The Most Terrifying Monsters in Skyrim

Skyrim, the setting of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls V, is an ancient land inhabited by more than just humans. Indeed, the fauna of Skyrim are one of the game's greatest features. They range from collectible insects to huge Elk to the more...eldritch of abominations. These are the toughest monsters in all of Skyrim, and the ones most likely to make you drop your sword and flee like a scared little newbie.

Snow Bear in Skyrim
Snow Bear in Skyrim

Snow Bears

One of the first hostile creatures you will meet in the game is a sleepy bear. Should you disturb it, it can be a great introduction to the vicious beasts ready to tear you limb from limb in the outside world. Then, you meet the snow bear and wonder how you could ever have worried about its brown cousin. Big, powerful, and hardy, they can make your life fiendishly difficult whilst climbing mountains. Still, if you can avoid their claws, the snow bear will go down with a few good hits.

Trolls and Ice Trolls

Trolls are big, ape-like creatures that will defend their caves from intruders (see: you.) They smash opponents with their powerful arms and have enough defense to make killing them an exercise in persistence and restoration spells. Ice trolls are even worse, lurking in the mountains to claim any unwary visitors.

Mammoths in Skyrim
Mammoths in Skyrim


Mammoths are found in the company of Giants, which is reason enough to fear them. Get too close to these titanic beasts and prepare to be pulverized by their trunks and tusks. Mammoths move quickly and will not hesitate to go after you if threatened. Best to keep a distance until you're confident in your own skills.

Wisp in Skyrim
Wisp in Skyrim


Wisps were everyone's favorite enemy to hate in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and as I found out running around at random, they're back! I saw, and followed, the telltale orbs of light until a ghostly young woman appeared. She proceeded to kick the snot out of me and I was dead two hits later. Something tells me they won't be any more popular this time around than they were the last.

Giant in Skyrim
Giant in Skyrim


These towering humanoid monsters can be found all over and are, I believe, the hardest monsters in Skyrim. Their giant clubs are capable of knocking humans straight up into the atmosphere, high over the landscape. Whether or not that's a bug or intentional is debatable, but there's no denying that for sheer hitting-power, Giants are the top of the food-chain in Skyrim. You can survive a hit from a dragon at level one. You can't say the same of a Giant.

Dragon in Skyrim
Dragon in Skyrim


Still, there's no arguing with the villainous reptiles of Skyrim. Your very first encounter with one is quite memorable and does a great job of instilling the sense of awe-struck dread they inspire. When the game's theme kicks on and a dragon hurls a huge plume of fire at you, you'll understand the hype. They are fast, beautiful, and unrelenting, made all the more fascinating by their connection to you, the main character. Truly, the most terrifying monster in Skyrim can only be the dragon.

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gmwilliams profile image

gmwilliams 5 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

This is what I call a 3-D hub: descriptive, imaginative, and enthralling. Keep up the good work! Please keep writing and have your work published!

Gofygure profile image

Gofygure 5 years ago from Kutztown, PA Author

Aw, thanks. :) I've been having a blast writing these Skyrim hubs, mostly because I'm having a blast with the game itself!

lyric 4 years ago

do dragos have a weekness

camille 4 years ago

how many shots can you survive from a snow bear? Because I keep getting killed by two shots while i am wearing iron armor and an iron shield.

Gofygure profile image

Gofygure 4 years ago from Kutztown, PA Author

Depends entirely on your level, armor, health, etc.If you're still in iron you're probably a lower level, s just keep getting stronger.

SkiyMayo 4 years ago

well i am level 28 and am wearing dragonscale aourmor on legendary and a glass sword at legendary i also have a glass bow at legendary the dragons die with 12 shots from my bow and i haven't tries with a sword the bears are dieng with one hit so i guss it does matter on level but you will proberbly want to get better armpour because iron is very weak as far ass i know dragons don't have any significant weakneses but the best weapon is more likely to be a bow as gofygue said you just need to keep leveling your guy up for instance ive only killed the first dragon in the storyline but have absorbed 6 dragon souls i have tried to do a many side quests as i can before continuing with the main stiry line that is what i suggest you do hope i have helped

SkiyMayo 4 years ago


Andy 4 years ago

lyric, yes... you can Shout them with Fire to Frost Dragons.

Mat 4 years ago

Very good pics and details but, you failed to merkin many monsters including Mudcrabs, those Charus things (I think that's how you spell it), vampires and werewolves (I am a werewolf by the way). If you add those and others this site will be the best I've seen so far.

Nightbane44 4 years ago

only one I could think to add is saber tooth cats on master difficulty van kill you before you even see them

dewdxlinks profile image

dewdxlinks 4 years ago from Philippines

I totally agree with this list. Those giants can take down a dragon easily. I'd add ice wraiths to the list, those things can be a problem, especially in groups and with a low level character.

Oarboat 4 years ago

Imps. They vanished right after the Oblivion crisis but are not gone. They evolved a new form of magic. They hide and send bug magic at you, making your console or pc crash. Damn imps.

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