Syma S107 Helicopter Problems & Solutions

The Syma S107 Infra Red Helicopter

Most Common Problems

*Short or no airtime (faulty battery, replace). Many people claim fitting a 240mAh Li-Po battery to upgrade from the default 180mAh (or 150mAh in some instances). However after much testing, the original batteries have proven to be the better option in the long run. Just buy another couple of extra 'copters to triple the flight time!

*Tail-motor failure (motor burnt out, replace).

*Model capable of low hover only or barely lifting off at all (the bottom rotor is probably slipping on shaft, push back down to click into place, a small spot of glue will do the trick if problem continues).

*T.B.E aka Toilet Bowl Effect (caused by a problem with the flybar). When your heli makes large circular motions whilst hovering, much like if the heli had been caught in a whirlpool. Not to be confused with the helicopter rotating upon its own axis! Either loosen/clean up fly-bar connecting links or replace entire top-rotor assembly. For information about this problem a useful site is

* Slow drift whilst hovering - forwards or backwards (centre of gravity is off). Either relocate the battery by a few millimeters, add a small nose-weight or remove some tail-decorations.

Look after the Li-Po battery:

*Leave to cool-down after flight, (approx. ten minutes.)
*Charge via USB, (approx. fourty mins.)
* Leave the battery to cool-down post charge, (ten minutes.)
*Fly for five minutes, (Stop flight immediately as you notice the 'copter struggling to gain height!)

If you look after your Li-Po battery, it should hold charge for more than 100 charge cycles (8 or more hours of flight in total!)

*Flashing green LED light on controller, unresponsive throttle (due to poorly made transmitter cover). use fine sandpaper or a file on the Tx top cover to allow throttle to close fully.

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M Taylor 5 years ago

Useful blog! cheers mate!

apache123 5 years ago

Thanks. Problem Solved!

rchelicopter3 profile image

rchelicopter3 5 years ago Author

I bought this helicopter a few months ago. I found it exceptionally easy to fly- what's more, you can purchace every conceivable replacement part online! i have written a more detailed and comprehensive review of this 'copter on my lens here:

Gizmochick 5 years ago

I like the true S107's

I bought imitation ones for comparison imop professioal opninion being into engineering I see and notice the differences

Big differences Trust me

The real S107 is better made

Have a good day and be aware of scams

profile image

Snooksboy 5 years ago

I eceived my S107 as a Christmas present. I was only able to enjoy a couple of flys then it stopped lifting off the ground. Despite me charging and charging the little creature. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or what may be the problem with the machine.



profile image

Snooksboy 5 years ago


I now have a couple of questions

Firstly I have been able to exchange my S107 at the shop.

It went well until it ran out of charge. No it won't charge. Can anyone give me some ideas on what might be wrong or what I might be doing wrong. When it is charged it lights up. even with a little charge. So,, what's wrong here??

Secondly, I notice a couple of comments above advising to be aware of :immitation" S107's.

So,,,how do we tell if the machine we have is an "immitation"??


Mrs.Hipster 4 years ago

hi mi heli is flying for 5 seconds and then it stopps and drops on the floor HELP!!!

Jock 4 years ago

I purchased an S107 from HOBBYTRON, which was mistake #1.

When I received it and charged the battery and put brand new Duracell batteries in the controller the only thing that worked were the lights. They refuse to replace it because the package has been opened.I can't make any sense of that.

Anyhow any ideas on how to get it working or contact the manufacturer for a replacement?

rchelicopter3 profile image

rchelicopter3 4 years ago Author

is the helicopter turned off when charging?

rchelicopter3 profile image

rchelicopter3 4 years ago Author

You must sync the helicopter with the remote. make sure the helicopter is on, an sat on a flat stable surface when you turn the helicopter on. put the throttle on and off until it has 'connected'. it will not sync if you have the helicopter in your hand or it is not stationary on a table or something.

david 4 years ago

does the copter have to be off during usb charge?

zoidbergratti 4 years ago

Bought an s107 for my son for Christmas and everything worked fine right out of the box. After a few flights it stopped being able to fly forward or backwards. So now all it dies is hover erratically and spin around in circles. the tail rotor spins constantly and there are exposed wires beneath the tail rotor. I didn't too close attention when it was opened to see if this was normal. Any help would be appreciated.

profile image

nicholaslee 4 years ago

I have a problem with my S107g heli. It wobbles or shakes a little in flight, making it a disturbance I will try to post a video on youtube

Bob F 4 years ago

I have one of these and the bottom set blades turn but the top ones do not. So the copter will not even lift off the ground. I've used different charging techniques to make sure it has a full charge and it seems to. It worked out of the box for about 10 minutes but now won't fly. I guess it could be broken but if so that's not much fun. I don't even know what part I'd replace. Everything looks fine but the top sent of blades won't turn.

rchelicopter3 profile image

rchelicopter3 4 years ago Author


rchelicopter3 profile image

rchelicopter3 4 years ago Author

controller batteries running low?

rchelicopter3 profile image

rchelicopter3 4 years ago Author

sounds like the screw securing the blade mechanism to the shaft is loose. try tightening, maybe with a spot of super glue if the plastic threads are stripped.

chip 4 years ago

Helicopter lifts 1-2 feet and dives left to the floor.

justin1328 4 years ago

hello i bought my s107 about a month ago. I haven't had problems until just recently my helicopters bottom blades won't turn at all and my top blades spin slowly. If i raise the throttle too much the helicopter dies. Can anyone help me? Does anyone know how to fix this?

VIck 4 years ago

Hi , I manage to get my helicopter off the ground for a few seconds , after which it slowly comes down to a hover. I then switch off my helicopter for a few minutes & when I try flying the helicopter flies up again but nice again only for few seconds then back down again. I repeat the process of switching it off for few min & on again ..same thing happens, until the helicopter can no longer take off & Just hovers .

what could be the problem ?

Robert 4 years ago

I've had this helicopter for about 1-2 years, its great. Unfortunately I took it outside and it went swimming in my pool.

Is it toast or is there anything I can do....??

doodymark 4 years ago

I just got an S107, charged it up, put batteries in the controller, and switched on. The blades spun up when I applied the throttle, spun down when I released the throttle, then did nothing. Nothing I have tried since then has made the helicopter move. I've tried recharging, switching the chopper on first then the controller and vice versa, taking the batteries out of the controller and replacing them, switching bands, and just leaving them both on and opening and closing the throttle for a minute to see if it is a synching problem as you said above (chopper on a wooden floor, controller in my hand). Nothing works.

Nothing seems to be obviously burnt out or broken, the moving parts turn freely and he gears are all in mesh, so I'm not sure what the solution is other than to send it back to Amazon for a refund. Any ideas? Is it just a dud or am I missing something really obvious?

profile image

jdhawkins76 4 years ago

I've had my S107 for quite a while now and I love it. It was a gift and no long after I also got a small Chinook and Apache which are fun but no where near as good as the S107. The problem I am having now is incredibly frustrating. With the unit sitting flat on any surface with the throttle not quite at lift off levels I can see it twitch like a gear is locking or something. Then if it does take off the top rotor begins to rock until it hits the lower rotor and it drops. It doesn't hover for more than a couple of seconds. It almost looks like its swinging then SMACK and it drops.

The down facing winglet on the tail rotor shaft has been gone forever and never really had any affect (sp?) on it. The rotors are pretty chewed from when I was learning.

profile image

cwipaulk 4 years ago

I bought two of the Syma helicopters, a Chinook and a Blackhawk, a week ago at a gun show for $130, which is about double what they charge online, as I later discovered. Both helicopters take off to the right immediately upon leaving the ground. There is NO controlling these pieces of Chinese junk. I tied a string around the middle of each one and tied the other end to a weight so that it would not fly away, but stay near so that I could get control of it. No such luck. The Blackhawk just flies anywhere it wants to, regardless of my attempts to control it, and the Chinook crashed and broke a small plastic part, so it is really worthless now. There is absolutely no control whatsoever in either one of these. They are pure junk. Do not waste your money on Syma.

ksnider107 4 years ago

just bought a s107. used it 3 times. the last time I tried to use it, I took it off the charger and now it wont run. I have tried just about every way I have read to sync the remote and still nothing. eany help would be appricated.

beeshal 2 years ago

Hello.. my copter lifts up even when the throttle is down.. the blades starts rotating automatically... what is the problem.. please help me..

Ken 2 years ago

My tight flybar (causing the toilet bowl affect) was because I pushed the dog bones on too far. They should be on the ball of the nubs.

paul301 2 years ago

Is there a way to replace the battery in the S102??

rchelicopter3 profile image

rchelicopter3 2 years ago Author

Yes, you can replace the battery. see link above - the s102 battery is the same as the s107.

profile image

KLuTZY 2 years ago

Help, the green light flashes on the heli when the throttle is increased but the heli does not start up, twitches a little, suggestions ?? Thank YOu battery is charged and the led lights are flashing in the front of the heli.

rchelicopter3 profile image

rchelicopter3 2 years ago Author

Check the wiring where you plug in the charger to the helicopter. There is a red wire with quick disconnects. If its loose (the quick disconnect) you get this problem. In my case the helicopter came out of the box with this completely disconnected. It was hard to connect because there wasn't enough slack wire but once we did it the white light on the front of the helicopter came on and we were flying.

Itsme 2 years ago

No led lights on!

Jim 2 years ago

I go to charge my heli s107g and it won't charge and my son is wanting this to work

ruskel 2 years ago

Hi my charger is blinking on and off like something is loose. It turns green, yellow and when you shake it the light goes on and off. Something inside appears to be moving around.

yezzy 2 years ago

Under 'Flying Your Helicopter', S107G instructions state: "Set the Band Selector on the Transmitter and Helicopter to the same frequency."

Where is the Band Selector on the helicopter ??

bole 2 years ago

As soon as I turn on thr remote the green light is on, it is not connected to helicopter yet and I can not connect it sinece when I turn helicopter same thing happens, green light is on (not flashing) Heeelp, I want it to fly :)

keith 2 years ago

green light on heli keeps blinking and wont do anything s107 sema

George 24 months ago

my k-model 3.5 gyro helicopter just spins to the right on the floor. It will not go off the ground. I tried everything. Nothing works. Any ideas

pat 24 months ago

How do you sync a out door world tech toys helicopter

maxtaxt 20 months ago

i have RC S107 but i dont have remote and i have a transmetar joy stick 40mhz can i convert for s107 transmetar?????????? any on halpme plz

Shawn 19 months ago

Hi my helicopter I just got (S107G) goes up and down just fine. But when I try to to get the helicopter to go forward, reverse, left, or right it wont respond and stalls main motor helicopter crashes to the ground. Helicopter is fully charged with brand new batteries in controller. I did notice the rear propeller is not working. Its acting like the helicopter does not want to respond to controller commands fully. Any ideas?

sehaj 17 months ago

i had this heli and it is about 10 months now .the heli is working but i am not able to fly is as when rise it just starts going left and right and getting smash into wall .plz let me what has happen to my heli and what is the solution....

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