The Best PS3 First Person Shooter (FPS) Controllers

Choosing the Optimal FPS Controller for PlayStation 3

There are a lot of cool looking PS3 Controllers for the PlayStation Move and PS3. They LOOK awesome!

However, there are a lot of duds!

I've gone through the video gaming sites, Amazon, and tested many myself. I've listed only the best Controllers and FPS accessories, so you don't have to weed through or spend money on the garbage.

I've listed everything from high performance PS3 FPS Controllers, dual trigger Controllers, FPS Freek products, speed triggers, special grips, and more!

Pro EX Controller
Pro EX Controller

POWER A Pro Elite Wireless Controller

The Pro Series Wireless Controller includes reverse analog sticks for precision game control and motion sensing technology, which works very well with SIXAXIS compatible games.


  • Custom textured grips and full body soft-touch surface.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Dual rumble motors for an enhanced gaming experience.
  • USB Controller Adaptor/Receiver, 6ft/1.8m USB Charging Cable.

Logitech Precision Cordless PS3 Controller
Logitech Precision Cordless PS3 Controller | Source

Logitech PlayStation 3 Wireless Precision Controller

The Logitech Precision Controller is the top-rated wireless PS3 Controller for First Person Shooter gaming. It is very comparable to the Sony PS3 Wireless Sixaxis Controller, but less expensive.

2.4 GHz wireless freedom

You’ll enjoy superior, lag-free control from up to 30 feet (10 m) away!


  • Logitech® Cordless Precision™ Controller
  • 2.4 GHz mini-receiver
  • User documentation
  • 2 AA batteries

PS3 Wildfire Wireless Bluetooth Controller
PS3 Wildfire Wireless Bluetooth Controller

PS3 Wildfire Wireless Bluetooth Controller with Turbo Rapid Fire

Wildfire’s secret weapon is a programmable Turbo Rapid Fire mode that can be enabled on up to 8 buttons at various speeds, giving you a firepower advantage that can allow you to dominate.

With rapid fire enabled weapons like single shot pistols and rifles in Call of Duty: World at War become lethal fully automatic weapons that can empty a clip on an enemy in a second.


  • Programmable Turbo Rapid Fire Redesigned ergonomic shape fits perfectly in the hands
  • Fully PS3 Bluetooth® compatible (no need for a separate dongle).
  • Built-in true ‘E-Gyro’ and ‘MEMS’ sensors.
  • Automatic pairing over USB Vibration feedback.
  • 20ft wireless range Uses 2x AA batteries ( included )

FPS Freeks

Attach these FPS Freeks to the sticks and you get a 40% increase in range of motion, which allows you make smaller adjustments and be able to hit targets much faster. Because you have more grip you have less thumb fatigue.

These are 100% Tournament legal!

FPS Freek/Speed Freek Gamer Pack
FPS Freek/Speed Freek Gamer Pack

PS3 Controller Triggers

These Controller Triggers can improve your speed and give you multiple control surfaces.

  • Ergonomic and curved triggers with improved comfort and control
  • These are compatible with the Sony DualShock 3 Controller and Sony SIXAXIS Controller.
  • They have a unique design which offers extra grip and comfort to your current PS3 controller.
  • Dual Triggers increase your accuracy in shooting, racing, and flight games.
  • Ideal for simulation games that require precision and control

PS3 Dual Triggers
PS3 Dual Triggers

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    The Best PS3 First Person Shooter (FPS) Controllers

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