Sims 3 Ambitions | Stylist Career Guide

Sims 3 Ambitions comes with a host of new careers and professions for you to enjoy, and one of the careers that is sure to be popular is the stylist career, a career in which you help sims become fashion leaders in the town. Unfortunately, styling sims isn't quite as easy as you or I might imagine it to be.

I mostly wrote this hub because apparently the first make over you do is almost certainly doomed to fail and I find that utterly hilarious. The sim my sim stylist styled came out looking like an addict of some description and wearing a bulky dressing gown for reasons best known to herself and probably the game.

His attempt at home make overs having failed, my sim was called out to a job. He went to his first appointment, ignored the client completely and spent six hours talking to other clients. No amount of clicking on the client would make him so much as acknowledge her as existing, and no amount of zooming out to the map and selecting the job would make him do anything other than gossip with the dishy long haired inhabitants of what I thought was a house, but was actually the salon.

So there's a tip for newbies. When you click the job and you go to this big brick building that seems weird and unfamiliar to you, that's the salon. Clicking on the salon stylist's station will allow you to offer your client the make over they desire. That's important information for people who aren't really paying attention (I fall into that category all too often.)

Make sure that you don't have the timer set to 'super super ultra fast' mode, because if you do, you won't be able to take a picture of your client for your portfolio. You'll be able to take a picture, of course, but it will be of an empty mirror, which ultimately just isn't all that satisfying.

As you take more jobs and pay attention to what the sims tell you when they book the job, you'll soon find yourself creating looks that are all the rage. It pays to spend time speaking to other sims about fashion and styling too, although at the time of writing, Ambitions has developed a glitch which prevents any of my sims from talking to other sims. Hurrah for expansion packs released before they actually work properly! (UPDATE: It turns out that the problem is a mod, in this case 'AutoRomanticSocials'. Your mileage may vary. If you're having problems, remove all your mods and see if that fixes your issues.)

In spite of this, there are other known issues not related to mods. (16 pages and counting on The Sims 3 forums.) Not to worry, there's sure to be a flurry of patches and the issues will most likely be fixed.

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Comments 26 comments

Jazz 6 years ago

it's not a glitch. You have hacks that conflict with ambitions. If you delete them, then you'll be able to click on sims.

zoe 6 years ago

how do u know what the hack is to delete?

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

It's a mod. The mod for me was 'Auto Romantic Socials' or something like that.

NaughtyAngel 6 years ago

How do you perform the jobs that require you to go to your client's home? I tries to click on the mirror, the dresser nothing...

Oatty 6 years ago

You just simply click on other sim go to "fashion" then go to "offer makeover"

Giselle 6 years ago

How do you give them more than one everyday outfit or athletic outfit? My sim was asking for 3 everday outfits but I didnt know how to give him three

Megan  6 years ago

Hey, I can't even style this one client at all- my very first one. Do you have to become friends with them first or something? He'll walk into the salon and i'll click on the styling station and click on Offer Makeover to.. but his name wont pop up. Know what I'm doing wrong?

karen 6 years ago

Giselle if you click the every day outfit button a +button apears next to it , that way you can create more then one

LLL 6 years ago

I gave a makeover at somebody's house but she is not satisfied... I gave her 2 new every day outfits but she doesn't like it.. even though that's all she wanted.. does anyone know what i do wrong?

Farren 6 years ago

how do you get the smeared make up like the one shone on the picture at the very top, and how do u get the half shaved head shone on the sims 3 ambitons trailer.....

Maxien 6 years ago

I have the problem of not being able to please my customers. i go to their house and create new outfits but whenever i have to create more than 1 outfit they are never happy with it. Its a nightmare, not one person likes my outfits whenever i have to do multipul outfits, its only the single jobs that work.

Jen 6 years ago

okay i feel rly stupid for asking this do u take a picture?

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

You can take a picture with your cellphone. Just go to your inventory, click on the cellphone and choose 'take photo'.

Melissa 6 years ago

I have been sitting at the salon waiting for my Client to come in and she hasn't come. What do I do? I can't go to her house and when I call her to invite her out she always says something has come up.

maddie 6 years ago

i was at the salon and then i got told i had a client and she didnt come for ages and i rang her and she said something had come up. all u have to do is wait for a tiny bit longer. also when u are more experienced you can give some one a bad makeover and occasionly they get the bald stripe

Niaaaaa 6 years ago

i can never take a good photo of the client's make over! it all happens to fast!!! Am i meant to take a photo of the mirror?

Also before the make over my client never tells me what she wants? please help or am i being stupid!?!

newbie 6 years ago

uh i'm getting the sims 3 ambitions tomorrow and i want my first sim to be a stylist. i dont know anything about what your supposed to do!!! please help!

Alan 6 years ago

Niaaaaa, whenever i take pictures i press the p key this pauses the game so they won't walk away.

Kayla 6 years ago

If you get an offer from another sim saying they want you to give them a makeover and you accept. Your sim would automatically go on location to a client's house/place and give them fashion services.

What you do is click on that client sim, click on Special, Click on "Solicit Styling Services." Your sim then starts to give the client a makeover, etc. and after the makeover is done, you take a picture with your cell phone and the picture goes into your portfolio.

cass66 6 years ago

I need help! I just got Ambitions and have reached a high enough level of Stylist that I'm able to style clients in my home. I bought the stylist mirror etc and I click on it when a job comes in at 9 am but it doesn't work. I still have to either travel to the client's house or go to the salon. How do I get to work from home? Ugh.

sims3knowitall 6 years ago

you guys there is video for help

beth 6 years ago

i have nooo idea what the little check mark boxes for ex. they say that i only completed 1/2 of the formal wear or whatever and i end up do you know how to complete 2/2 or 3/3??

Riley 5 years ago

How do you take a picture with your sims' cell phone when the clients immediately turn away and exit the building? I've pressed pause and even captured the screen image, to no avail. Am I just missing something or does a picture of a back of a head really count as a mustache style..

Linn 5 years ago

My sim can't do a makeover at a sims house... i can't click on the sims and create the makeover! It is a bug i guess, but how can i fix it? She cannot do her stylist work because of this...

Simmer 4 years ago

I keep clicking on my client and I can talk to her, but it doesn't let me offer her a makeover.

Maria 3 years ago

Why my sims goes to work to the salon's stylist's station if I have ona at home???

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