Scubapro MK25/A700 Review

5 stars for Scubapro MK25 A700

Scubapro is know for making some of the best piston first stages on the market today. The MK25 is proof of this fact, with top of the line features that ensure the best performance throughout your dive.

The MK25 paired with Scubapro's brand new A700 2nd Stage, is one of the best regulator combination on the market, offering the best performance in any diving conditions and temperatures, with durability to last a lifetime.

In this hub we will go over the features and benefits of the First and Second Stage.

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But first, the video below is a quick review of the regulator. In the video you can get a closer look at the scuba regulator and some of its features.

Video Review of the MK25 - A700 Regulator

Lets take a look at some of the Features of MK25 1st Stage

The MK25 is Scubapro's top performing piston-controlled fist Stage. This first Stage is known for its very consistent delivery of ambient pressure, durability, and dependability. This is a reg that can perform in any diving condition and temperature.

The first stage utilizes a balanced Flow-trough piston that delivers effortless breathing that is unaffected by depth and decreasing cylinder pressure. This means no more laboured breading at deeper depths or as your tank pressure becomes low.

Many diver may see this as an advance because it reduces fatigue, however some may prefer the the laboured breathing as a sing that it is time to ascend.

The MK25 is construction of bronze and covered with high polished marine grade chrome, and features 2 high pressure ports on both sides of the regulator and 5 low pressure ports on a swivelling torrent, so you can conveniently arrange and personalize your gear. The swivelling torrent also reduces some tension in the second stage hoses witch reduces Jaw fatigue.

It also has an Anti-freeze coating on internal parts that protects them from freezing in extreme cold water diving conditions, and has an externally adjustable intermediate pressure, so dive equipment technicians don't have to open the reg to adjust the intermediate pressure. This makes for easy maintenance.

It is also available in both A-Clamp (Yoke) and DIN configurations.

Now Let Take a Closer Look At The A700 2nd Stage

The A700 second stages is unique, in that they are not mass produced. They are meticulously assemble by hand, one at a time.

Scubapro claims, "Diamonds are forever and so is the A700"

The second stage is constructed from all metal, and sports a high polished chrome exterior for quality that would last a lifetime.

Metal offer a more refine look, much like older regulators from the pioneering days of scuba diving, as well as the same durability. You can still find some of those first regulators in working condition today.

Unlike the the older metal second stages the A700 is more compact making it lightweight and comfortable, yet still very easy to breathe from, as well as easy to fit in your mouth and hand.

Not only does it look great but is also comes with Scubapro's core features ensuring safety, reliability and performance for a lifetime of different diving experiences and conditions.

It is also a dream to breath from. Air balance technology valves decreases the breathing effort to the lowest possible levels, which reduces stress and enhance diver safety.

It also features and adjustable inhalation knob, that enables divers to adjust breathing efforts. This is necessary to prevent free flow when facing strong currents, when diving in a head-down position, when suing a sea-scooter or diving in cold water.

Apart from this it comes with a Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA), which reduces breathing efforts and increases breathing comfort. In MAX position it give powerful breathing support on every single Breath. In MIN possible it helps prevent free flow on the surface, which makes it ideal for training, buddy breathing or in currents.

It also sports an Orthodontic mouthpiece that reduces jaw fatigue and gum irritation and delivered with a super-flow hose for massive air delivery and extra durability.

Finally you can read other scuba regulator reviews at Scuba Regulator HQ. There you will find reviews, ratings, and resources to hep you choose the right Scuba diving regulator.

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