Surfs Up

Surf's Up for Nintendo Wii

I got this game in the mail yeserday. I played it a little today and enjoyed it. It is a game based on the new Surf's Up movie that starts in theaters this Friday, June 8. I like how it actually uses both the Wiimote and the nunchuck. The main thing you do in the game is go through different courses and control the character on a surf board through the course trying to do enough tricks to get the objective score and hit enough of the gates. The graphics are great and very much like what I have seen of the commercials for this movie. I have not played enough to know the real difficulty of the game, but so far it seems to be relatively easy to get the first objective score on the levels. It does have some challenge to it still in that it has higher score objectives to try for, as well as trying to get through the number of gates to get one of the objectives. The gates one did not seem hard on the levels I played. The higher score objectives I did not get, but I think after playing it a few times I would get enough experience on the particular course to do it. I found controlling the movement very easy using the joystick on the nunchuck. Doing some of the tricks was a little hard to get used to, especially using the buttons on the nunchuck, but that is probably attributed to me not having played any other Wii games that use those buttons. Not sure if I yet want to put this on my list of games to buy, but I am glad I put it on my rental list and will definitely play it some more before mailing it back.

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