The Best Pool Cues Money Can Buy

The best pool cue that money can buy

is a topic that is widely debated by pool and billiards enthusiasts everywhere. There are so many cue makers and types of cues that it really is a matter of opinion, for the most part. With that being said, there are definitely some notable names and reputations that are repeated over and over when anyone in the know discusses which pool cue is the best pool cue. Balabushkas, Black Boars, and Predator cues are the ones I hear people raving about most frequently, so they are the cues I'll go over in this article.

Black Boar

I recently attended the US Open in Chesapeake, VA, and met a man named Tony who makes pool sticks. He began to describe to me the steps that each cue he produces goes through. I must admit, some of it was over my pay grade. The pain staking process that is gone through building his sticks is remarkable. Black Boar cues go through an unheard of amount of scientifically designed procedures to create a magnificent work of art. Their beauty and elegance is something very special to behold. From the insane number of points, to the best quality of strike that money can buy, these cues stand out from the rest. The materials and the arduous process used during production restricts this artisan to produce only 12 units per year. They are highly sought after by billiards enthusiast, and availability is extremely limited. With a base price comparable to a used Mercedes, owners of this stick are part of a very exclusive group.


These sticks are so rare, that I have never actually seen a real one in person. George Balabushka's cues are legendary in the world of cues sports for their quality and ability to strike the ball. The craftsman who these cues were named after is known as the "Stradivarius" of cuemakers. Even though all of Mr Balabushka's cues are collectors items, there are certain era's that are far more sought after than others. The era's relate to the blank he began his process with, and his earlier cues are the most valuable. Their value amongst collectors is extremely high, and they very well may be the most sought after cues in the world. This brand has a reputation that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Production Cues

This is a much tougher grouping to pick the best of. Production cues are made in factories, and usually anything that is made in high volume does not get the attention to detail that a pool stick needs to be high quality.

There are a few exceptions that have become popular over the past decade or so. I can't really pick one specific product, but the low deflection cues are, in my opinion, the best option that production pool sticks have to offer. They strike the ball very similarly to how a custom cue does, with even less deflection in most cases. Companies like Predator, Lucasi Hybrid, OB, and Dominiak make shafts with designs that defy the laws of manufacturing. You pay for that quality, but from my point of view they are a good investment if you want to play your best.

Even though I prefer that technology, I would be remiss not to mention the tried and true names in production pool cues with one piece shafts. There are models made by Meucci, McDermott, and Joss that have been crowd favorites for years. I'll call them honorable mentions.

What is you favorite pool cue brand?

  • Black Boar
  • Balabushka
  • Predator
  • Meucci
  • Lucasi Hybrid
  • other
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Dave 12 months ago

You left out gus szamboti..He belive he made the blanks for balabuska.I put him right up there with balabuska

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