Sims 3 Sims Make Real People Look Bad

Over achieving twits.
Over achieving twits.

Sims 3 is a simulation game in which you create characters and then lead them through merry lives filled with excitement, grief, adventure and advancement. It's also a game that highlights just how much time you're wasting whilst playing it. This is perhaps, a problem that the designers should have examined more closely before they released increasingly realistic real life simulations to the public.

Whilst you create lovely homes for your Sims, the wall paper peels off your own dingy hut. Whilst your sims get in shape by going for long runs, you develop a spare tire around your midsection from sitting there gaming. Whilst your sims get married and have a family, you sit around wondering why your boyfriend doesn't call anymore. Whilst your sims jet off to China, France and Egypt and enjoy adventures and meet new, exotic people, you realize that the last time you went outside was three days ago, and that was only to check the mailbox.

In short, playing the Sims 3 is simply an exercise in proving how empty and meaningless your life is in comparison, and how lacking your own motivation and skills are in comparison to those pixel morons who waves their arms in the air every time they finds an object in their way.

Now of course, it is true that the Sims 3 is only a game. It allows for endless exploration and the 'living' of multiple lifetimes and life paths that are sadly not possible in human form. Alas we have but one life to live, and in this life time it is unlikely that we will become master thieves, top chefs and martial arts grandmasters. It's more likely in fact, that we'll lead lives of tedious ordinariness, the pinnacle of which will probably pass us by unnoticed sometime between a ham sandwich and a nice sleep in.

Does that sound depressing? Perhaps only if you've come to expect life to be something like a Hollywood action thriller, and if you want to put a knife between your teeth and hurl yourself onto baddies whilst the world explodes around you, be my guest. I'm content with getting the odd real life achievement and never upgrading the refrigerator. But my sims, my sims whine and complain if the fridge is old, if the shower is not most excellent. My sims are driven to achieve, my sims sell every demmed novel they write, first time, my sims, to be quite frank, make me feel inadequate.

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xureus 6 years ago

Real life can be kind of boring, but that's the reason we play games, watch movies or read books.

If life was exciting all the time, we wouldn't be in need of any entertainment.

That would be sad, wouldn't it?

malteser60 6 years ago

If we followed that line of thought then we should also get rid of all computer games, oh and not to mention movies too. Most movies definitely do not represent real life. Oh, and how about theme parks, they should go too. A theme park is, after all, a simulated universe. Hmm, lets see, plays at the theatre are out, so are themed parties such as fancy dress parties, murder-mystery parties and so on.

In fact, all entertainment should be removed! Heavens forbid if we see a beautiful painting in an art gallery and get ourselves depressed because we haven't become an amazing painter.

Hmm, that doesn't leave much in life does it!

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

Please stop leaving comments that make my article look stupid :D

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