Join The Ranks Of The Secret World Societies: Dragon, Templars And Illuminati

The Secret World is a game that is set in the current day real world but it also incorporates some elements of mystery, folk tales, mythology, references to urban legends and popular culture. The history if this world is similar to the real world too but just a tiny bit more macabre, darker, a little bit more ominous. Every legend, every fairy tale, every little story no matter how fantastic or creepy here in The Secret World is real. A wide array of monsters roam The Secret World: ghouls, demons, locusts, even undead dinosaurs here are real and can be met in unexpected places.

The places in The Secret World are the same as on the earth in real like London or Transylvania but there are also some fictional ones such as Hell Dimensions plateau or Innsmouth Academy which is inspired from H.P. Lovecraft as a lot of other mystical elements in the game. In The Secret World you can see anything from endless wastelands till haunted castles,

The Secret World Societies
The Secret World Societies

The Secret World Societies

In The Secret World governments are merely puppets in the hands of secret societies, secret forces who are in constant battle for power, wealth and world dominance. This endless war is getting worse because at these dark times there are also creatures of the dark rising to fight against mankind as whole. Although it might seem reasonable for the Secret World societies to unite, their world view, philosophy, beliefs and methods of operating are too different for them to ever co-operate. The three biggest secret societies are: Dragon, Templars and Illuminati.

The Secret World Dragon
The Secret World Dragon


Dragon is a secret society which currently is located in Seoul, South Korea. This is the most secret of the secret societies because of the ways how they look at life and world order. The main belief of Dragon is that the world order can be born only from chaos. This idea is common in a lot of creation myths and early philosophy but the Dragon take it even to further level. They not only believe that the slightest actions can change the world, they work this way. They let the chaos work for them. A lot of Dragon members have no idea on where exactly do they stand in the secret society because there is no strict hierarchy, no fixed place of their meetings, not at least for long. Yet they not only manage to work in such chaos, they let the chaos work for them too - they make huge, impressive changes in the world with the most subtle ways. Dragon are the silent masters of creating and destroying alliances, masterfully plotting and executing large scale plans while staying invisible all the time.

The Secret World Templars
The Secret World Templars


The headquarters of Templars is a huge mansion in London, United Kingdom. They are the least secretive of societies because their main power is military might. However, the reason why they are one of the secret societies in The Secret World is the way how they choose their recruits. Not everyone can become a Templar. Only talented and disciplined people can join the ranks of Templars to fight against the dark forces that are constantly attacking the mankind. Templars are righteous, proud and holy warriors. They are not only fighting against the evil forces, they ARE the war against evil. Templars are also the most united of all secret societies because they are loyal not only to the their traditions that have been kept sacred for more than two thousand years, they also are endlessly loyal to each other. This secret society tests the true faith and loyalty of their followers.

The Secret World Illuminati
The Secret World Illuminati


The base of the Illuminati society is in the New York City, USA. Their headquarters are the most hidden from all the secret societies in The Secret World. It is an underground tunnel system called Labyrinth. The motto of Illuminati is "Party hard, work harder and fight dirty". And that is exactly how they live. Illuminati society is based on the pursuit for wealth and power. They are the most ambitious and glamorous of all the secret societies in The Secret World. They are remorseless corporate puppet masters that at the same time organize the most decadent, filthiest and naughtiest parties on the richest real estates on the earth. A huge variety of influential and colorful personalities can be found among the ranks of Illuminati: business tycoons, politicians, rock stars, popes, you name it. There is no place for weakness or sentiment if you are an Illuminati member. There are no rules, there is no honor among Illuminati just endless pursuit for more wealth and more power.

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The Secret World Societies

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Koss profile image

Koss 4 years ago from Mesa, AZ

Damn I wish my computer was good enough to let me play this game.

profile image

Lantokey 24 months ago from Olde London Towne

Greetings my little Darklings!

The mundane world IS a real game!

Which i do not live in, so i formed my own secret society several years ago called the Arcane Order of Divine Mystic based on the Arthurian legends and other esoteric teachings.

sweet dreams

the gadfly

BibiLuzarraga profile image

BibiLuzarraga 23 months ago from Doral, FL (Greater Miami)

I never played the video game "Civilization," but it seemed interesting. Nor any video games besides Frogger and Mr. and Mrs. PacMan during my adolescence, for the most part. In any case, are you implying that even the likes of Barack Obama and Pope Francis (or, The Vatican as a whole) are actually 'puppeteering' the 'non-secret', "spiritual" worlds of the public or, approximately 1/3 of this planet Earth? Unbelievable.

BibiLuzarraga profile image

BibiLuzarraga 23 months ago from Doral, FL (Greater Miami)

Just wondering...being that I am an avid fan of the DaVinci Code series of books which alluded to a secret society whom were 'protecting the secret of The Holy Grail', is that what ALL secret societies are 'protecting' or 'vying for the POWER of The Holy Grail' (which is a "chalice", according to legend but Dan Brown's series of books of The Da Vinci Code puts a spin on it and tells readers that it is actually the womb of the Magdalene or the offspring between Jesus and Mary Magalene?) Any comments?--Bibi Luzarraga.

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