Details About The PSP Ice Silver

Finally, some color! The Sony PSP, PlayStation Portable, has come out with a new way for you to stand out from the rest of the crowd, and show your appreciation of color and uniqueness. While old, plain PSP comes only in black, this new PSP comes with a beautiful silver exterior.

Features Included

The PSP Ice Silver features the same, great things you love from a regular PSP. These include:

The ability to listen to yoru MP3 songs.

The ability to watch movies on your PSP.

Build in Wi-Fi, perfect for websurfing on long trips, or playing multi-player online games.

Photo sharing between PSPs.

Wide LCD screen, with a slim, light frame.

The ability to connect your TV in order to play games while at home.

And of course, a selection of hundreds games to choose from.

Purchasing Information

There are a few different PSP packs to choose from when purchasing your PSP Ice Silver. Each pack contains a top game, so which one you buy is really up to the games you enjoy playing. Amazon always has great deals, below is a link with pricing and availability.

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