Sims Social: Get Free Energy For Visiting Friends

Earn Simoleons in The Sims Social by gardening at your friends' houses!
Earn Simoleons in The Sims Social by gardening at your friends' houses!

Sims Social Energy Makes The World Go 'Round!

There are a lot of reasons to have friends in The Sims Social Facebook game. One great feature of having friends is that when you visit their homes, you get an immediate 5-point Energy bonus! This bonus can only be spent at your friend’s house, so you want to use it wisely.

Your first instinct may be to use those five free Energy points to socialize with your friend. This both builds up your Social need and improves your relationship with your friend. All well and good.

However, you can also use that Energy bonus to earn Simoleons and other bonuses!

When you visit a friend’s house in The Sims Social, head straight for their garden. Do they have any plants that you can water? How about their yard – any bushes or trees that can be watered?

Each time you water a plant, tree, or bush on your friend’s property, you will earn about 10 Simoleons, plus a random collection of other points and bonuses.

Don’t overlook their trash can, either! Rummaging through the trash can costs 1 Energy point, but can earn you Simoleons and bonuses as well.

If your Sim still needs to fill up their Social need, simply move them close to your friend’s Sim and sit on your hands. The Sims will begin socializing autonomously. This will not cost you any Energy points, and will not build their relationship, but it will boost your Sim’s Social need.

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