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Last year EA released Spore with some seriously punishing DRM to prevent copyright protection cracks.  In the wake of fan outrage, they not only eased up on the DRM restrictions on Spore – they also decided to use a lighter touch when releasing The Sims 3.  What has EA done to copyright protect The Sims 3?  Their solution was simple but brilliant.

The Sims 3 is “protected” by nothing more than a registration code.  This code is printed on the back of the booklet that ships with the Sims 3 DVD.  You can play the base game without entering the registration code, although it is liable to crash randomly with the “Disc Authorization Failure” error.  After the most recent patch (1.27), the game has gotten better at detecting  whether or not it is an illegal copy.  If the game detects that it is an illegal copy, it will pause at the menu screen where ordinarily you would choose a town.

Another way that the game trips up would-be pirated copies is that you will only be able to download and install patches if you have a legitimate purchased copy of the game.  Considering the magnitude of the patches which have been released so far, this is bad news for pirated copies! 

In fact I couldn’t help noticing that the first patch was released just a few days after the game shipped – and it included a patch for a very serious problem with the game crashing.  Conspiracy theory?  Would EA deliberately cripple the game, so as to only provide the fix to legitimate purchases?  Hard to say, but I can’t help but wonder!

As a final blow, you can only get access to extra content on the Sims 3 website if you properly register your game. This extra content includes an entire second neighborhood (Riverview), which literally doubles the scope of your game. Not to mention freebies like the Lord Sponge t-shirt, the Prius car, Halloween decorating items, and a few other bits and bobs. And of course the great sets that you can buy with Sim Points (you get 10,000 Sim Points free when you register your game).

In short? If you like The Sims franchise, then you will definitely want to purchase a legit copy of The Sims 3. If you don’t want to pay full sticker price (who can blame you?) second hand copies are already appearing on Amazon and other retail sites. It’s worth it!

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LizzyBoo 6 years ago from Czech Republic

I love your hub. It is great. I like The Sims. Well done!

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