The Most Wanted Toys This Holiday Season

The Most Wanted Toys This Christmas Season

Christmas is just around the corner.  Now is the perfect time to start shopping for all of those children on your Christmas list.  Below you will find some on this year’s most wanted toys for boys and girls.  You are sure to find something for every kid on your list.

Top Five Toys For Boys

Meet Big Foot, by Imaginext.  This monster has lots of personality and it controlled using a remote control.  He can walk, and have emotions like happy and hungry.  When you push the button he talks.  He pounds his fists and shakes them above his head.  This is a sure-hit this holiday season.  Get them early, before they are gone!


Get into the musical know by getting that boy on your list his very own mini electric guitar.  This is the starter kit so it comes with a mini amp, strap, cable, picks, and a sticker sheet for customization.  You will have a rock and roller on your hands in no time flat!


In case you didn’t know, Bakugan is the biggest thing since Pokemon hit the scene.  This Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus is sure to be a hit with any Bakugan boy.  They can make 5 different Bakugans or they can combine them all together to create one super Bakugan.  They are going to love you for this one!


This is a razor Pocket Mod, otherwise known as a Euro Electric scooter.  This scaled-down version of a moped is ideal for children under 150 pounds and gets up to 15mph!  While this gift is a little more on the expensive side, your child will never be able to thank you enough when they see this on Christmas morning!  Perfect for a girl or a boy.  Comes in different colors.


Open their eyes up to the world of the stars.  With this telescope, a whole to world will be unveiled to your child by just gazing through the lens.  They will love to look for different things in the sky.  You never know, but you may just have the next moonwalker on your hands. 

Any Barbie lover in your family is sure to want this hot toy!  It’s Barbie as a video camera.  She takes video from her point of view so that you can create Barbie movies of your own!  There is 25 minutes of recording time and a full color LCD screen for real time playback.

My Own Leaptop is a new product by LeapFrog.  The device has the option to connect to the Internet to download songs and send custom e-mail messages.  It also can be played with so that a child can explore the alphabet, learn about animals, and computers!  This one comes in Violet so it is even in a girly color!

Why not get ready for the spring at Christmas time!  This Disney Princess bike is sure to be a hit.  It features 16 inch wheels and a carry case in the front so that your little princess can store all of her princess supplies.  Your daughter will be riding in style this year!

The newest learning tool designed for children is here!  The iXL has a digital reader, game player, note pad, art studio, MP3 player, and a photo viewer.  It has preloaded software for various activities and has built in storage but also room for a memory card.  It opens like a book and it very easy to use.  This one comes in pink.

Little girls love the  Littlest Pet Shop.  This is the Littlest Pest Shop Resuce Tails Center Playset.  This set comes with pets and some accessories (additional pets and accessories must be purchased separately).  Your little one will have fun with hours of pretend play saving and rescuing animals at this animal clinic.

Happy Holidays To All

This time of year can be so busy, that sometimes we forget the true meaning of the season. Yes, your children will be thrilled to get these gifts on Christmas morning, however we also need to remind ourselves that it is not all about the gifts. This time of year is about family and celebrating life. I hope that you and yours have a very Happy Holiday Season!

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