"Take Two!"--Another Way To Play Scrabble

Another Way To Play Scrabble

This is another enjoyable and exciting way to play scrabble. It is fast paced and can be played by 3 or more players. We, my friends and I, started to play this game more than a decade ago. We don't even remember who introduced this game to us. We just call this game "Take Two!" One doesn't have to be a pro to really enjoy this one. No need for a rack. Just spread the tiles in front of each player.

How to Play "Take Two!"

* From the set of 100 tiles, remove the blank tiles. Use only the letter tiles and flip them face down.

*Someone will call "Take Two!" and each player draws two tiles from the bunch of tiles, turns them face up, and immediately form a word. As soon as the player or players has formed a word, he/she must immediately call Take Two!

*Those who has drawn two tiles that no possible word can be formed from it must wait until another calls Take two! to signal each player to draw another two tiles and add it to his/her tiles.

*Each player is compelled to take two tiles from the bunch each time a call is made.

*Players must be quick to connect, arrange, or rearrange his own scrabble words. Words must connect and intersect just like a crossword or your usual scrabble game. The words must be read from left to right, top to bottom.

*Only the player, or players that has formed a word from his just- drawn (two) tiles has the right to call Take Two!

*Fast calls will make it more exciting as some players get panicky when they realize there's still a handful of tiles for them to connect, arrange, or rearrange, when they're still contemplating a way to create a better scoring or even a higher scoring combi.

*Players can arrange or rearrange his/her mini scrabble as often as they like.

*As soon as a player, or players has used up all his/her tiles, and is satisfied with his/her stuff, he immediate calls "Stop!" Players must stop what he/she is doing. Counting starts. No one is allowed to touch or rearrange his/already formed words. Unused tiles must be set aside.

*The game is scored just like you do a regular scrabble game (but minus the the bonus squares and 7-letter word bonus).

*Each player must double check each other's scrabble words. Unacceptable words and words that are spelled incorrectly must be disconnected and removed, so are all the words that are connected to it. (So next time, players must be careful or his/her work must come to naught).

*Players with the highest score wins.

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Mark 4 years ago

Very cool. There is a similar way to play scrabble "take two" on http://www.freescrabbledictionary.com that fun. Its nice to try something different

Uncertain 3 years ago

this is cool

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