Tanki Online Shooter Game

Tanki Online is a free 3D multiplayer shooter game made completely in Flash! That means you don’t have to install anything, just open a Tanki Online Website in your browser, register in two clicks, and fight!

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Registration on the website is extremely fast and simple. You don’t even have to enter your e-mail, only login and password. But I suggest you to do this, because entering an e-mail address will allow you to restore your password, if you forget it.

The game was developed by Russian company Alternativa Platform that made an innovative 3D graphics and physics engine for Adobe Flash platform. Their engine is really cool. Nobody has done anything like this before. In spite of being made in flash, it has impressive abilities and is very fast. It is hard to believe, until you see it yourself. Both the engine and the game have received various awards. In 2009 Alternativa Platform have received KRI awards for “Best game without a publisher" and "Best technology". They have also won nomination "Technical achievement" at Russian Flash Awards 2009.

The Best Shooter Game

It is better to see once, than to read a hundred times, so watch the video first:

Impressing, isn’t it? There are three game modes: deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag (CTF). Deathmatch has the simplest rules: everyone fights for himself. CTF rules are a bit trickier. There are two teams: red and blue; each team has a flag which is placed on the team’s base. The goal is to capture enemies’ flag as many times as possible. You must also defend your own flag to prevent it from being captured by enemies. The team that captures more flags wins.

Tanki Online’s internal currency is crystal. In the garage you can purchase improvements of your tank for crystals: new armors, turrets and paintings. You can also buy first aid kits and one-minute supplies: Double Armor, Double Power, Nitro (increases speed). There are also mines available, which you can place on the battlefield.

There are two ways of obtaining crystals. First one is to earn them in the game by winning in battles or picking them up from the ground. More easy and effective method is to purchase them for a small price. Donating as small as 5 dollars will give you a great advantage over other players.

The Garage
The Garage

You can choose between several weapons with different characteristics.  Upgrades and new types of weapons become available with rank advance. The lowest rank is recruit and the highest is marshal. Your rank depends on the number of points you receive for destruction of enemy tanks, capturing the flag, and curing your team-mates. Here is a table of Tanki Online ranks, their badges and points.

Tanki Online Ranks
Tanki Online Ranks

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kotanidi 6 years ago

its super game..

jokerwvb 6 years ago

need more crcstils

plz 6 years ago

please crystals code

Anonimous 6 years ago

i can't enter i don't know why.....

seems that the game doesn't want me...

sijhtam 6 years ago

je bent een lozer lul

lozer nerd nerd this game is awsam www.tankionline.com

:( 6 years ago

if there are any cheats plz give them to me cause i need.......

georg2000 6 years ago

best game i am staff sergerant

sargentm 6 years ago


james 6 years ago

amazing game

T-90-00 6 years ago

Good game i got lots of cristals its easy to get them

gjhg 6 years ago


dresik 6 years ago

s? polacy

valoudu51 6 years ago

je veu jouer a se jeux

SgtJ (Moderater)(Tanki player) 6 years ago


s1bomb 5 years ago

ita amazing game.. and cheats are for the weak.

allu 5 years ago

i am master sergenat... best game of the world...

tankino 5 years ago

this game is wonderful god dog!!! =)

davidjo9 5 years ago

This the best game of world.

davidjo 5 years ago

this is the best game of the world... I´m Warrant Officer 1

davidjo 5 years ago

yes it is wonderful... i am a warrant officer1

jokerwvb 5 years ago

i pressed the buy botton and i did every thing and all and i dident get my crystals whata hell is worng with that if i dont get them soon i will report the web site and it will be shut down

jokerwvb 5 years ago

and i cant change my password it says link hase been currupted whtas worng with that

TANKIKILLER 5 years ago

Best game eva!!!

Rodnekka 5 years ago

I'm warrant officer 2

r*****s 5 years ago

I'm warrant officer 1, and there are chet i made it and it works its is trested on 9 profiles( it make crystals,befor i used i have 34 crystals but now 3460)

nika77 5 years ago

as esu 28 raitingo

megalookedmarshaaal 5 years ago

im marshal



coment for:plz 5 years ago

for diamants:

/kristalsscore 100000

DieHARD666 5 years ago

it is an amazing game and i am a sergerant

Aram1 5 years ago

Best game... im warrant officer 2 thunder rules...

micotheone 5 years ago

Awesome!!!! I wish I was those ranks... then the other tankers would see how good i can bo

moe 5 years ago

i have marshall :)

Marshall 67523938 5 years ago


johna 5 years ago

gr8 game im a sergeant and with smokeym2 and twins m1 and firebird m1. Super game

Frank 5 years ago

davidjo9 san andreas is the best game in the world. anyway im warantoficer 5

jeffrie 5 years ago

this is the best game ever

im warrant officer 1

tadek 5 years ago

plz 5 years ago

preety please someone give me a marshal account i beg my one hacked

SALO 5 years ago


adler 5 years ago

yo soy un master en ese juego tengo esa estrella con una gran estrella y tengo haker de cristales

mishiko 5 years ago

give me 100000000000000000000000000000000000 kristals

pourya 5 years ago

best game in the world

bob 5 years ago

im warrant officer 2

ORYOL093962863 5 years ago


ORYOL093962863 5 years ago


DJTIK 5 years ago


winner-killer 1122334455 5 years ago

this is me log in

eddie24 5 years ago

i am marshal

edwardthekiller 5 years ago


The.Hard.Times.of.RJ.Berger.S01.HUN.DVDRip.XviD-HSF 5 years ago


The.Hard.Times.of.RJ.Berger.S01.HUN.DVDRip.XviD-HSF 5 years ago

help me pis crystalyzed pis 10000 crystalyzed pisss

irakliqavtaradze 5 years ago

dzalian minda tanki onlinshi 1000000 kristali

irakliqartaradze 5 years ago

ochen xachu 92999999900 cristali tanki online prashu

johnsa 5 years ago

you need to up grad the tank

brizil 5 years ago

this game is the freeshes gme ive ever played in my life

max 5 years ago

nuw jus

augis 5 years ago

i am marshal :))

Tristan699 5 years ago

Iam Warrant Officer 3 at the moment. I have mammoth+thunder+ricochet and more in my garage

Hankkkkkkk 5 years ago

Tankionline.com/ :)

brigader 5 years ago

im brigader

shit 5 years ago

im mareshal

mark 5 years ago

This is the best game in a long time like' fourteen years :)

ddd 5 years ago

il exsiste plusieur cheat mais pour sela ils vous faudra cheat engine 5.6.1 et defois 6.1:)

Alexhay 5 years ago

i'm warra,t officier 2 3546 crystals hornet m2 twins m3 viking m1

ok 4 years ago



Step_on_it42 4 years ago

anybody has marshal account for me?

it has to be marshal... and i can get you crystals with cheat engine 6.1

think about it...

remember only big levels like marshal! and i help you!

agrisarturs123 profile image

agrisarturs123 4 years ago

Please cheat to my some crystals



pleas 4 years ago

haw get free point sambady send my for may for fackebook edo_mali@hotmail.com

hmmm 4 years ago

i am in need of crystals badly.does anyone know some tips and tricks or cheats wit hengine 6.1?

Tankytheghost 4 years ago

Im only staff seargent

wronger211 4 years ago

i'm general

Winner18 4 years ago

I can beat you one shot ko Tankytheghost

sou foda 4 years ago

eu ten uma conta de 3 estrelas

aaron 4 years ago

To step on it: you just wanna take their account smartass marshals mostly they don't need to take good accounts like you

destreyer 4 years ago

this is the best game im major isidia m3 dictator m2 dundo im mega strong so duel me and ur dead

arionio 4 years ago

se quoi le code pour le niveaux dizer merci

Silvonei 4 years ago

Alguem te alguma conta!!!


GOMBOSGERGO 4 years ago

le akar bannolni egy ember a tankja neve balazs mit tegyek

agrisarturs123 profile image

agrisarturs123 4 years ago

I changed my password now its username: agrisarturs

password: 432829

cheat me some crystals :)

bryan 4 years ago

hi and i am new here

loser hehe 121212 4 years ago

lol haha loser guys hehe

kesda 4 years ago

nick kaka pass kaka

Танк 4 years ago

Я Мастер-Капрал

justin1399 4 years ago

best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i think railgun is the best gun until you get to were you can buy a new gun=)

mourtadha 4 years ago

good game good tnaki

liam 4 years ago

it is a awsome game is it raded M

GBUZG 4 years ago


IsmailVawda 3 years ago

I'm 1st Sergeant!!!!

nick 3 years ago

can someone give me acount i have facebook my name on facebook is: cick nick you will find me i don't have a picture on facebook :)

malek 3 years ago

my game doesn't work don't no why

3 years ago


Raimond 3 years ago

see on hea mäng

AlphaKennyWun 3 years ago

i have freeze m2 and hornet m2 and im second leutenit

RazMih 15 months ago

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It's working and it's guaranteed to get your the free premium account and paint!

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