hunted swamplizards till lvl 80 with a great profit then Red chins .

profile image

sebass63 7 years ago

Hmm, okay. Thanks for the guide :D

profile image

RS Junkie 7 years ago from Canada Author

Yea I'm positive this is the fastest way to 99. It has been tried and tested before many times.

profile image

sebass63 7 years ago

Interesting. Are you sure that orange salamanders aren't faster than falconry, though?

USAROCKS-FTW 7 years ago

Don't smoke your traps!!!!!! it takes to much time

Eddy2106 profile image

Eddy2106 7 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

this is a long website did it take you long to make it?

profile image

RS Junkie 7 years ago from Canada Author

Not really since the time you save getting 63-80 using Red sallys would allow you to get a lot more red chins once you are 99 if you took an extra day to catch a lot more. It just depends how dedicated you are.

AWP RaNg3 7 years ago

Would red chins 63-99 be a good method if i wanted money?

profile image

RS Junkie 7 years ago from Canada Author

Yes more or less. The Red Sally's are a little bit faster than the red chins until level 80 just because until then you only have 4 traps instead of 5. Once you get that 5th trap, the Chins become faster than the salamanders so it is then smart to switch over. Also the natural increase of success that comes with being level 80 instead of level 63 helps a lot.

AWP RaNg3 7 years ago

how does catching chin's at 63 make it slower than at 80 all because only 4 traps?

profile image

RS Junkie 7 years ago from Canada Author

Because even though the lizzards are more exp, they are much slower to catch than the kebbit's are. The kebbits can be very fast to catch actually whereas the lizzards break nets and stuff a lot which makes it slower in the long run.

IIx Ian xII 7 years ago

umm.....If swamp lizards are bigger xp then spotted kebbits why do spotted kebbits? why not swamp lizards till 59?

profile image

RS Junkie 7 years ago from Canada Author

No there is no need to smoke the traps ever. It just takes up a bunch of extra time and doesn't help out enough to make it worth while.

rose 7 years ago


Billy 7 years ago

should we smoke the traps?

Jimbob 7 years ago

Very Helpful - I'm going for 99 Hunter >=D

profile image

RS Junkie 7 years ago from Canada Author

5 Hours would only take about 2-3 days then likely if you were very fast at doing hunter.

And yes Magpie implings are good money if you see one. They are 20k+ea so if you see one it's worth catching but I never hunt them unless your high enough to get Ninja/Dragon implings also

Mazin Recine 7 years ago

and are magpie implings good money makers?

Mazin Recine 7 years ago

I play around 5 hours sso how long would that take?

profile image

RS Junkie 7 years ago from Canada Author

Not long at all. A couple days likely if you are playing a decent amount.

Main Recine  7 years ago

How long does it take from 58-80 then?

profile image

RS Junkie 7 years ago from Canada Author

At 80 Hunter you start getting 100k/hr experience if you are incredibly good.

So 13m exp would take about 130 Hours at that rate.

Mazin Recine 7 years ago

Now im lv 58 can u awnser the ?'s obove replacing 54 with 58

Mazin Recine 7 years ago

im so impatient to get skillcape

Mazin Recine  7 years ago

how long exactly and same for 54-99?

profile image

RS Junkie 7 years ago from Canada Author

Not very long at all. A few hours only.

Mazin Recine 7 years ago

how long does it take from 54-66 in hunter?

lulu 7 years ago

It took me lomger because I did red chins 68-99

profile image

RS Junkie 7 years ago from Canada Author

No they aren't faster. This is the FASTEST way to get 99. Nothing can beat it and it's been tested many times. Swamp Lizzards are quite slow to be honest.

rs junkier 7 years ago

heh awesome. however i think that staying at swamp lizards is faster

profile image

RS Junkie 7 years ago from Canada Author

They are more exp, but not faster. When you factor in the time it takes to catch them opposed to the red salamanders and the success of each catch, the Red salamanders are better. Now to mention Rev's in the wild will annoy the hell out of you and make you run or teleport a bit which will kill your time more

Todd 7 years ago

what about black salamanderS? arent they more xp then red salamanderS?

T-toad 7 years ago

Awesome guide, it's just what I needed! Thanks

Cls1321 profile image

Cls1321 7 years ago

very nice

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