90% Silver Bags - A popular way to invest in silver

A Popular Way To Invest In Silver

90% U.S. Silver Coin Bags
90% U.S. Silver Coin Bags

90% Silver Bags

When purchasing 90% silver in silver bags you're actually buying a large amount of silver but at much lower premiums - general speaking. Consider the fact that a full-bag with a $1,000.00 face value contains 715 troy ounces of silver. That is more silver than a monster box, and near the amount of silver contained in an industrial sized 1000 oz silver bar.

The US based mints all are places you can source 90% silver through. Northwest Territorial Mint with varieties of silver bags, with varying denominations and quality. You should not expect to get proof like coins, as most of these will be coins that are almost 100 years old. Sometimes you may get lucky and find a bag that have some valuable coins in them. Usually the bullion dealers remove them prior to sale, so chances are slim.

Silver Bag Sizes

Bag Size
Face Value
Silver (troy ounces)
Full Bag
715 oz
358 oz
179 oz
72 oz

About U.S. Silver Coin Bags

While many new silver investors may think that the only way to own silver is by purchasing silver coins or bars, there is another form of owning silver that is quite popular among veteran silver investors - Silver Bags - which contain commonly circulated U.S. coins minted prior to 1965.

Up until 1964, all dines, quarters, and half-dollars were minted from 90% silver, which makes them quite valuable at today's current silver prices. As these coins were phased out of circulation in the late 1960's and early 1970's, these coins would become known as "Junk Silver", which was a term developed to describe these coins because they had very little in the way of numismatic value.

One would think than any older coin would have value simply because of its age, however coin collectors place a high value on the coins grade, and appearance. The more unblemished and mint the coin is, the more value it has.

Junk silver coins however, have spent years in circulation, so they bear the nicks, scratches, and general wear and tear associated with circulated coinage. But to a silver investor, these coins have incredible value because they are minted from 90% silver.

It is common to find the coins being sold in bags from larger bullion dealers. They are a good way to obtain bulk pricing, while still buying silver in smaller increments.

Preppers Silver

A common investment for savvy silver investors, is to get the most silver for the least amount of money possible. One way to do that is to purchase or exchange dollars at banks that still supply half dollars. Examine the bag and save the 1964 and earlier coins.

These coins were 90% silver, so you've essentially just purchased silver for much lower than the average melt value of the silver. Sure it takes some work to sort through the bags, but finding several 90% silver coins is well worth the effort. Many preppers are known for bargain hunting, and the few that are away of the downward spiral of fiat currencies like the US Dollar, are sure to use methods such as these to acquire something valuable for less.

How Much Silver in 1964 and Earlier Coins??

Weight (troy ounces)
Silver Content


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