Snugimals Snuggable Puppies and Kittens

FurReal Snuggimals Long Bassett Hound
FurReal Snuggimals Long Bassett Hound | Source

Following the release of the Furry Frenzies Hasbro’s latest interactive toy pet is the Snugimals. Snug a what? Snuggible puppies and kittens called Snuggimals. Gone are the days when kids could get a puppy as a present now you can get several animals from the wild too in the plus interactive kids. No more worries about messy puppies with toys dogs like the Snuggimals puppies-who simply just coo and wag their tails. Sounds like the perfect dog except for the price tag of $6.70 for Snuggimals Long Bassett Hound, up to $18 for snuggimals kitten.

Interestingly enough this is also one toy suited for kids and makes a mess free companion for senior citizens too. The toy is programmed to love to snuggle. Just say the word “tell” and your snuggimal puppy will move his head and tail. He may not need any dog food, but the Snugimals do require AAA batteries to power themselves. Apart from changing kids vocabulary toys like the snugable revolutionise the joy of owning a real pet too.

Snugimals Toys

The Snuggible Puppies

  • These include a total of six puppies including a Dalmatian English bulldog, basset hound and Yorkshire terrier.

The Snuggible Kittens

  • There are two snuggible kittens out so far one how the puppies will react to them.

Snuggibles TV Commercial

The TV commercial for this product s as popular as the toy is reason being the song from the commercial is sung by Emma Love, the 14year old New Yorker who’s just breaking into the music scene. The theme song ‘best friends’ is available for download free from the Hasbro website.

Sugimals Commercial


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