Smurf and Smurfette Halloween Costumes

Katy Perry Starts the Smurfette Costume Trend

So with Halloween approaching, one of the most popular costumes for girls at Halloween has been prompted by the movie, The Smurfs, that came out last year with Katy Perry as the voice of smurfette. The Smurfs was initially a popular TV series in the 80's and now that it has been made into a film there has been a resurgence of interest in all things Smurf, especially since it was endorsed by Katy Perry who went to the premiere of the film in a smurfette dress.

The dress that Katy Perry wore was a strapless ballerina type dress with a picture of smurfette incorporated, together with the obligatory glitz and shimmer. With the release of the movie just before Halloween, kids were also wanting to get smurfette costumes to dress up in and with that in mind there are plenty of options out there to choose from.

And let's not forget the boys, who can also dress up in a smurf costume or as Papa smurf or can just go as far as blue face paint and a smurf hat!

Smurfs are In!

So smurf costumes have really taken off, not only for Halloween but also for sports fans and the like who often now go to events dressed as a group of smurfs to cheer on their favourite team. Again you don't need the full costume, maybe just some face paint and a hat and you can pull off the look quite well. Check out some of the options below for more info.

Smurf Costumes and Accessories for Kids and Adults

The Smurfs, Smurf Makeup Kit
The Smurfs, Smurf Makeup Kit

Get yourself some smurf face paint in the form of this blue cream face paint with a smurf nose. Great value too at under $4.

4 Ounce Liquid Latex Blue Body Paint - Easy to Peel off Liquid Latex for Nails!
4 Ounce Liquid Latex Blue Body Paint - Easy to Peel off Liquid Latex for Nails!

Or if you want to go the whole hog then you could paint your whole body blue! This liquid latex blue body paint is suitable for use by adults and children over the age of 6. It is FDA approved and if applied correctly will just peel off afterwards. It does not mark furniture, stain skin, or rub off on your clothes, brilliant stuff!

Microfiber Footed Tights - We Love Colors
Microfiber Footed Tights - We Love Colors

Or for something a little easier (or to save having to paint your legs!) you could get a pair of blue smurf color soft and stretch microfiber tights.

Adult Smurf Hat
Adult Smurf Hat

So maybe you just need a smurf hat if you already have some face paint, body paint or blue tights - if so here is the perfect smurf hat to top off your smurf halloween costume.

The Smurfs Movie Deluxe Child's Costume, Smurf Costume-Medium
The Smurfs Movie Deluxe Child's Costume, Smurf Costume-Medium

So here is the deluxe smurf costume for children aged 5-10 years which will kit you out from head to toe. From a smurf hat, to a fleeced jumpsuit with smurf hands, this licensed product also comes with an attached blue tail and shoe covers.


Smurf Costumes For All!

There are many options for smurf costumes from costumes for infants and babies, smurf costumes for children to smurf costumes for adults as well.

Whether you make up your own costume in parts with a smurf hat and blue face paint, or you buy the whole outfit in one, you will surely be a halloween hit in these smurf costumes!

You can get costumes for smurf or smurfette as well as for papa smurf himself.

The smurf costumes for babies and toddlers are super cute whether for boys or girls and they will find them fun as characters they may have seen on the big or small screen.

Baby Smurf Costumes

The Smurfs Movie Romper Costume, Smurf, Toddler Size
The Smurfs Movie Romper Costume, Smurf, Toddler Size

This is a very cute baby smurf costume for kids up to 2 years old - it is a little romper suit with a white smurf hat and is an officially licensed costume from the Smurf Movie

The Smurfs Movie Romper Costume, Papa Smurf, Toddler Size
The Smurfs Movie Romper Costume, Papa Smurf, Toddler Size

Or check out this toddler Papa Smurf costume with red pants, a blue top, a red papa smurf hat and complete with a white beard, any toddler will look cute in this smurf outfit.

Sexy Smurfette Costume available on Amazon UK
Sexy Smurfette Costume available on Amazon UK | Source

UK Smurfette Costume

So the costumes above are for the US market, although some of them may ship to the UK. Although the UK is not quite so big on Halloween costumes, and when people do dress up it is usually as ghosts and ghouls, but there are still some great Smurfette costumes available in the UK.

In fact one of the best Smurfette costumes that I have found in the UK is the sexy smurfette style outfit that is shown on the right. If you want to check out that costume and some other similar costumes then you can find them here. The available costumes may differ as different things get sold so you may not find this exact one for sale if it has been changed. Along with this costume you will also be given other options on UK smurfette costumes.

They also have options on blue face paint and other Smurfette costumes although some of them look like they have been shipped from the States and have a price tag to match.

eBay Smurfette Costumes

There are also a variety of smurfette costumes available on eBay - some of these are the same new costumes that you can get on Amazon and some may be used costumes from people selling them on. eBay is not just about used goods though as a lot of sellers have shops selling new goods and prices can be very competitive.

Below are a few choices of smurfette costumes on eBay, click the links and you will be shown even more options.

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jenubouka 5 years ago

The kid's costumes are adorable, great idea!

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 5 years ago from UK Author

Thanks jen, I remember watching the smurfs as a kid so am living the new trend for these costumes!

Ardie profile image

Ardie 5 years ago from Neverland

These are the cutest costumes I've seen! Hmmm, I wonder which of my three kids I can bribe into wearing Smurfette

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 5 years ago from UK Author

Ha ha, maybe you just have to get one for yourself Ardie!

carla 5 years ago


Azure11 profile image

Azure11 5 years ago from UK Author

That's great Carla, I think there should be a few smurfettes out there this Halloween as they look fabulous!

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