Speed Racer Jada Diecast Review

About the movie / film / TV show:

Speed Racer is actually the name for the English version popular Japanese Manga and Anime Mach Go Go Go. Am not really a fan of the manga and anime, but as a great fan of fast cars and racing themed movies, have seen the live movie of Speed Racer released on 2008.

The effects are awesome, actors are great, and the plot is exciting.

About the diecast:

Movie diecast featured here is an exact replica of Mach 5. This is the main vehicle of protagonist Speed in the movie Speed Racer. This particular mach 5 movie diecast is manufactured by Jada toys, a diecast toy maker.

Also showcased in this post is a fictitious F1 version of Mach 5. This diecast F1 Mach 5 is also produced by Jada toys.

Both Speed Racer diecast is in 1:55 scale, a little bit bigger than a regular Hotwheels or Matchbox. For those who are not aware, regular HWs and Matchbox are in 1:64 scale.

Price –

Dependent of place of purchase. Speed Racer diecast by Jada are no longer in production so chancing upon one in malls or toy sections is quite rare. The Jada Speed Racer diecasts shown here are available on hobby shops or online stores but the price would be quite higher than the original SRP.

Where to buy –

Hobby shops, toy convention, online store

Pros –

- Authentic licensed movie car

- TRUE movie car classification

- Both diecasts have chrome rims and rubber tires

- Detailed interior and lights (front and rear)

Cons –

- Prone to the usual defects of any Jada product – bubbles on paint job

- Rims are comparable to bling blings rather than racing rims

Trivia / Notes / Why buy this diecast / Who should / would buy this diecast –

This diecast vehicle would be a great addition to any movie diecast collectors. Anyone who enjoyed the Speed Racer live movie, TV series, anime, and manga would likely buy this Jada diecasts. These cars would be a great addition to any collection, nice to look at, good for display, and quite durable for playing.

It would also be interesting to note that, Keanu Reeves was offered the role of Racer X (Speed’s older brother) but he turned down the role.

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Nut about cars 4 years ago

I dont think the tires are rubber...seems plastic

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