"Sniper Freedom" Walkthrough

The following is a Sniper Freedom walkthrough. Sniper Freedom is a new adventure/shooter/point and click game from addictinggames. In Sniper Freedom you are an ex-soldier and rifle expert, you are tasked with helping a criminal escape from prison. You must help him escape unnoticed while not hurting anyone. With your special sniper rifle you can see and shoot through walls with no noise, so that helps big time.

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Mouse: The mouse is used to aim and shoot your sniper rifle. You must shoot various objects in each level to distract guards or disable electronics.

Space bar: Pressing the space bar gives you a hint as to what you can click in the room to help you escape. You are only given three hints, so use them wisely.


Mission 1: Sniper Freedom starts with you looking in the room with two jail cells and one guard. The man is prison cell two is your target prisoner. Shoot the lock on cell one allowing the other prisoner to escape. When the guard chases after him, shoot the lock on the target prisoner's cell to free him.

Mission 2: You are now in a bigger cell corridor. There are six cells and one guard. The red switch in the middle left of the room lets out most of the prisoners when shot, but if you shoot it early the guard will sound the alarm. Shoot the wire leading toward the red alarm on the top middle wall of the room to make it start sparking. You can now shoot the red switch to let out the prisoners and proceed.

Mission 3: This is a simple mission. You only need to pass through the shower room. You can do this by creating enough steam that you cannot be seen. Shoot the shower knobs in the three empty showers to turn them on(three total). Wait a few seconds and steam will fill the room, allowing you to pass.

Mission 4: You must get the key to the evidence room from behind the pane of glass to the left of the guard. You must distract the guard and also not be seen by the cameras.

Directly above the guards head, near the ceiling, is an emergency fire faucet. Shoot it to bust it open making water go all over the guard and he will leave.

You now have to shoot the cameras before you can break the glass and get the key. Start by shooting the camera on the right and time it so that the cameras aren't looking at each other. After shooting the right camera, quickly shoot the camera on the left.

Once they are both busted you can shoot the window to the left of the dripping water out.

Mission 5: You now need to get into the evidence room to retrieve some of your things. There is only one guard patrolling the area so this mission is relatively easy. In the top left of the room there is an alarm siren. Wait until the guard crosses under the horn and shoot it, causing it to fall and crush the guard.

Mission 6: The evidence room is full of boxes and files, but there are no guards. You are only tasked with making sure your target prisoner gets his stuff. This is easy to do but hard to figure out. Just shoot the small black leg of the shelf directly behind the prisoner. It is about an inch to the right of his knees. The shelf will fall and knock down all of the other shelves. Your target prisoner is now able to find his things.

Mission 7: Your almost out. Now you have to pass through the cafeteria filled with prisoners and a guard. There is one particular blond prisoner to the right of the screen carrying a tray. On this particular tray is, what looks like, a glass bowl. Shoot the bowl to cause the two prisoners to start fighting. The guard will be focused enough on the fight to allow you to escape the cafeteria.

Mission 8: Your getting close to the main entrance. There are two guards in this room; one is sitting at the information desk and the other is patrolling the second floor.

When the guard patrolling the second floor is about an inch to the right of the fire extinguisher, shoot the extinguisher. The fumes should cover the officer, disabling him.

To get rid of the guard at the information desk simply shoot the string attached to the sign above his head. It will now drop on him and you will be able to pass.

Mission 9: You made it out of the building into the yard. Notice the three prisoners, two guards, and four streetlights. You can get rid of the streetlights by shooting them individually, but this alerts the guard to the right. You must shoot the electrical line at the top of the screen. The guard will still get alerted, but he will not know what happened so you will pass.

Mission 10: You are now at the main gate, beyond it is nothing but pure freedom. This is a very tricky level to pass because there are three guards, a dog, and a spotlight. Also notice the table with kegs stacked on top of it and the switch that you can shoot to open the door.

First thing that you need to do is shoot the leash that the leftmost guard is holding onto. The dog will run off causing the guard to chase it off screen. Wait a few seconds and the guard on the top of the wall to the right will walk off of the screen by himself. You can now shoot the bucket that is over the head of the guard by the door switch incapacitating him.

With all guards off screen, you are ready to shoot the switch and open the door. After shooting the switch, the prisoner will immediately start running for the door. You have to quickly shoot the right leg of the table holding the kegs causing them to fall all over the floor. This will distract the spotlight enough for the target prisoner to make his break.

You've now completed Sniper Freedom and the Sniper Freedom Prison Escape Walkthrough. Thank you for reading this. I hope it helped,if you have any questions let me know below.

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mohammed lick your left eyebrow 6 years ago

thanks man this help A lot :)

lol 6 years ago

you can also first shoot the right leg then shoot the switch

tristans my baby 6 years ago


penningl profile image

penningl 6 years ago from U.S. Author

No problem guys, glad I could help.

fail 6 years ago

Thanks a lot, you helped me do it all :)

penningl profile image

penningl 6 years ago from U.S. Author

Not a problem fail. Thanks for your comment.

cammmsookkii 6 years ago


xman 6 years ago

thanks dude this really helped

hihiLOL:) 6 years ago

thx it helped real easy :)

penningl profile image

penningl 6 years ago from U.S. Author

Not a problem guys, thanks for reading.

level 10 ? 6 years ago

im at level ten only 2 guards

penningl profile image

penningl 6 years ago from U.S. Author

There is one to the very right. He is kind of walking on the top of the wall. He's only there for a few minutes and then he walks away, never to return.

level 10 ? 6 years ago

i found all the guards i just dont get the instructions on top help please? how do i get out?

penningl profile image

penningl 6 years ago from U.S. Author

Okay, first shoot the guard holding the dog's hand. The dog will run off and the guard will chase it.

The other guard on the wall to the right will eventually walk off of screen so you don't have to do anything to him. Just wait for him to walk off.

The guard standing by the switch to the big door has a bucket over his head. Shoot the bucket to make it fall on his head.

Don't shoot the spotlight. To get out you need to shoot the door switch and then quickly shoot the bottom right leg of the table holding the stack of kegs. Your guy should run out without being seen.

Ass :) 6 years ago

i beat this easy ty for instructions!

amber 6 years ago

it was way easier shooting the keg leg and then the door switch

isaiah norris 6 years ago

thanks man that really helped me on level 6, then i quit using it, cuz it takes the fun away!!!

penningl profile image

penningl 6 years ago from U.S. Author

haha yeah I'm the same way with walkthroughs. I only use them when I absolutely have to. Glad I could help though.

justin 6 years ago

thanks man I was about to smash my computer,it helped a lot!

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cheetah2022 6 years ago

Arcades and board games are more fun the online games.

??? 6 years ago

doesn't make any sense

??? 6 years ago

doesn't make any sense

penningl profile image

penningl 6 years ago from U.S. Author

Justin - No prob man. Thanks for the comment.

Cheetah - Thanks for the amazing comment.

??? - ????

Cfant 6 years ago

Funny game,nice gameplay - not killing at all. But: Who want's to help a promi-boys escaping justice? :-)

ryan hughes 6 years ago

thanx SO MUCH you saved my life i almost killed myself at level 6

hgfgfjhhjh 6 years ago

hah all i did was do this i didn't figure anything out by myself lol

kevoin 6 years ago

thank you for the help

xXBlObZXx 6 years ago

Thanks man! It helped a lot, I was stuck on the last level for ages... Thanks!

el gato 6 years ago

thanks this really helped

raya 6 years ago

very nice i almost want to smash everything lol

lol 5 years ago

Thanks 4 helping, wouldn't b able 2 make it without walktrough ;-) :-p

Ashley 5 years ago

Thanks for the help! I kept on shooting the kegs first on the level 10. Big mistake! LOL

dragon eater 4 years ago

thanks i wanted to kill my labtop and yay arcades are more fun

matt 4 years ago

in the last part to make it easier you should shoot the table with kegs then shoot the switch to get out.

kjkjhhgf 2 years ago


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