Sesame Street Remote Control Review

If you have a child (like I do) that seems to think that playing with your television remote is much better than any toy you’ve ever purchased for them and turning the sound up or down (or worse) changing the channel in the middle of your favourite episode of Cougar Town (yes it’s my current favourite TV show) so you miss the most important dialogue of the show – arrghh!

Then it’s probably time you gave them their own remote. Now you could just give them an old one without the batteries, but they’ll probably get cluey within five seconds and throw it away in disgust or you could try the Sesame Street remote from Fisher Price to keep them entertained. (It’s been rated as the #2 toy for 3 year olds).

This toy is shaped like a real television remote with the addition of some very cute Elmo eyes at the top (that blink as well). You can press the buttons and they make different sounds or a character will talk.

Even the volume button works and you’ll hear Elmo counting upwards or downwards as you press it.

It’s for the littlies - ages from 1 to 3 years old and it’s very durable too because mine has been dropped on the tiles so many times it’s not funny and it still works fine (the black paint on Elmo’s eyes is getting a bit worn though).

It’s also good to take on car trips or in the stroller because it’s a good size.

It should keep the kids busy for a while as they press all the buttons to see what sounds they make.

The only thing I can’t guarantee is that it’ll keep them away from the real remote. Sigh – it’s time to look behind the sofa cushions again.

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