The IMPOSSIBLE Pokemon Quiz

Prepare to fry your brain with the hardest pokemon quiz ever

So, You breezed through my first Pokemon quiz, and did far better than expected on my Ultimate Pokemon Quiz, so here I present to you, The IMPOSSIBLE Pokemon Quiz. This quiz will hurt your brain with the power of twelve Alakazams shooting psybeams at you. Again, I designed this quiz to be fair so I didn't deliberately add any obscure questions that would be impossible to answer unless you memorized the Pokedex, however, some questions may be a little tricky but if you think about them they will come to you. As such, it is perfectly possible to get a perfect score on this quiz (much to my dismay) but I designed it so that you can, although I expect very few of you to be able to. This is my last quiz, so if you pass this, you are a true Pokemon Master! But if you looooose, you have to be my friend, and play with me forever.

The IMPOSSIBLE Pokemon Quiz

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RachaelLefler profile image

RachaelLefler 3 years ago from Illinois

33%, ouch...

Neerizzle profile image

Neerizzle 3 years ago from Canada Author

Haha, a lot of people were saying this was too easy still!

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