How To Make Money With Gaming!

We all love gaming, even from the age we barely knew what a PC or Gaming Console was, we were drawn to it. It is something all gamers were just born to do, although most of the time people see it as only a hobby and a past time. The world of gaming has evolved so fast over the past few decades that for some it isn’t just a game or a hobby, but a way of life, a passion and a way to earn money for a life worth living. World-wide more and more people become full time gamers to earn an income while having a great time and guess what, you can certainly do it too. There are many ways to earn money through a gaming career, so let’s first look at a few different ways to enter the gaming world.

The two most obvious ways to enter the professional gaming world is to become either a Pro Gamer or a Game Tester, or so most people think.

Pro Gamer: Everyone dreams of that moment when you get a call from that major sponsor offering you a way into Pro Gaming just because you think you are a great gamer, and by all means, we all are great gamers at that. The thing is, becoming a Pro Gamer is much more difficult than you think it is although it pays really big money, so if you’re going for it please don’t let we stop you. It takes a lot of hours training and traveling around the world which is great, but you will only earn enough if you win and keep winning!!!

Game Testing: Another way many people think about is becoming a Game Tester for a large game developer or a large 3rd party company in the gaming industry. The truth is, this is a whole other ball game than being in gaming for the fun of it, because this is more like a proper job. Game Testing is a way of identifying all the bugs and flaws in a particular part of any game, for example a level or mission. These levels are played over and over and over and over again for hours and hours, so it’s a very repetitive job and could take days or months doing the same thing. So if you are someone who likes few to none changes or different challenges, go for it by all means and be the best tester there is.

BUT…!!! All is not lost to make money or even a living from gaming. The best way today to earn money gaming, whether you are brand new or a veteran gamer, is to be an Entertainer. Entertainers are gamers who record themselves while gaming and stream it either live or recording their broadcast for later (like for YouTube). This could be anything from tutorials, live gameplay or creating fun ways to play your games while showing it off to the world. Today Twitch is the 4th largest source of internet traffic in the US, with people entering the gaming industry faster than ever. There are multiple ways to earn money, for example The Twitch Partnership Program, Sponsorships from developers, Amazon Referrals and Donations your followers. Streaming can earn you an income anything from $0 - $400 000 a month, which depends on your popularity in the gaming world. The more subscribers and viewers you have, the more money you will make, maybe you already have the fan base or need to build one from scratch, but this is one of the best ways to enter the gaming world if you are really serious about doing it, while earning an income on top of that.

Now you may be asking, what to do next and where to start? Well we have the answer to that right here. Video Games Pay My Bills are a great way to get started, with guides for Twitch, YouTube and many more for casual gamers who want to become a professional Entertainer. The guides are step-by-step to help you make a success over the long term in order to live the dream.

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