Useful Sims 3 Cheat Codes: ResetSim and More

There are several cheat codes built into The Sims 3, as there were with The Sims and The Sims 2.  To enter a cheat code, you need to type CTRL + Shift + C (all at the same time).  A narrow gray bar will appear at the top of your screen.  This is where you type in your cheat codes.

The most popular cheat code is for extra Simoleons!  Type in “motherlode” (without the quotes) to have 50,000 Simoleons added to your family funds.

The most useful cheat code for me so far has been the “resetSim” cheat.  I hardly can consider this a cheat, since it fixes an error that the game itself gives you.  Sometimes a Sim may become stuck in a particular position (say, sitting), or in a particular action. 

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I once had a Sim get stuck while teaching her toddler to talk. I got the pop-up window saying that the toddler had learned how to talk. Then several hours later I scanned the property and found the two of them still locked in that interaction. And the toddler was getting pretty hungry!

The syntax for resetSim is “resetSim Firstname Lastname”. Note that the first and last name need to be capitalized. If you needed to reset a Sim named John Smith, you would type “resetSim John Smith” (again without the quote marks). Hit enter, then hit Esc to exit the cheat code window.

The funniest cheat code is jokePlease. If you type in “jokePlease” and hit enter, it will give you a really corny joke. When I tried this I got “Q) Which side of a chicken has the most feathers? A) The outside… Duh.”

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Santo 5 years ago

Here I found a full list of Sims Medieval cheats

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Blogging Erika 5 years ago Author

That's cool... although it requires you to fill out an offer, which is kind of BS. Here is a better list of Sims Medieval cheat codes, and it's free/no hassle, from a reliable fan site:

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