What Are Zuru Shnooks and Places Where You Can Now Buy Shnooks Toys

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What Are Shnooks?

You may have seen the Shnooks commerical on TV but where on earth does one buy Shnooks? Well, moms and dads if your kids have been asking for Shnooks Toys by Zuru, you may have had trouble finding them online until this week (1.03.2011) when Shnooks become available online on Ebay and Amazon. There is no sign of them at CVS or Toys R Us, some readers seem to have found them at Walgreens.

In case you were wondering what is so special about Shnooks by Zuru, well I'm afraid not much more different from any other plush toy. One significant advantage of Shnooks over other plush toys however is that the Shnooks have comb-able hair. They are adorable troll like plush toys. Their mission is to make those around them happy.There are a total of 12 Shnook toys to collect. The adorable Shnook Plush Toys have long fur which can be combed and styled to create different looks. Each Shnook is also given its own personality and come with hair accessories.

Zhuru Shnooks Now Available Online
Zhuru Shnooks Now Available Online | Source

Buy Zuru Shnooks Online

Zuru Shnooks are now available in Amazon.com. The Shnooks retail fro $11.99.

Shnook Feshnizzle
Shnook Feshnizzle
Shnook Yango
Shnook Yango
Shnook Woogie
Shnook Woogie
Shnook Wawiki
Shnook Wawiki
Shnook Weeki
Shnook Weeki
Shnook Blizz-
Shnook Blizz-
Shnook Kazzabamm
Shnook Kazzabamm
Shnook Kookajoo
Shnook Kookajoo
Shnook Zazee All Images Sourced From http://www.shnooks.com-Acessed 24.02.2011
Shnook Zazee All Images Sourced From http://www.shnooks.com-Acessed 24.02.2011 | Source

Who Are The Zuru Shnooks Characters

There are a total of 12 Shnook Toys to collect.

  • Feshnizzle is the pink princess Schnook. She may be Royalty bust she has a bug heart and is extremely patient. Her best friend is Shazabam
  • Yango is the Yellow Schnook with a purple streak in her hair. A sign of her messy yet artistic nature. She is a schnook who loves all things creative but she also spend far too much time in the Schnook cave and is know to fall for the pranks of her best friend Tweeki.
  • Woggie s the purple and blue and schnook with a bug heart. She loves helping those less fortunate than her Woogies best find is Nookoo.
  • Wawiki is the funky blue snooki who loves music. Her best Schnook is Zazzee.
  • Tweeki is the funky pink Shnooki who loves playing tricks on the Schnooks especially her pal Yango.
  • Blizz is a snow white Schnooki has the ability to control the water she often turns pools of water into fun ice skating rings. Blizz’s best buddy is Oogadoo.
  • Teeki I the pink and blue Schnook who loves nature. She can also talk to tress. Her best buddy is Kookajoo
  • Ooggadoo is a blue Schnook who loves water. No surprise that she is best friends with Blizz.
  • Nookoo is the sporty Shnook who loves to play with her best friend Woogie
  • Kookajo is the purple Schnook with a sweet smell. She loves perfumes and all things girly.
  • Zazze is a bright yellow Schnook who loves all things sparkly. She loves her best friend Wawiki too.
  • Shazzabam is another Pink and Blue Schnook who loves music. Her best friend is Fershnizzle.

What to Do with Shnooks Toys

Shnook are just another plush toy. Like so many on the market each one is branded with unique character and colors to appeal to different kids.

Where to Buy Shnooks Toys

The only available retailers online seems to be Ebay and Amazon. (As of 01.03.2011). It may be best to wait until the Shnook Toys are available in mainstream retail before paying exorbitant amounts on pre-order items.

In the meantime kids can visit The Shnookworld webpage which contains a series of activates for kid s to engage in. For example Kids can check out the Snook Salon and try out different hairstyle ideas for their virtual Shnooks, watch Shnook TV, and see the musical Shnook performs songs or download shnook freebies like wallpapers, coloring books and more. By the time they are done with these Schook activities there may be Shnook toys in stores or perhaps kids will have moved onto the next fad toy. Stay tuned for more Snook news.

Whic Is Your Favorite Zuru Shnook

  • Feshnizzle
  • Tweeki
  • Blizz
  • Nookoo
  • Teeki
  • Kookajo
  • Zazze
  • Shazzabam
  • Yango
  • Woggie
  • Wawiki
  • Ooggadoo
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Shnook TV Commerical

Bongo Snook is Not A Zuru Shnook
Bongo Snook is Not A Zuru Shnook | Source

Is Bongo Boogie Snook A Shnook?

In case you were wondering the Bongo Boogie Snook on offer in Amazon.com is not apart of the Zuru Shnook collection. Bongo Boogie h is made by Fischer Price in the same tradition as the big Foot Monster from last years hot holiday toy list. Bongo Shnook is accompanied by a toy Bongo for kids to play. Bongo Shnook will then dance to the music. The Bongo Shnook retails from $ 24.15. (As advertised 25.02.2011).

Comments 8 comments

amy 5 years ago

i have 6 shnooks

amy 5 years ago

do you make coloring books

Bethany 5 years ago

Can i get them from argos

Anna Banana 5 years ago

Hi Amy - Shnooks Mystery Bags are coming soon with coloing books in them!

Hi Bethany - Yes you can get them from Argos!


Kelly 5 years ago

Do you think Shnooks will be the "must have toy" for Christmas?

PS; I was at a Toys r Us today, and there were a lot of people hovering the Shnook display. I have a feeling Shnooks are going to be the it doll/toy for Christmas 2011 much like the zuzu pets were for Christmas in 2010. I don't have children of my own, but I am the favorite Auntie :) So, if it's Shnooks they want Shnooks they shall have :) :) AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA My sister is finally not mad at me anymore for turning her house into a wild zuzu zoo!!

Because we don't have kids of our own, unless our nieces (and even some of our nephews) don't give us lots of hints,we are often at a loss to give them something they don't or in this case we stumbeled upon them

kids-toy-box profile image

kids-toy-box 5 years ago Author

Hi Kelly thanks for the visit. I'm sure you're a popular aunt. I can relate I love to spoil my nephews. About the Shnooks, well they have been around since March so it may take a few more months before their popularity grows! But you are right they could be quite a popular holiday toy. Shnooks aslo seem to targeted for girls this may not make them as popular with boys as they have no robotic features.

pln 5 years ago

shnooks oyun caklar? çokkkkkkkk güüüüzzell

antonia figueroa erises 4 years ago

yo quiero la coleccion de los shnooks gigante y ahora, y los mini tambien

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