South Squid Bay, A ModernCraft Minecraft Creation

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South Squid Bay is built around my original spawn point. I spawned upon a sandy shore and immediately saw three squid pop into existence then pop just as quickly down beneath the waves never to be seen again. Although there haven't been any squid sightings since, South Squid Bay proudly retains the name.

Nestled between icy floes and a great mountainous forest, South Squid Bay is a small pocket of civilization in an otherwise dangerous and wild world. It was created using the ModernCraft texture pack, which I highly recommend if you want to create a modern world. Castles and moats are all very well, but progress requires smooth textures, caution tape and fluorescent lights.

Train Station

The first building to be built in South Squid Bay was the train station, followed very quickly by the train tracks themselves. South Squid Bay thrives on its excellent public transportation system, which has no peer anywhere in this Minecraft world.

Squid Towers

Accommodation is provided at Squid Towers, a luxury hotel that rises high above South Squid Bay with multiple levels including bedrooms, a dedicated cake room and a roof top sauna that looks out over South Squid Bay and its many attractions.

Ice Rink

Because South Squid Bay is a strip of green nestled between icy floes, the most popular leisure attraction is a large ice rink with stadium seating on three sides. A ticket booth out the front not only generates revenue, but keeps track of visitor numbers. The South Squid ice rink is easily accessible by an old cinder-block bridge that survived the great creeper explosion of day six and has now been patched with wooden planks to make it relatively safe.

Observation Station

Although squid are rarely seen in South Squid Bay, funds have been allocated for a deep sea observation station which is accessible via South Squid Bay train station. One need only ensure that the tracks have been switched to their proper positions and one will be whisked across the waters by trusty minecart. There's the opportunity to enjoy a little undersea adventure on your minecart journey, which makes the journey out to the observation station worth your while even if you don't actually see any squid, which you probably won't.

Railway Depot

Powering South Squid Bay's impressive public transport system is the railway depot. A multilevel building providing extensive minecart storage and a powerful booster that can send a cart around the full length of the track without slowing down in the slightest.

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