The Culture of World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft is truly an amazing game. It is filled with many wondrous aspects of game play that will delight any individual. There are many games one can indulge in within the first-person playing style such as Counterstrike and Call of Duty, both excellent games. However they lack the three dimensional ability of being able to personally control flying within the game. Imagine flying through the Terokkar Forest then landing atop a mountain then peering far down below only to pick out an npc or another player to swoop down upon and attack. Games today are played for the fantasy element and escape to a virtual world creating experiences not attainable in reality and World of Warcraft is certainly not lacking in this area.

The challenge of the game of course comes from completing well designed quests, meticulously designed with impeccable timing that seem to lead you to new places with even more quests. Then there are the pvp challenges where you conquer your enemies (other players) in battlegrounds and arenas where winning earns you medals that you can redeem for greater more powerful weapons and armor.

The most important challenge though is to remember that you are in a virtual world and that there is a real world out there. There is still homework to do and garbage to take out. And for the working class don't forget to go to work. It's been said that you are truly an obsessed WoW gamer when you start posting your highest critical attacks (crits) or how many battlegrounds you've won on the bulletin board at work.

The Game

World of Warcraft (WoW) as it is known, no longer a game for the young, has become a "Culture". The fascination for this game spans all ages and has given rise to a few controversial issues pertaining to game play. Is this a good thing you ask? Well the truth is World of Warcraft is just a game. Some take it more serious than others and turned what should be a game into a profitable industry Blizzard had not counted on. Many resort to cheating by buying gold which is the currency that drives the game from the many available online sources. This is a bannable offense according to Blizzard. Still others may use bots to play the game for them while they are away at work.

Without being too judgmental here the point is the game should be fun and is an individual concern, so everyone will play at the level they desire. With this in mind should those that play this game more aggressively do so at the expense of little Susie playing for the first time and uncle Joe who is enjoying the game with a nephew?

If you are wanting to get more out of the game it is encouraged to play it as it was intended by doing the quests. However there is a better way to play it by taking advantage of other experienced players. One of the best World of Warcraft guides available is by Dave Farrell (Dugi) Author of "Ultimate WoW Guide", it will help you level faster and complete quests more easily without cheating. You definitely will want this!! Don't miss out on making the game more interesting. You will feel better too because you actually will level the game on your own. It will show you strategies on how to earn WoW Gold.

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