Star Trek Online Tutorial Walkthrough

When you first learn a new game, it can be confusing at first. Even though, there is a tutorial when you start the Star Trek Online game, sometimes you just need some sort of walk through. I had Beta tested this game when it was in open Beta. Let me tell you, I was confused and did get a bit lost in there. Now, I can go through the tutorial like no tomorrow and get through it in one day. It took me about two or three days when I was testing it out.

Please, don't let the pictures scare you. The graphics are better than what they seem in the picture below. These were taken in game.

This is the very beginning of the tutorial where my character is on the ship.  You do start up as an ensign here.  Once you finish up the tutorial, you are promptly promoted to Lieutenant.

As you can tell, I had walked my character closer to the redish door.  That is where we need to go.  When we get there, we press the F key to go up to the bridge.

Now You Are On the bridge.  Right now you are not the captain of the ship.  You walk to the captain.  He gives you instructions and then you turn around and do what he tells you to do.

This is what you are doing after you talk to the captain.  You were contacting another ship so you were pressing the f key by the consoles.  Anything that lights up in the game has an action.  In this sense it was the consoles.

Now this is the turbolift to take your character down to the transporter room where you will be transported to another ship.

This is the transporter room.  Walk to the security chief and then walk onto the transporter pad.  Just click the f key once you are on the transporter pad.

This is where you had beamed to. You walk to the Emergency Medical Program that is right in front of you. Most people you talk to have a yellow balloon above their head.

The Emergency Holographic program tells you to help and you scan one of the beds that you see on the screen with your tricorder.  All you have to do is press F when you come up to one of the beds.  Then you walk back to the Emergency Holographic Program and he gives you the next thing he needs your character to do which consists of helping Thelos.

Here is where you head to the hallway before heading to Thelos.

Now you are in the Hallway leading toward Thelos.  You see where my character is facing?  She is going to go right in there as that is where Thelos is.

Now you are right by Thelos.  He is going to ask you to do something.  You go to one of the consoles and press F to do it.

Here is my character at the console doing what she was being told to do by Thelos.

Then Tholos then sent my character to the next console where she must activate like I did here.  If I remember right, its to activate the borg or something along those lines.

This is where Thelos wanted my character to release the org and by doing that I would have to walk to the console that is in front of my character.

Then you are asked to go to deck 3 I believe. The turbolift in in that area which should take you there.

Here you have to destroy six borg nodes.  Click on it and then keep firing at them.  Watch out, some borgs may be coming at you.  Fire at them if you need to.

Here is another picture of a borg node that you need to fire at.  Just keep firing at these.

Don't forget you are not limited to this stretch to fire at them.  There are couple other room on the right and left side that you can go in and fire at too.

Here is an image from the stretch of one of the rooms you can go into.

Here is an image of my character in one of those room.

Once you are done, now follow the arrow.  The next part, you have to go to engineering.  The arrow is the blue arrows on the wall.  When I first did the tutorial, I missed a whole lot of that, but now I can breeze through the tutorial every time I need to go through them.

Once you turn the corner and past the fire, you keep following the arrows.

Now you will be taking the turbolift to engineering.  By following those arrows, it brought you to the turbolift.

Now you are on the deck where engineering is.  Watch out, there are borg drones that you must fire at.

Here we go firing at the borg now.

Don't forget to follow the arrows.

Go down the steps and you will be fighting some Borg

Here is my character fighting the borg. It is very hard to fight the borg and take screenshots at the same time.

After you are done with that, they you should go to the transporter room. Go farther in that area and you shall find the arrows. That will lead you to the transporter room.

Here is the corridor you should be going through.

Here is the last stretch before the transporter room.

Here you get to choose your bridge officer before stepping on the transporter pad.

Here you have to find at least five ships.  You will have to fly around and find them.

Here is my ship heading to one of them.  As you get close enough to it, you will beaming them aboard your ship even though you don't see it.

The last part is you have to find the Renown.  That is hiding behind the asteroid. 

Fly your ship toward the planet.  Here you will be beaming aboard the planet.

You beam onto the planet.  You talk to Lieutenant Kelly where you get a kit based off your track.  With that you also get a phaser.

Here fire at the borg to save the colonist.  After that is done, you have one more assignment.  You will be continuing firing at the borg as you unlock the area with the borg.  You will have to disable a couple things and the mission will be over.

Defeat the borg cube and sphere here, and you will be done with the tutorial.  Once you are done, you will be heading to spacedock.  Make it to Quinn's office and talk to him and you will be promoted to Lieutenant.  Its right in front of you when you go in there.  He'll also give you a mission assignment.  You will be getting assignments from him from time to time.  Just hail Starfleet and you will see what is available.  Also while you are talking to Quinn.  Turn around and talk to Sulu.  He should have some assignments for you.  There are a few other people you can talk to in spacedock where are located in the requistion area.

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TreasuresByBrenda profile image

TreasuresByBrenda 6 years ago from Canada

Wow! What a great job. I've just started creating Hubpages and now I see what a top-ranked one looks like.


AJ2008 6 years ago

Well hello and fancy meeting you and Brenda here ;)

I can see that having a walk through like this would certainly help anyone just starting out on Star Trek Online.

Trekkiemelissa profile image

Trekkiemelissa 6 years ago from Illinois Author

I am glad you two loved it. I still post on the other site, but I been doing this also. I still less hubs to lenses, but it is close.

AJ, I thought it may be a great idea since I had a hard time with it when I went through the tutorial when it was in open beta.

lkrause74 4 years ago

Okay how do you disable those things on Vega Colony???? Id like to get out of tutorial hell. Thanks!

Trekkiemelissa profile image

Trekkiemelissa 4 years ago from Illinois Author

You have to go down the pathway and activate the the big tall things. One is on the left and one is in the middle to get in.

lkrause74 4 years ago

I did finally get the vega colony tutorial but without realizing it I got myself hooked into another tutorial. I dont know how I keep doing that but this one my 'ship' is hovering above in space where other people's ships are. Im not sure what its called as Im not signed in but I cant move the ship or do anything else nor will the system let me drop that tutorial. Im at a loss and very frustrated with Star Trek Online.

Trekkiemelissa profile image

Trekkiemelissa 4 years ago from Illinois Author

There is only one tutorial. Its hard at first if you are new to the game. You probably are at esd and you just fly right to the starbase and you dock there :)

lkrause74 4 years ago

The top right says Im at the outskirts of vega space or something like that. Im supposed to find a federation beacon and one other thing but I cant remember it right now. Anyway, you're saying they're all one tutorail? Then this part is called 'line in the sand'. I cant get the ship to move at all. I clicked the 'transwarp' button but the ship wont move. Im honestly not sure what Im doing wrong.

Trekkiemelissa profile image

Trekkiemelissa 4 years ago from Illinois Author

Make sure you have power to your ship. its thing that has an up arrow type of thing. If it has no power, it will not move.

Trekkiemelissa profile image

Trekkiemelissa 4 years ago from Illinois Author

Land in the sand is the last part of the tutorial.

Robas Zkali 4 years ago

I stumbled upon this page and thought I might share some insight into STO for any players that may be new to the game. There is a mild learning curve to playing, but you will get it down in no time :D....I myself am a lifetime subber to STO and also am a Co-Leader of a guild in the game.


w - nose down

s - Nose up

a - turn left

d- turn right

q - lower the helm/throttle by 1/4 *enter reverse if in full stop*

e - raise the helm/throttle by 1/4

r - full impule/full stop

shift + r - emergency power

1-0 on keyboard - each key corresponds to each individual icon in your game trays that you can access your abilities with.


wsad - your movement keys - see ship controls - virtually the same thing

h - holtster and draw your active weapon

b -enter and exit combat mode

z - change weapons


I - bring up inventory - from their you can access your ship info, crew info, exc. exc.

There are a LOT more hot-keys and input keys than what I listed here, but this should give new players a general understanding of the basics of ship control and ground scenarios in STO.

If anyone in-game needs help, just keep your eyes peeled for a robas@chadhughes145 and I will be more than happy to help!

Good luck with your sci-fi endeavors, and may the Federation and Klingon empires bring you glory :D

Trekkiemelissa profile image

Trekkiemelissa 4 years ago from Illinois Author

Please remember people do use different keybinds. They used to have the guide on website, but with a lot of changes, they seem to take it away. All of your keybinds are in your preferences and under keybinds if you are not sure what keys go with what.

I can usually be contacted in game as my at handle is the same as my screenname is here. I am an Admiral in one of the largest fleets in the game.

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