The Advantages of Benchtop Router Tables


Bench Top Router Tables Has Advantages Over Stand Alone Router Tables

When deciding on a router table you have to decide on a stand alone model or you can choose a bench top router table. The major complaint of a bench top router table is that the performance is reduced and there is not enough room for accurate measurements. A tool company called Router Table Depot has come up with a solution to that complaint by introducing a bench top router table that, they claim, has the same performance and stability as a full sized router table. The bench top is easy to assemble and can be ready to attack your wood working task in about fifteen minutes. As you build this new table you will see that its design and flexibility is far superior to other store bought bench top router tables or even ones that you design and build yourself.

One thing the Router Table Depot bench top router tables offer over others is height. It is taller than other bench tops which gives you that extra edge when you want to use routers that are tall, they fit better under the table and allow more airflow. This also allows you more room to remove the motor if you have to make quick changes to a plunge base or make a bit change. This also allows for easy cleanup because you can get your dust and debris removal system under the bench and into hard to reach places. The height is not the only benefit in this bench top router table, you can also mount them on stands.

The fence is the most impressive part of this bench top router table. There is a front facing T-slot that allows mounting of certain accessories such as stop blocks or feather boards, without the need for clamps or other cumbersome attachment devices. There is also a full size miter gauge track that will accomodate any miter that you have. It is pre-mounted, so there is no time wasted time changing up other equipment or strapping. The table comes with an acrylic insert plate that has a self-leveling mechanism so that you will not tear or splinter the stock that you are working with. The plates are also available in aluminum.

Whether you decide on the Super Bench or another bench top table router, make sure that the router table is best for both your method of wood working and the space you have in your shop. Most people would agree that the stand alone router table is best for stability and accuracy, but there are many arguments for bench top router tables. Their ease of movement and the ability to set up anywhere is a plus for the tables, but their smaller size is said to sometime limit the uses it can handle. No matter what you decide make sure that you buy the accessory kit that comes with the router table you buy. The accessories sometimes make or break the main unit if not included with the table. If you need a table that can be moved under a bench or stored up and out of the way, then a bench top model is probably right for you. Just make sure it has the features you are looking for.

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BobLaGatta 8 years ago

Very informative and practical. Thanks.

Tony Scorch 8 years ago

Great information and pictures, I like the mini cabinet one.

archturn profile image

archturn 8 years ago

Cool pictures! And a nice video too. I'm finding my way around Ken.

Steve Austin 8 years ago

Nice tables, do you make them?

Mark S.  6 years ago

I'm learning quite a bit from this! Finding one that will work in the space that I have is my next challenge.

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