The Objectivess and Powerups for the Temple Run


Recently I am quite addicting to this game--Temple Run which is designed byImangi Studios,LLC. Temple Run is an simple action game, the theme is just to run as far as you can and get as more coins as you can, as the game goes on, the speed will become faster and faster, and the road will become narrower and more hard to control yourself.

The control of the game is use your finger to jump turn and slide, and use the iphone to let the character to keep the side of the road.

The game has a lot of objective to achieve, and once you have achieved an objective the basic score you got every scond and coin will increace by one, so achieve more objectives will help us to get higher score.

Here are all the objectives and how we can achieve it:

Novice Runner: Run 500 meters(Easiest one to get)

Pocket Change: Collected 100 Coins

Adventure: Score 25,000 Points(The first three objectives are the easiest ones to achieve, we can get them most likely by the first run)

Sprinter: Ran 1,000 Meters

Miser Run: 500m Collecting No Coins(This one is a little bit to achieve, but there are not too many coins on the first 500 meters, just be careful about the time we turn)

Piggy Bank: Collected 250 Coins

Treasure Hunter: Score 50,000 Points

Mega Bonus: Filled the bonus meter 4X(this means we should get 400 coins in a row without and mistake to lose the coins)

Athlete: Ran 2,500 Meters

Lump Sum: Collected 500 Coins

Resurrection: Resurrected after dying(Use the item to recover the life)

Basice Powers: All Level 1 Powerups

High Roller: Score 100,000 Points

Payday: Collected 750 Coins

Head Start: Used a Head Start

Allergic to Gold: 1000m collecting no coins(this one is quite tough, most of my friends cannot achieve it, I use the Head Start to help me achieve the objective)

5K Runner: Ran 5,000 Meters

1/4 Million Club: Scored 250,000 Points

Double Resurrection: Resurrected twice in one run(The item will cooldown after we get 100 coins or we ran 1,000 meters, so use it the second time)

Money Bags: Collected 1,000 Coins

1/2 Million Club: Scored 500,000 Points

Super Powers: All Level 5 Powerups

Dynamic Duo: Unlocked Two Characters

Million Club: Score 1,000,000 Points

Money Bin: Collected 2,500 Coins

Fantastic Four: Unlocked Four Characters

10K Runner: Run 10,000 Meters

Fort Knox: Collect 5,000 Coins

2.5 Million Club: Score 2,5000,000 Points

5 Million Club: Score 5,000,000 Points(I still have 1 million to achieve this objective, it took too much time to get there)

During the Game we can also Powerup our skills to make the game easier and buy the items and characters, This game is quite wonderful, all my friends are playing it to get the higher score to beat each other. I really like it.

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ginger 5 years ago

how do you do the million club on temple run

K&b 5 years ago

How do you get the 5000 coins without doing it

Stutz 5 years ago

The 5000 coins is much easier when you have the magnet wih extra coin value.

Jamie 5 years ago

It says go one million without getting powerups? How do I do that

Grace 5 years ago

Temple run rocks

Maria 5 years ago

How do you do super power ups in all level 5 ?

Crystal 5 years ago

How do you get powers?

Kateland 5 years ago

I am on objective 46 - 10million points. Anyone know how many total objectives there are?

alison 5 years ago

how many objective is in temple run ?

Cheeeese 5 years ago

Go into store and buy stuff

pavan 5 years ago

i completed all the objectives i dint find any temple...what an i supposed to do....?

Blake 5 years ago

I bought coins in the store and it didnt give them to me???

Laura:) 5 years ago

There are 36 objectives... I need 2 more until I've completed the game...

Anyone got any tips of how I can get 5 million?

Mathilde 5 years ago

Hi guys how do you do thé super powers?

Katie 4 years ago

How do you get power ups it's impossible plz tell me someone

Heather 4 years ago

What does it mean by all level 5 power ups?

Sarah 4 years ago

How do I get no power ups is it like coins or what

Skye 4 years ago

36 objectives on temple run

Skye 4 years ago

To get 5 million you have to distance skills to run far my highest score is 8 million something Anyone know what happens once you get all the objectives on temple run??????

kat 4 years ago

temple run rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

as well as 1D

i heart one directionnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Carly 4 years ago

how 2 resurrect twice in one run?

Alf32001 4 years ago

I did the 1 million with no power ups but when I went into the objectives it said I hadn't done it.

To resurecct twice bye 2 of the wings and then use it once after a few seconds another set of wings will appear under your score.

Level 5 power ups :

Go into shop and at the top of the page that's the power ups you need to keep buying them until all the bars are full

When there all full they are level 5 power ups

Mike 4 years ago

Why english are so hard to speak?

Zi Tong :D 4 years ago

If you want to get your objective after you think you have done it, you need to play another game and after you finish that game, it will tell you that you have done that objective...

telly 4 years ago

to get a high score this is what you do...

go to the main menu

hit options

turn on the tutorial

hit play

on the first turn swipe twice really fast

you should now have an infinite run with no turns or anything

(if you miss the first corner keep truing it works up till the 4th corner i think:)

p.s. there are no coins, and the poins are slow so plug in your ipod and leave it for a while


Amani 4 years ago

I'm 12 years old and I'm completely addicted to temple run. I play temple run for hours at a time! I'm on objective 30 of 46 objectives but what is all level 5 powerups it doesn't make sense!

Amani 4 years ago

Hey it's me Amani I've been playing for 2 hours straight and I now am on objective 40 of 46

( when I messages the 1st time I was on objective 35 apparently)

Amani 4 years ago

Ahhhh this is crazy im now at 44 of 46 objects..... in 1 game i got 4 objectives! Omg!

Hello 4 years ago

I am on this objective:

Score 1,000,000 pts. without using any powerups... Here's my problem: they are hard to avoid! And it's worse because my coins start using powerups too (once u get past a certain score they start getting more value..)... Is there any way to turn them off??

Jamie 4 years ago

Hi its jamie temple run rocks and do you have any tips on objective mega bonus

Kylie 4 years ago

How doting unlock two character s for dynamic duo?

Kate 4 years ago

Theres a cheat where you turn on tutorial mode, and on the first turn you swipe right, with two fingers really fast. I found it easier to make it like my fingers a re running across the screen. Basically it's just one long path and you keep going and going. That's how you rack up the points an get the objectives. Holler

ดเขา 4 years ago


dxdfxcbas 4 years ago

Here's what you do for all 5 powerups you u go to the store and you buy all the powerups until their ALL fully upgraded

Wille62 4 years ago

But what is a power up, what does it do and why do I want one?

cherry 4 years ago

Ive done everything apart from the fort knox.. I get near to 5000 and then die because the speed..,any tips so I can complete it??

Adam 4 years ago

If your going too fast and want to slow down you can make yourself crash into one of the walls by swiping left or right and the monkeys will be chasing you. Make sure you don't do this when you are running on something with no sides such as the wooden bridges etc

Gk 4 years ago

Do u really reach a temple at the end.....??????

619266 4 years ago

@ hello

You just have to avoid them. There's not really any advice. It took me about thirty times, but I finally got it. The double and triple coins don't matter and actually help so that you can get to one million faster, but everything else that you can avoid you have to avoid. You should find different ways aroung not getting it. Sometimes, it's not jumping or moving to the side, but sometimes it is impossible. Try and try again. You usually have to go about four thousand meters before you will be close to a million and a lot of people say that you need to die right after the million so that you don't accidentally get a power up.

619266 4 years ago


No, there is no end.


If you want a high score, then you should buy the power ups with coins. If you don't care, then don't. They increase your score immensly and help you stay alive longer. Get the magnet first, then double value, 50 coin, invisibility, 250 meter.


You go to the store and buy two characters. I waited a long time to do that since there's no advantage to buying them unless you count sounds.

@Kate But, it doesn't do anything for your high score. It's just something cool to look at and I don't think it does anything for the objectives either. The only way is if you hacked your phone and then that would probably happen.


619266 4 years ago

To anyone who is confused about resurrecting multiple times, you can buy how many you want and double tap. It can only be done again after every one thousand meters. This is the only way I've gotten as high of a score as I did and I sometimes use them as many as fifteen times. My high score is not all that high to some people, but it's 9,492,435 points. By the way, I don't think the head starts are any use and it's a waste of coins, so I spend all my coins to resurrect and I have 824 as of now.

Hannah 4 years ago

I don't like this website it doesnt tell you how to accomplish the objectives

jerod 4 years ago

i have 60 of 66 objective and have scored almost 15,000,000 these lay objectives are super hard

123456 4 years ago

how i can use a head ??? i cant do this

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