Squinkies Bubble Toys

Squinkies are one of the hot toys for 2010. They are small figures made of soft plastic. There are literally hundreds to collect. They come in collections labeled Friends, Pets, Kitties, Ponie, Puppies, and Rare. They are also in different club collections, The Star club, the Heart club, flower club, butter fly club and diamond club. Each Squinkie is small enough to be dispersed into a bubble. The bubble are dispensed by several different activity centers. Such as the Cupcake Surprise Shop, the Gumball surprise playset center, and the Teapot Surprise set. Put a coin in each one of these and get a Squinkie surprise.

The Squinkie dispensers were said to be developed as a reward system for your child.  Complete a chore, get a Squinkie. Do something nice, get a Squinkie.  Since there are hundreds to choose from, your child will always be looking forward to see what new Squinkie comes out of the dispenser. 

Squinkies are not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

 The Squinkies Cupcake Surprise Bakeshop includes nine themed Squinkies.  The Cupcake Surprise  can hold up to 15 bubbles.  Get your Squinkie out of the Cupcake by putting in a coin and dispensing the Squinkie in a bubble.  Three customer reviews gave this toy four and half stars out of five.  Parents state their children play with this toy for hours.  They are able to put the toy coin into the cupcake and releasing the Squinkie.  The Squinkie can be put back into the bubble and placed back into the cupcake to be released again.  Other reviews state that this toy is great fun.

The Squinkies Gumball Surprise Playhouse comes with nine themed Squinkies in bubbles. Put the toy coin in the slot and receive your dispensed bubble filled with a Squinkie! The Squinkies Gumball Surprise Playhouse received four stars out of five from six customer reviews. Parents reply the Gumball Surprise Playhouse is durable and they have had no problem with anything breaking. It entertains their children for hours. The only problem they have is that the Squinkies sell out before they can get to them!

 The Squinkies Gumball Surprise is a smaller version of a gumball machine.  Customer reviews gave this toy four out of five stars. Parents state this is just a smaller version of a real gumball machine, and the toys are a bit nicer than those in the stores. Customers state their children really enjoy their Squinkies and they plan to buy more in the future!

Squinkies Gumball Surprise

 The Squinkies Tea Time Surprise holds about seven Squinkies.  One customer review gave this toy five out of five stars.  This parent states her daughter loves this toy and her Squinkies.  She states you can use pennies and dimes in this toy to make the Squinkies roll out.

Squinkies Tea Time Surprise

Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series One

The Squinkies Bubble Pack series one contains a bubble pack of 16 Squinkies. You get twelve Squinkies you can see and four mystery Squinkies that you have to pop the bubble to see.   These Squinkies are soft pencil toppers.  Customers gave this toy four out of five stars.  They state they are Squishy fun!  Other customers state their children like the tiny aspect of these toys and use them in the bath tub.

Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series Two

 The Squinkies Bubble pack, Series two also has twelve squishy Squinkies you can see and four mystery Squinkies.  A booklet comes with this toy showing all the collectible Squnikies!

Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series Three

 The Squinkies Bubble pack Series three also has 16 Squinkies with four mystery Squinkies included.  One customer review gave this toy five out of five stars.  The parent stated her children love playing with the Squinkies.  She also loves the Squinkies as they have a lot of detail for being such a tiny figure.

Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series Four and Five

 Squinkies set four and five offer the same as above. Each set comes with a completely new Squinkie. Be sure to check out the collectors book to find out which ones you have and which ones you want to collect!  Each Squinkie is numbered for easy identification.

Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series Six

 The Squinkies series Six is the latest Squinkie series.   Sixteen Squinkies come in this set.  One customer review gives Series Six five out of five stars. This mom of five states this is a toy that allows the imagination flow!

Squinkies Series 1 through 6 (SUPER COLLECTOR 100 PACK W/BONUS) Bubble Packs

Squinkies Under The Sea Surprise

 Not only do Squinkies come in collectors series they come in fun little collections too.  The Squinkies under the Sea  toy includes three Squinkie characters inside a clam shell.  This toy received four out of five stars.  This mom says this toy was very useful for counting and color identification for her little one.  She also says when you find them buy them because they run out fast!

Squinkies Bride To Be Surprise

 The Squinkies Bride to Be set is perfect for the Bride to be or the wanna be bride!.  Inside this jewel is three Squinkies with one of them being a ring.  This is an inexpensive gift for the child who has never played with Squinkies or the serious Squinkie collector.

Squinkies Shopping Fun Surprise

 The Squinkies Shopping fun Surprise is another relatively inexpensive Squinkie toy.  This toy has a purse that comes with three Squinkies inside. The purse is a plastic container with a crystal top and decorated with a jewel on the outside.  Very cute!

Squinkies Royal Friends Surprise

 The Squinkies Royal Friends Surprise has three little Squinkies inside a purple crown.  A great gift for any prince or princess.

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Tim 5 years ago

Hi Tori, Here's how to remove the penny from the Squinkie machine. Find a small screwdriver and unscrew the four bolts. Carefully pull apart the bottom near the back where the dispenser slot is but not all the way. Pull apart just enough so the two green pieces that hold the penny separate enough for the penny to fall out. To get the penny there, you need to tilt the machine. Then snap it back together. You may have to push parts of the plastic into slots so that it fits neatly back together. Then put the four screws back in!

tori 5 years ago


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