Squinkies Disney Princess includes Cinderella Arial Snow White and Belle

New Squinkies Disney Princesses

Squinkies the squishy squashy bubble enclosed toys were one of the top contenders in the 2010 Holiday toy List. New editions to the Squinkies toy line for 2011 include two lines with girls in mind and the other for boys and perhaps girls who prefer action to dolls. The new Squinkies for girls will include pretty in pink Barbie, Hello Kitty and Disney Squinkies. The Squinkies Disney begins with the Disney Princess series including 5 Disney Princesses Arial, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White.

Squinkies for boys or the blue line of Squinkies will include Cars Squinkies in anticipation of the 2011 Disney Pixar Cars 2 movie. Another favorite is the Hot wheels Squinkies and Marvel Squinkies no doubt these will be popular with kids and adult fans of these characters.

New Squinkies Princesses
New Squinkies Princesses | Source

Names Of Squinkies Disney Princess Sets

The adorable pint sized Princess Squinkies feature each of the four Princesses in a single pack which include ring which lights up, a princess Squinkie accompanied by other characters from each of the Disney fairytales.

Like the first Squinkies series, the new Princess series Squinkies also comes with a dispenser accessory (sold separately), which continues the versatile use as a reward system for kids. The added advantage of the Disney Princess Squinkies is that kids can use their Disney Squinkies as story aids to recreate the magical scenes from the fairytales.

Squinkies Disney Princess Cinderella
Squinkies Disney Princess Cinderella | Source

Squinkies Disney Princess Cinderella

Cinderella is one of the most enchanting fairytale with a good moral for kids too that sometimes you just have to believe in yourself, despite your circumstances your dreams can come true. The Disney Princess Cinderella Squinkies included Cinderella with Ring, Cinderella slipper, fairy god mother, prince and step sisters.

Squinkies Disney Princess Belle
Squinkies Disney Princess Belle | Source

Squinkies Disney Princess Belle

  • The Beauty and the Beast like Cinderella is an enchanting tale whit the moral of seeing the best in circumstances despite their appearance.
  • The Princess Belle Squinkies pack features Belle, Beast, and horse squinkies.

Squinkies Disney Princess Arial
Squinkies Disney Princess Arial | Source

Squinkies Disney Princess Arial

Ariel is by far the most exotic Dine Princess; she does live under the sea after all. The Princess Arial Squinkies pack includes Arial, Sebastian, and Flounder to name a few.

Squinkies Disney Princess Snow White
Squinkies Disney Princess Snow White | Source

Squinkies Disney Princess Snow White

Snow White is one of the most loved Disney Princesses but so are here adorable friends the seven dwarves. The Snow White Princess Squinkies includes Snow White, Prince, Evil Queen and Dwarfs.

Which is YOur Favorite Squinkies Disney Princess

  • Squinkies Disney Princess Snow White
  • Squinkies Disney Princess Arial
  • Squinkies Disney Princess Belle
  • Squinkies Disney Princess Cinderella
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