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If your lucky or just plain persistent, this little "know how" book will pay for itself 100 time over and possibly on your very first treasure hunt.


About 40 years ago I built my first metal detector from a kit. It took about two days to complete and around 11pm that night, I armed myself with a screwdriver for digging, a flashlight, and my new treasure finder and headed for my front yard. It only took a few passes of the detector head before it produced a beep. I zeroed in on the sound, dug down about an inch and HOLY COW! It really worked. There sitting in my soiled and quivering hand was two slightly tarnished pennies. Well I’ll tell you, they might as well have been golden doubloons for all I cared. This was the mother lode that launched a 40 year hobby that has netted me tens of thousands of coins, hundreds of rings and other jewelry, plus masses of highly diversified items you wouldn’t believe.

From bullets to barrettes and everything possible in between such as a 200 pound, iron radiator to a tiny ball bearing the size of a pin head. Gold, silver, platinum, nickel, iron, aluminum, steel, copper, brass, Any metal at all will produce a beep on your detector and pinpoint exactly where it is. All you have to do is dig it up.

Most good detectors have a discrimination setting where you can eliminate ferric (containing iron) and aluminum items if you are just interested in digging up non ferric items like gold, silver, copper, brass, and platinum. This is a handy circuit to have if you’re in a park littered with bottle caps, pull tabs, and gobs of aluminum foil but they only work well on the more expensive detectors and tend to reduce your chances of detecting very small gold items and nickels.

Everywhere people have been from yesterday to hundreds or even thousands of years ago they lost their goodies and money just as we do to this day. Keep that in mind. There WILL be “hits” where ever you go. The trick is to go to places that have a good chance of producing the types of treasure you’re looking for. A Civil War battlefield for instance can produce bullets, guns, uniform buttons, and even infantry belt buckles sometimes worth thousands of dollars. The oldest thing I ever dug up was half of a lead company logo, about 4 inches round from an Eli Whitney cotton gin. Then again, most of my earlier treasure hunting days was spent in parks, schools, beaches and play grounds looking for cash and modern jewelry. My book, “Up One Level” as I’m sure you’ve seen the excerpts from here in Hub Pages, took me about three years to write. During that time I was stone broke with no steady income whatsoever $6. Almost every day, I would walk to a local school when the kids were gone and dig up things I still don’t believe. One local school, netted me over two thousand dollars in jewelry and coins which helped to pay for smokes and food while I was writing the book. Some area’s in schools replenish themselves daily such as under the monkey bars where you can count on some upside down kid losing his lunch money and other goodies.

Start out in your front and back yards like I did. Under trees, where the ice crème man stops, around picnic tables etc... I guarantee you’ll find lots of goodies. Hey! With gold around eighteen hundred dollars an ounce these days, treasure hunting can be a very lucrative hobby. And it’s great exercise as well. After you get a little experience, get yourself a good White’s or Garrett detector and research your area looking for houses that are long gone, stores, military camps, ghost towns, and even old places where people still live. Don’t be afraid to make a deal with any of them such as they keep the artifacts and you keep the money including old gold and silver coins. Or just clean up the yard for the privilege. A few years ago, a couple of pro hunters made a deal with the owner of a house way out in the boonies somewhere that was once owned by the owners great, great grandfather. He was the only person around way back then that knew anything at all about medicine and all the people came from miles around to be treated by this man. He charged them all one dollar each. The man happened to be a recluse and really had no need for money other than his meager supplies. These two guys put two and two together, made a deal, and began hunting for this old man’s stash as there were no banks around at the time either. In a few hours, next to a tree and not far from the house, they dug up a rotting canvas bag containing over three thousand silver dollars, all in mint and near mint condition. Look up silver dollars on EBay. Some are priceless. Wow!

Some guy on Treasure Island, on the east coast of Florida, dug up a solid gold jewelry box full of Old gold and silver rings and chains. Another kid and his dad, while walking on a beach in South Florida, kicked up a thick gold, Spanish necklace that sold at auction in New York City for $24,000 and that was way back when gold was regulated at 32 dollars an ounce. Can you imagine what that thing would be worth today? Today, the gold in a cheap, average size 14k womens ring would sell for around 50 dollars not counting any diamonds of other prescious stones. It may be ten or twenty times that for a heavy man's ring..

I've owned detectors that cost over one thousand dollars but the one I used the most in parks, schools, and playgrounds is a small, three knob, Radio Shack model that you can still find on Ebay for 35 dollars of less. It’s super light, and will detect a dime or gold ring up to about 6 inches and honestly, I don’t want to dig any deeper than that in these places. The beaches are another story; you want the best detector you can afford that will detect items as deep as possible. It’s a fabulous hobby for young and old alike but remember the cardinal rule of treasure hunting…Fill up your holes and leave the land exactly as you found it! That doesn’t apply to all the gold and silver you’re going to find by the way, you can take that with you. GOOD LUCK!

See "Treasure In Your Backyard Part II" Pictures of an 80 year old backyard garbage hole dig.

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dunner 6 years ago

that's awesome dude

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 6 years ago from Florida Author

Your right! It is awesome. Especially when you dig up a gold ring that's just as shiney as the day it was lost. And today, with gold around 13 hundred dollars an ounce it makes it even more awesome....

TalkinTom profile image

TalkinTom 5 years ago from Green Bay, Wisconsin

I hear you. I can't wait for the spring thaw so I can get out again. Silver is going up in value very quickly, too.

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 5 years ago from Florida Author

You got that right Tom. A year after the 911 incident, gold was down to 125 dollars an ounce. Can you believe it? There's no way I would have thought it would climb to 1400 and still going. Wow!

Check out "Treasure in Your Backyard". Part Two...Good luck with your digs...

777777 5 years ago

where are the videos?

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hiya 7etc..

Now that the book is out I'll be doing videos. The only problem is, right now I'm visiting in North Jersey and it colder than a well diggers butt. The ground is frozen most of the time too.

lalalalalal 4 years ago

no metal detector in my house

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

Man that's heavy stuff!

ivory 4 years ago

I trying to dig in my but my mom want go away I'm trying to find treasure for mothers day for my mom. Can you help me?silentwood dr. 2528 pensacola floridia

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 4 years ago from Florida Author

Trying to find something nice your mom would appreciate in a pressed and limited time frame is not a good idea. Treasure hunting takes time and lots of patients.

Your best bet would be to hit all the easy and fast digs like community and school sand playgrounds, baseball parks with mulch around the grandstands and places like that. You will surely find money that you can use to buy her something new that she would appreciate and who knows, in the process, you might get lucky and dig up a big fat, diamond studded gold ring. Pure gold is still around $1,800.00 dollars an ounce. That would buy her something really nice wouldn't it? She might even enjoy going on a well planned hunt with you...Got any further questions, I'd be glad to answer them...GOOD LUCK!!!

cuddle 2 years ago

ok I need a collection but I don't have a metal detector but im not that grown I really like rock and minerals I got 8 rocks and minerals I just would love to find mire valuable things like you I want to be like well....... and a doctor but I love to explore new stuff and old can you give me a hint how I can find them

cuddle 2 years ago

I need to find some of them things that you find I like to explore new things and old not allowed to dig in my backyard so I don't know what to do. But...... I do have 8 rock and minerals yup ill tell you some of them. one of them are called a crystal quartz,tiger eye, lime stone,and a couple more there just to hard to remember I looked at what you found.Yooooooooou can sell it and be soooooooooooooo rich well that's all I got to say

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 2 years ago from Florida Author

The girl in the picture above is using a 40 dollar detector that works better then some 500 dollar ones. It's an older Radio Shack model that can still be found on Ebay. Save up your bucks and get one. Sounds like your the type that would really love the hobby which it really isn't anymore considering gold is selling for well over 1000 dollars an ounce. Good luck.....

cuddle 2 years ago

I need to ask u a question........ok I got the rocks can you tell me wich one is the most valuable. tiger eye , crystal quartz, amethyst, and the lemen jade wich one is the most money cause im going to get more to save up for college. its been my dream sence I was little so I need more. one more question........ is there another way you can find stuff without a metal detector.get back to me when you find out I will really appreciat it thankyou

cuddle 2 years ago

your awesome and your job or whatever you do is awesome WOW:)

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