The Black Ninja

The Black Ninja the beginning

The vibration a six hundred horsepower engine puts out as you cruise slowly over blacktop can be felt from your inner thighs up into your crotch and through the lower back. I look ahead to see the cars all parted at forty five degree angles as if I were a shark slicing across an open stretch of water. The fact that I was a Black Ninja with a reputation of leaving no living being behind only enhanced my feeling of power. Just as I slowed down and shifted my sports car into first gear a flash of blue caught my eye as a car passed beside me and turned into the only remaining parking spot with-in a mile of the stores main entrance. It happened so fast I almost ran into him. He jumped out looked at me and raised his middle finger and continued in the store. Unknown to him I was in pursuit. I had to park out by the highway and walk it seemed a mile to get to the store. Walking in I was careful not to be too conspicuous. A black ninja has to maintain his cover. I spotted the offender just as he was walking out. A missed opportunity. The poor bastard didn't know what he had avoided. Had I caught up with him I would have stared him down causing him to defecate in his pants. Then to put him out of his misery, a simple touch to the back of his neck would have left him in so much pain that he would walk with a limp the rest of his life. Yes the man was lucky today. He would never know how lucky. It would embarrass a normal man to be me. Women can't take their eyes off me. Men want to be me. Everywhere I go the noise level goes down and people stop. "I am a rock star" to quote Charlie Sheen. I pay for what I have come for even though the store would have given it to me just for my presence. About one hundred yards from my car I test the alarm system by setting it off. This informs the general public that I am ready for anything. I slide into the cockpit of my car and engage the starter. The horses roar to life I again feel the power and all is right with the world.

Black ninjas have a lot of responsibilities. I live in a secrete world full of mystery. I have vowed to only do good with my power and had I consummated my plans of earlier in the day at the store I would have felt some shame. The man was more then likely a simpleton not responsible for his actions. I guided my car expertly into its parking space. It was at this moment that I turned my car back into its worldly shape with a flick of my key pad, a 1989 Honda Civic with a busted muffler and rusty body. My mother doesn't know who my alter ego is and can never find out. Dropping off the gallon of milk and loaf of bread I went to my room and sat down before my computer. At last in the privacy of my room I become my avatar, the Black Ninja. The only problem, and it is a real question. Who is the avatar? Is it the Black Ninja or is it the five foot two overweight red headed loser that lives in a converted garage behind my mothers home. The other people in my life say the Black Ninja isn't real but I think they are only jealous of the ninja. I think the life of the red head is the game the ninja plays just to goof off.

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b. Malin profile image

b. Malin 5 years ago

I think they are Jealous too Aizel! I loved this little Epic of yours, imagination and all!. May we all NEVER grow to Old and Rusty in BRAIN and forget how to use it. Really FUN Hub.

Hyphenbird profile image

Hyphenbird 5 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

It is pure jealousy! This is too cute and fun. Thanks for a smile. I just wrote a serious Hub and needed this.

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