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169 starting hands

There are 169 starting hands in texas hold em if you do not count the suits. By this I mean you have 169 different hands if the only qualification is suited or unsuited. For example 72 unsuited and 72 suited are 2 different hands. 7 of clubs 7 of diamonds is counted the same as 7 of diamonds 2 of spades.

So which hands should you play? Well for starters pairs are good. Pairs such as Ace Ace, King King, Queen Queen, etc. If you're holding something lower than 77 you shouldn't play them unless you are in late position and even then the cost to get into the hand better be cheap or else it's a bad bet.

Texas Holdem Hand Ranking

How does position affect my poker hand?

If you are in early position, meaning you are near the blinds, you are stuck at the mercy of the rest of the table. You call, they bet, now you have to fold, unless you're holding something good. Play less hands in early position.

Now if you're in middle position, you can start to play a few more hands, although just as with early position, someone can always make a bet and you won't be able to call.

Now in late position you have the opportunity to either see a cheap flop, or you can always go ahead and raise the pot just to mess with the rest of the table. That can be good, unless someone in early position has called with a good hand and is just hoping someone raises.

If you're in the blind positions you can play with just about anything if no one has raised. It's a cheap or free flop and it's worth going for in case of a good flop.

Texas hold em poker hands

Everyone has a favorite texas hold em poker hand, and everyone has one they hate to play. My personal favorites are 7 3 and 10 7. Now on a chart the 7 3 looks bad but then again I've hit a straight flush just messing around with it. Superstition can affect the way you play, just don't become so superstitious that you start losing on a "hunch."

Starting hands of a tight player

If you're playing against a tight player at the table its safe to assume they have one of the following hands - A pocket pair starting at pocket aces moving all the way down to pocket 7's (if they're in the blinds they may have a smaller pocket pair, but more often than not they won't be calling in early or middle position with a small pocket pair) and a variety of suited connectors ranging down to 98 suited. So this would include AK all the way down to Ace two, King Queen all the way down to King nine {so they can hit either a flush or a straight} QJ all the way down to Queen eight for the same reason as mentioned above, and Jack Ten down to Jack Six.

If it's unsuited they're playing connectors still, going for a straight. The cutoff point will be around ten nine offsuit. More than likely if you're up against a tight player they won't be chasing the 3,4,5,6,7 straight.

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JakeAuto profile image

JakeAuto 7 years ago from Calif.

That's helpful to get the strategy for a given hand in addition to the dry table odds. I ran across a study of hand history records that showed that real world starting hands with a rank 40 or better won more often than the table predicts while those worse than rank 40 won less often than the calculated odds. Shows the natural instinct to stick with strong hands.


yort2325 profile image

yort2325 5 years ago

This is a good and very helpful hub. It is a bit like mine check it out.


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