Sony Suffers Three Days of Hacker Attacks Via PlayStation Console

For three days, online game players using the Sony Playstation have been hacked by intruders obtaining financial and personal data. How many?

Maybe 77 million players who use their credit cards to pay their way in online gaming, like Warcraft, for one. It is the largest ever hack job in hacking history. Once Sony detected the intrusion, the gaming network was shutdown for six days.

Online gaming is huge business with millions of gamers using credit cards and other personal info to access their favorite games, Sony's Playstation Network is one such way where gamers can chat, play against one another and watch movies.

Hackers can use the data stolen in several ways: they can sell it to more nefarious groups, they could use the financial info to steal, they could use the info to lure the owner to provide more financial info because it looks like a Sony. 

One of the prime suspects is a hacker group called, Anonymous, which vowed revenge upon Sony when Sony filed a lawsuit on a fellow hacker. This hacker had released code on the Internet that allowed programmers to run their own games on Playstation 3.

So, if you are one of the millions that use Sony Playstation to conduct your online gaming, you better cancel credit cards etc. Just in case.

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